Thursday, August 30, 2007

No posting tomorrow

Tomorrow, like probably most of you, will be the start of a long weekend for me as I'm taking time off to enjoy the Labor Day weekend. So there will be no postings tomorrow, but don't worry. I'll be back on Monday to keep bringing you that hard hitting comic news. So enjoy the weekend. And be safe...there's no sense trying to be a hero or anything (which means no drinking and driving).

Pax Romana

Jonathan Hickman likes to be creative. He's been lauded for his Nightly News series, and plans to bring that same kind of creativity to the table this fall when he works on Pax Romana, a four-issue miniseries. "Pax Romana is probably not the book people expected next from me," says writer/artist Jonathan Hickman. "In many ways, it’s a better end product than The Nightly News, and I think people will be pleasantly surprised at the evolution of both my storytelling and art. And sure, there is the obvious difference: The Nightly News was, more or less, grounded in a reality and Pax Romana is historical science fiction, but you’re also going to find the same amount of research, hard work and passion – just in a better package. I’m extremely proud of it.” Pax Romana hits stores on November 28 for a mere $3.50. Pax Romana

Justice League movie overload

Boy, does IESB have some thick and juicy rumors regarding the new Justice League movie that is in the works. I should warn you that there are some potential plot spoilers, so read on at your on risk. And, keep that big grain of salt handy, as these are clearly only rumors at this point. According to IESB, Bruce Willis is in the running to play Lex Luthor, with Mel Gibson in the running for Maxwell Lord. Also, Martian Manhunter will play a part in the league, as he's one of George Miller's favorites. The league will be younger and more brash, which could've explained the original plan of Flash being killed (unfortunately, that's being changed since that part of the script was leaked). And IESB isn't stopping there. Word on the streets is that WB is going to promote the hell out of this movie, and cast some big names. Already, names such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaa and Scarlett Johansson are being tossed around for various roles within the movie (in addition to Willis and Gibson). This JLA will consist of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash (Wally West), Green Lantern (Jon Stewart), Aquaman and Martian Manhunter, and the story seems to follow the OMAC part of the Infinite Crisis storyline. Everything seems to be larger than life, and that doesn't surprise me. WB would be stupid not to try and capitalize on an epic JLA movie, since comic book movies are all the rage. Hopefully, this doesn't turn out to be a train wreck. And your assumptions are correct, that is a gratuitous picture of Jessica Biel (I did mention her in the posting though). JLA spoilers (major spoilers)

Marvel zombies rise again!!!

The Marvel Zombies series was a great little spin on the traditional Marvel Universe. Having Spider-man introspectively question his decision to eat Mary Jane was classic, and was one of many great moments in the series. The follow-up was even better, when the Marvel Zombies faced the Army of Darkness, and the boomstick was introduced into the fray. Well, it looks like the zombies are coming back, and in a big way. According to Wizard Universe, October will be a month of frights and the undead. Not only will various Marvel comics get zombie variant covers (in honor of All Hallow's Eve), but there will be a new series of Marvel Zombies, called Marvel Zombies 2 (original I know). It seems that there can even be unrest among the dead (get it...unrest), as they return to Earth and face something that threatens to pit them against one another. Robert Kirkman returns to write the epic tale, while Sean Phillips will once again team with Arthur Suydam (who's all over this undead thing) for the followup series. The first issue of the five part series will hit stores October 17, so be sure to check it out. A new Marvel hand rises from the ground

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Baltimore Comic Convention

Just a gentle reminder that the Baltimore Comic Convention descends upon Baltimore (works out well huh?) next weekend, Saturday September 8 and Sunday September 9. Tickets are still available, and $25 gets you in the door for both days (great deal). Yours truly will be there, doing my best to cover the event. I can't promise live updates, but I'll do my best to get you the news as soon as I can. The guest list is pretty stacked, with the likes of Frank Cho, Joe Kubert, Stan Lee and a host of others. Make your way there if you can. Should be a good time. Baltimore Comic Convention

Heroes Graphic Novel news

DC has a preview devoted to the impending graphic novel release that is Heroes. Its basically a compilation of the first season of the show, showcasing the talented Tim Sale's brilliant artwork. (And speaking of Tim Sale, I just read The Long Halloween, and his artwork in that is phenomenal...simply gorgeous). The hardcover tome will feature two covers, one by Jim Lee, and the other by Alex Ross. There's an introduction by Masi Oka (Hiro), 34 chapters (all episodes from Season 1), and all of Sale's artwork from the show (which was great). And there are tons of talent that have contributed to the graphic novel, including (besides the already mentioned artistic geniuses): Michael Turner, Phil Jimenez, Marcus To, Jesse Alexander, Chuck Kim and Joe Pokaski, just to name a few. Wildstorm is undertaking the releasing duties in preparing it for an October 24 release, costing $29.99. By the time it hits, the second season will be well on its way, as its premiering September 24. Heroes graphic novel

Punisher in the War Zone?

News hasn't been very forthcoming on the Punisher movie sequel. The first one with Thomas Jane was very underrated, and it pretty much had everything you could want in a movie about the street vigilante. It wasn't a spectacular comic book adaptation, but it was solid and violent. So when I heard the talk of the sequel, I was intrigued to say the least. Buried in the the Lionsgate Publicity website, the new Punisher is listed with the title Punisher: War Zone. Now, normally, I would just pass this off as a working title, but The Punisher War Zone was a spinoff series penciled by John Romita, Jr. that ran for 3 years (1992 - 1995). So chances are its going to have something to do with that era. Ray Stevenson (King Arthur) is replacing Thomas Jane (sadly) in the sequel, which IMDB has listed as The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank. Lionsgate Publicity Sheet

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Game Almighty

In my vast quest for video game knowledge, I recently came across a nifty little site. Now I'll be the first to admit, that there's only thing about a site about video games that has to do with comics. And that's the fact that the site is laid out like a comic. Seriously, its an awesome format, and one that I will totally use as inspiration once I move this hear site off the free confines of Blogger and onto my own domain. Even the about part of the site reads as a comic. There's news on all the major consoles, from Wii to 360 to PS3, and its not one of the mainstream video game news outlets, so you'd be supporting the little guide (same thing when you read my blog, and I appreciate it). Some of you may have already stumbled on this site in your internet travels, but if you haven't check it out. If you're looking for some gaming news, fly over as fast as you can to Gaming Almighty, and view a refreshing take on website design. Game Almighty

New Releases: August 29, 2007

Pretty easy pick this week. The pain that Hulk is bringing continues with World War Hulk X-Men #3. Let the mayhem continue. Enjoy. New Releases: August 29, 2007

Virgin Indian

Sir Richard Branson isn't content with just having power and influence on both sides of the Atlantic. He's now set his sights on the Indian Ocean as well. UTV Motion Pictures, in conjunction with Virgin Comics, are working together to create four original superhero franchises for India. The idea is to create characters rooted in Indian ideology and created by native writers and artists. And why wouldn't India want a piece of the action, when a recent Hollywood study found that comic book movies earn more on average than any other type of movie (about $215 million worldwide). “For too long, western superheroes have dominated the stage, but in India, the original mythic characters were born and we are now ready for a re-launch of larger than life heroes that will reflect the ancestral ethos of the region from which they spawn. We expect this partnership with UTV Motion Pictures to launch a whole new universe of heroes and I couldn't be more excited," commented Gotham Chopra, Virgin Comics Chief Creative Officer. Virgins in India

What's next in the House of Ideas?

I won't post much on this, as there isn't that much to post. So use your imagination when viewing this newly released image from Marvel by artist Marko Djurdjevic. There really isn't any description, other than the fact that its for a mystery project looking to be released in December. Followup to Civil War? Perhaps. Only time will tell. There looks to be Sentinels in the background, but also Iron Man, Captain America and Wolverine. There is some speculation that it could be a followup to Civil War, but guess we'll have to wait and see.

Wolverine located?

Ah, those crazy Australians. From the many that I know, they're always a good time, and tend to be proud of their continent. So why wouldn't the new Wolverine movie be filmed in the star's, Hugh Jackman, backyard? According to Moviehole, the Australia Sunday Herald Sun (why does every newspaper have sun in the title?) is reporting that there are plans to film the new movie in Australia. This would definitely make it easier for Jackman, who's still working on another movie (aptly named Australia by Baz Luhrmann). The first filming would definitely be convenient, and if Jackman has to refilm a gripping fight scene, well he can just walk out his house and be on set. Wolverine down under

Monday, August 27, 2007

Freeze frame Speed Racer!

I heard about the new, live action Speed Racer movie probably around the same time as most of you. I heard Vince Vaugn was attached to it, and it piqued my interest slightly. Saw the Wachowski Brothers (of The Matrix fame) were directing it, and was kind of indifferent (just hoped they did it well...V for Vendetta didn't turn out bad at all). But I have to say, at this latest revelation, I'm kind of stupified. The Wachowski Brothers are filming Speed Racer in high definition. Big deal you say. But this is a special type of high definition. The entire movie will be filmed in frame. What does that mean? Well, it means that the front part will be in focus, like a cartoon, while the ambient stuff will be around it, doing its own thing. Susan Sarandon sat down with, and had this to say about the process: "They're using some high def thing that comes with guards and it's beyond anything I've ever...I saw 10 minutes before I left, they did a special thing for me cause they're just wrapping and having a party tonight, they were still working after I left. They're doing something where they're layering film so that the front and the back are in focus like a cartoon and they're also doing two dimensional and three dimensional stuff and mixing and everything is very, very saturated with some kind of new film, so they actually have to treat the actors in some way so we can hold our own with the background. So it's every color that wasn't in The Matrix is seriously in this film." As bad as the last two Matrix movies were, they were still pretty visually jaw-dropping. So one can only imagine what Speed Racer will look like when it comes out next year. Focus on speed

Horse and monkey (and no kung fu)

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Dark Horse Indie (movie label of Dark Horse Comics) is taking a step in the Wizard of Oz direction by working on a movie called War Monkeys. It's no 1,000 monkeys on 1,000 typewriters, but it could be good. Coming from the mind of producer Chris Patten, and Cleve Nettles writing the script, War Monkeys will focus on the story of a janitor who gets trapped (over Christmas nonetheless) in an underground research facility with military trained rhesus monkeys. I'd say think along the lines of Army of Darkness meets Gremlins. This movie could definitely have some great potential, in the same vein as 1950s B horror movies. Keep your eyes on the ebays and internets, as more and more information will definitely be coming. War Monkeys

Heroes season premiere bows September 24

The hype train that is Heroes picks up full steam again in little under a month. While I can't say I was exactly thrilled with the ending of the first season, it definitely showed it had potential to hang with the big boys in terms of quality programming. One would expect many questions to be answered from season 1 (as second seasons are apt to do). Sylar slinked away into the sewer, even thought I could've sworn Hiro's sword should've killed him. Nathan whisked Peter into the stratosphere so he wouldn't blow up Earth (although I'm still convinced that Nathan let go of Peter, flew off, Peter exploded, and then healed). All in all, it was a rather disappointing end to a solid season. The season did have its down points, but overall it was good. So head on over to the website at NBC, get yourself refreshed and ready, and be near the TV on September 24 to watch the new season. And the first season comes out on HD-DVD tomorrow, so be sure to check that out if you really want it. Heroes returns

Return of the Marvel beat em' up

Powerplay Entertainment, LLC, of fame, has just struck a deal with Marvel worth 3 years and 12 products in the arcade region of life. The licensing agreement grants Powerplay rights to use Hulk, Spider-man, X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four and Iron Man. Now any of you readers who were born in the '80s surely remembers that great beat em' up arcade games (I remember playing them at a Chuck E. Cheese rival named Peter Piper Pizza). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, X-Men...all were quality arcade games that used the exact same formula, but just changed the backgrounds and characters. So I welcome this news with wide-open arms. "Powerplay and Marvel have partnered in a super deal that will bring America's favorite comic book heroes to entertainment venues across the United States, reconnecting Marvel characters and their fans," said Milind Bharvirkar, president, PowerPlay Entertainment, LLC. "Marvel is a well-known brand name, and the company has an aggressive movie schedule for the next two years. Our goal is to launch our new game systems simultaneous to each movie premier, driving fans to our machines and providing them with a vibrant gaming experience." Hopefully, there will be a resurgence in popularity, and we can get these games on something like the Xbox Live Arcade (TMNT is already there) or something. Even the more recent forays into the arcade world with the Marvel vs. Capcom series (please, if anyone from Microsoft is reading, put that on the Xbox Live Arcade...PLEASE!!!) were pretty damn good. Marvel in the arcades with no Capcom?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Worth a Read: Batman: Secrets of the Batcave

Today marks the day for something new. Starting today, and showing up every Friday, I plan on previewing a comic/TPB releasing the following week in a column called "Worth a Read." The idea is to showcase a title that I believe will be a pretty solid read, and hopefully one more thing you add to your comic book shopping list. This week, I plan on looking at Batman: Secrets of the Batcave. Batman: Secrets of the Batcave is not really anything new in the Batman universe. Rather, its a TPB compilation of some choice issues within the Batman universe that take place in the Batcave, including various writers such as Bill Finger and Dennis O'Neil and various artists such as Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff. Included are the following: Batman 12, 35, 48, 109, 348 Detective Comics 158, 186, 205, 233, 235, 244 World's Finest 30 Brave and the Bold 182 Bizarro Comics 244 Secret Origins TP It clocks in at 192 pages, and will retail for $17.99. A welcome addition to anyone's comic or book collection. Batman: Secrets of the Batcave

Girls With Slingshots

If you're looking for fresh comics material for your wearied eyes, rest assured you can find it in a spiffy web comic called Girls With Slingshots. Why slingshots you ask? Because the artist, Danielle Corsetto, admits she couldn't draw guns. Debuting October 1, 2004 at SPX in Bethesda, Girls With Slingshots started as a simple drawing by Corsetto at conventions. Then, she made a promise to create an actual comic, thus creating the dreaded self-imposed deadline. Well, it looks like its paid off, because she updates the site daily with comics, and sometimes even on weekends. You can visit the site, and check out the strips. There are T-shirts as well, but due to the laws of supply and demand (in this case demand wins), they're currently out of stock. There's also word of a collection of the first 100 strips due out by the end of the year, and you can always buy some of Corsetto's artwork if you can't wait for the strip collection. Girls With Slingshots

Halo: Uprising #1

Freshly released on August 22, Halo: Uprising #1 takes a brand that one or two people have heard about in Halo, and capitalizes on it. Tremendously (the above cover shot from Marvel's website has more branding on it than a herd of cattle). With Halo 3 right around the corner (we're about a month away), you can't fault Marvel for the timing of this issue. Written by Brian Michael Bendis (definitely one of the best writers out there and my personal favorite) picks up where Halo 2 disappointedly left off. It details how Master Chief fights the Covenant after hitching a ride on their ship headed towards Earth (part of the rather outlandish ending to Halo 2 had Master Chief throttling through space and boarding a ship). Alex Maleev carries the cover/pencils/ink duties, with Chris Eliopoulos providing the lettering. "Intertwined with Master Chief's interstellar one-man-war is the saga of a great American city's rebellion and downfall, two disparate lives' collision and shared fate, and the Convenant's hunt for an ancient relic of untold power and value. With hope dwindling and the fate of humanity hanging by a thread, is there any chance for a future? Read this debut issue to start the journey into the Halo universe!" That sounds so exciting! But remember, and Marvel would like to remind you, that his comic is based on an "M" rated game, so get your parent's permission if you're under 17. Because that will certainly prevent the tainting of today's youth. Halo: Uprising

October 16 tranforms?

Get that big grain of salt handy, because you're going to need it. Several online retailers (including HDAddicts) are reporting that October 16 is the date when Paramount brings Transformers to your homes in DVD or HD-DVD (since Paramount is exclusively HD-DVD now). has reported a release in Spain on November 22, while has reported a UK release on December 3, so that date certainly fits the timeline. Is this the actual release date? Well, its a little close, especially considering the IMAX release is slated for September 25, but that could be one more marketing ploy to keep the movie fresh in our heads for the supposed October home theater release. Keep an eye on the calendar, and maybe put an X on October 16 in pencil, just in case. Whatever happens, please hope that the DVD/HD-DVD release has some Stan Bush extras. Transformers isn't the same without the touch.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ride Dark Horse back to school

For so many of us, school is just around the corner. The long, lazy days of summer are gone (those actually left me about 5 years ago when I started working full-time), and its time to get back to the academic grind. Dark Horse Comics would like to help you out a little bit, by sending you back in style. The Back to School: Dark Horse 101 Contest pits you against countless others, vying for a plethora of back to school supplies, all carrying the name Dark Horse. Its one of the simplest types of contests, where all you do is enter to win. What can you win (if you're one of the four grand prize winners)? I'm glad you asked: Grand Prize Winners (4): - Pencil zip case (Dark Horse pencil, pen, keychain, rubber bracelet, locker/window cling and art gum eraser) - Emily the Strange "Strange Music" CD - Dark Horse logo baseball shirt - Dark Horse logo mug - Dark Horse Deluxe Journal - Dark Horse Deluxe lunch box - Dark Horse Deluxe stationery set - Style School v.1 - School Zone v.1-3 - The Mask: School Spirits - Buffy Omnibus v.1 - Umbrella Academy #1 - 2007 Free Comic Book Day issue So head on over to the website, enter your name, and hope that you'll be able to head back to school in style. And don't worry, everyone likes comic books now, so you won't be perceived as too much of a dork. Back to School: Dark Horse 101 Contest entry form

Xenosaga comes to anime

SquareEnix (I still know it as Squaresoft...the world is square afterall) has always been known to put out some killer games. Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger are two of the most epic games ever created. Way back in the days of the Playstation, Squaresoft released a game called Xenosaga, which was epic to say the least. Now those crazy cats at ADVFilms have decided to bring the game to viewers in anime form. Set 4,000 years after humans have abandoned the Earth, Xenosaga: The Animation has humanity on the brink of extinction, and adding to their woes are a race of vicious aliens hunting them known as Gnosis. Its up to a scientist named Shion Uzuki and his ship, the KOS-MOS which has her own agenda, and also happens to attract the Gnosis to her. The site has the requisite extras: trailer, story, downloads, reviews and link to the ADVFilms site to buy the anime, if you'd like it sitting on your shelf. Also, IGN has a treat, as they've secured the entire first episode (which is handily located below, for your viewing pleasure). So you can check the trailer, or check out the episode, and if you like it, I'm sure ADVFilms would love to have some of your money. Xenosaga: The Animation Website

Spide-Man: The Animated Series

Back in my day, when I was young, a late addition to my Saturday morning cartoon repertoire was the Spider-man animated series. It was a decent show, with probably the best part about it being the constant monologue going on with Peter Parker. I know he's an introspective guy and all, but half of every episode was very Kevin a la Wonder Years. WB is bringing a new animated series to the airwaves, and I'm sure it will be just as introspective, and a lot more Batman Beyond-ish. Check out the trailer below, and check out WB in 2008 for the premiere.

JLA movie update

Word on the Justice League of America movie has been rumors to this point, such as Christian Bale reprising his role as Batman, and Brandon Routh reprising his role as Superman. But in actuality, neither could be the case. According to Moviehole, Bale has yet to be approached about playing the part of Batman in the superhero team-up. Neither has Routh for that matter. They'll still be playing their parts in the standalone movies (as if they'd ruin that), so you'll still get your Bale/Routh tights fix. In other interesting news, the new JLA movie might not even be live might be motion capture (similar to the upcoming Beowulf or Avatar). A little email is floating around saying that director George Miller (Babe, Happy Feet) has some ideas as to who he wants to cast in the roles of the superheroes, and that the casting will begin next week. Such a quick turnaround time for casting roles and beginning productions can only mean one thing: invasion (sorry, Star Wars). What it means is he can pick who he wants for their motions, and add in faces later. Stay tuned for more news at it becomes available. Bale and Routh not in JLA movie Motion capturing JLA movie?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ryan Reynolds is my superhero

At the rate he's going, he'll be your superhero too. Everyone knows that Reynolds is the frontrunner to play the part of Wally West (Flash) in either a standalone Flash movie, or the impending Justice League movie in the works (production is slated to begin in 2008). But in an interview with IESB, Reynolds also indicated that he'd really like to play another superhero: Deadpool. Rumors of Reynolds involvement with Deadpool were rampant prior to his getting jacked up for Blade: Trinity, and it seems he wants that role really, really bad. New Line Cinema tried to make a Deadpool movie, but the rights are stuck with 20th Century Fox, and word is that there has been some movement as of late on the Deadpool front. One thing is for sure, and that's Reynolds as either Flash or Deadpool would kick ass. Reyonlds video interview with IESB

Spawn continues online quest for justice

Following the success of the first issue, The Adventures of Spawn continues into the second issue online. With a recently revamped website, Image has created a slew of cool things for the reader. There's of course the first issue online, and the second (first 11 pages) hits the website this Friday (August 24) for your viewing pleasure. There's also some character bios, news on the series, a director's cut, and previews of what's to come. There's even little 3-page minicomics bios for some of the action figures. Between this and Wildstorm's Firstborn being online, you have to wonder if this is ushering in the digital age for comics. Not to get all MBA on you, but will the brick-and-mortar geek hotspots go the way of so many other retailers? Online comics could be the wave of the future, so you better be ready to catch that wave. Spawn 2.0

The Black Dossier gets covered twice

A few weeks ago Omnicomic reported that Alan Moore was hard at work on a follow-up to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, called The Black Dossier. Yesterday, DC announced that the graphic novel's release on November 14 would feature two covers. The first cover (Standard Edition) will be black trimmed and feature Mina Harker running through a hall with the Black Dossier in tow, no doubt escaping countless baddies. The second cover, aptly named the Variant Edition, will bear a blue background, and show Mina Harker in bed reading the Black Dossier. The Standard version will be available to US retailers (with Diamond Accounts) and book retailers, while the variant edition will only be available to US retailers (with Diamond Accounts). So check out your local comic book store on November 14, if you're dying to know what's so important in the Black Dossier that would cause Mina to run through the halls, or lie in bed with it. The Black Dossier's two covers

Heroes gets more pep

NBC doesn't like their shows to lose attention. Especially when they're blockbusters that people talk about the entire season. And news was scant about the upcoming season of Heroes. Until recently, when it seems that there's been an avalanche of press releases. Adding one more press release to the rapidly growing pile, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Janel Parrish will be joining the upcoming season as May, the head cheerleader at Claire's new school. Now most of you won't know this (and if you do, you need to reevaluate your life for knowing), but Parrish was most recently seen (or not seen most likely) as Jade in Bratz: The Movie. She's also had stints on various TV shows, such as The OC, The Bernie Mac Show and Baywatch. It seems to me that Heroes is starting to look more and more like Teen Titans, if the writers decide to give Parrish powers to in some sort of episode twist that no one expects. But with the addition of her and Kristen Bell, this upcoming season is definitely picking up steam. Parrish joins Heroes

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Releases: August 22, 2007

The pick for the new releases this week is Amazing Spider-man 543, which concludes the Back in Black storyline. Peter confronts the Kingpin, and decides if he wants to go the extra step and become something he isn't. Enjoy. New Releases: August 22, 2007

Top Cow's Firstborn

Released to much applause in July, Firstborn #1 originated from the Witchblade series, explaining Sara Pezzini's (current Witchblade) pregnancy, and the child's effect on the Top Cow universe (which seems to be pretty monumental). Written by Ron Marz (Silver Surfer, Green Lantern, Marvel vs. DC) and painted by Stjepan Sejic (Darkness/Wolverine, Savage Red Sonja), the first of three issue series sold out of its first printing when it first debuted in July. Top Cow, being the cool cats they are, have decided to make the entire first issue available online. The Firstborn section of the Top Cow site has information on the characters, story, links to other Witchblade related information, and wallpapers. So if you can't find the first issue anywhere (seeing as how the first printing is sold out), you can check out the issue online. Firstborn #1

Kristin Bell speaks about Heroes

News this summer has been awful quiet on the Heroes. Sure, there was news on the graphic novel, and news of the first seasons release on HD-DVD for the high definition beauty. So you have to pay attention when someone the likes of Veronica Mars stops by. In case you haven't heard, Kristin Bell will be joining the cast of Heroes for 13 episodes. A press release issued describes that Bell's character will be named Elle, and will play some part in relation to Peter's death (ha) and Claire's future. She's technically only confirmed for the first half of the season, but there's no reason to believe that she wouldn't stay on for more if asked. "Would you be open to sticking around longer? Bell: I think I might be. I'm kind of excited to go into this family, because doing a new show always feels a little like switching schools; it's exciting but it's also really nerve-wracking. But this feels like I'm transferring to a school that all of my friends already go to." So what role will she play? Will she replace Quinto's Sylar since he's supposed to be dead? Although his "death" was pretty weak sauce (I expected so much more from that season finale), I'd expect to see Sylar back in season 3. In the mean time, it may be good to expect Bell to be the baddie. Only time will tell. What we do know is that Ms. Hayden Panettiere has some competition now for hottest chick on the show. Bell of the Heroes Ball

Captain America: The Chosen #1

The Marvel Knights series has seen its fair share of banging stories, from Spider-man: Reign and Silver Surfer: Requiem. So it makes sense that the next one top both of those (no easy task). David Morrell is up for that challenge. Debuting September 5, Captain America: The Chosen #1 chronicles the beloved Cap's final days as he searches for a successor. Morrell will take on the writing duties, while Mitch Breitweiser (affectionately known as Dax) will provide the illustrations. "Bestselling novelist David Morrell and the extremely talented Mitch Breitweiser have teamed up to bring their remarkable sensibilities to Captain America, in a life-or-death story set in the all-too-real theatre of overseas combat," explained series editor Alejandro Arbona. "This is no plain super hero romp – 'The Chosen' brings Cap back to his roots as an extremely powerful icon and an inspiring embodiment of the virtues he stands for: courage, honor, loyalty and sacrifice." Captain America: The Chosen #1

Don't...I need that!

Robot Chicken the other night had a great short where two scientists come across Soundwave in boombox form, and proceed to jam out. They then open him up, and find his cassette tape, and begin teasing Soundwave mercilessly for being lame and still using a cassette. Well it looks like he's upgrading. TFSource brings you the option to carry Soundwave with you wherever you go, albeit in mp3 form. For $89.95 you can get the Soundwave mp3 player in the vintage Spark Blue, or get more modern and get it in Sonic (i.e., iPod) white. And if you're feeling really saucy, you can get both for a $10 discount at $169.95. It uses and sD card, which isn't included, so be sure to pick one of those up as well. Soundwave mp3 player

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mike Wieringo: June 24, 1963 - August 12, 2007

I know I'm a little late on this, but I still felt like I should pay my respects to a fantastic artist/penciller in Mike Wieringo, who recently passed away from a heart attack in his home in Durham, NC. Wieringo really made his name while penciling The Flash Vol. 2 alongside Mark Waid's writings, and was even responsible for the creation (with Waid's help) of Bart Allen, who later became Impulse. He also devoted his talents to other works, such as The Sensational Spider-Man (issues #8 through #32), Fantastic Four (issues #51 to really wasn't 450 issues, they just started renumbering) and Tellos. His work on Fantastic Four garnered unwanted attention for Marvel, when they said they'd be replacing Waid-Wieringo (they quickly recanted and reversed their decision). The public viewing was Friday, August 17 (sorry for not getting this up in time), and there will be a private viewing for his family at a TBD determined date (not like you need to know, unless you're his family). Mike Wieringo

Transformers get even larger

If you haven't made your way to a theater to see the Transformers movie, then I don't know what the hell's the matter with you. Your lameness in not seeing one of the most bombastic and entertainng movies of the summer is about to change real soon though. and are both reporting that Transformers is getting the IMAX treatment. Not only that, but the September 21 re-release will also feature new footage, adding to the already impressive $634 million haul the movie's already pulled in. So now, not only do you get to see Optimus and Megatron fight, but you also get to see resident hottie Megan Fox in even more gloriousness. IMAX: ROLL OUT

Mercenaries #1

Hoping to cash in on Pandemic Studios somewhat underground video game hit Mercenaries, Dynamite Entertainment has converted the militaristic operations of everyone's favorite mercenaries into comic book form. Debuting in October of this year, Mercenaries #1 will feature the writing style of Brian Reed (New Avengers: Illuminati), with penciling by Edgar Salazar (resident Dynamite Entertainment artist) and the oft-expected Micheal Turner variant cover. The comic is essentially a less interactive version of the game, so check it out if you feel so inclined. Mercenaries #1

Katie Holmes Heart Wonder Woman?

In news that will surely piss off just about anybody, the latest casting rumors for that impending Wonder Woman movie have none other than Katie "Tom Cruise Scientology Wife" Holmes in meetings to discuss the role. Star Pulse reports that Holmes "secretly" met with the executives on the film, because she didn't want Tom to be there, and influence their decision. Her worry is that with Tom tracking her every movement, she won't be able to do anything on her own, and without his supposed influence. Apparently, their is a slight bit of turmoil in their crazy land, in that Tom wants another kid, while Katie wants to do another movie before that. Not only that, but apparently Tom requested that Katie leave Suri with him while she attended her meeting, most likely out of spite for not inviting him. Here's the best part about the whole thing though. Apparently, the reason Holmes wants the part is that she "feels this role as a kick-ass superhero will put her back in the public eye." Not to turn all Superficial on you or anything, but Holmes hasn't really left the public eye. In fact, ever since she's gone Scientology on us, she's been more in the public eye than ever before (even during her Dawson's Creek heyday). Now, I would take whatever Star Pulse says with a big grain of salt, since it is, in fact a celebrity tabloid. IESB has since reported that WB confirmed with them that the Star Pulse story is a fabrication, which is great. The last thing we need is a Tom Cruise produced version of Wonder Woman where he plays the one man that conquers the Amazons. Holmes wonders

Saturday, August 18, 2007


For those of you that like your comics in web form, there's something new. ComicRack is in the process of being perfected for your online comic viewing pleasure. ComicRack is a Windows based electronic comics reader for computer users (and for the Mac users out there, there's the equivalent in FFView). Capable of handling .cbr, .cbz and .cbt files, which are compressed electronic comics, ComicRack acts as a library for all you comics. Similar to iTunes, it can manage all of you comics, and allow you to read them full-screen, so you can see everything you want. FFView isnt quite as spiffy, as its just a viewer, but still cool. Anyways check it out if you're a big reader of comics on your computer. If not, tell your friends. Be sure though to head into your local comic book store though, because you have the keep the brick and mortar dream alive. ComicRack

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dynamo 5

In keeping with their almost indie/underground vibe, Image Comics has made one of their fantastic titles most accessible to everyone by lowering the price just a tad. Dynamo 5 #8 will go on sale October 10 for the super low price of $2.99 for 32 pages of goodness. The new issues chronicles the realizations that the illegitimate children of Captain Dynamo come to, while also being forced to face their toughest enemy yet. There are tons of shockers promised to the readers "The reception to our first arc has gone above and beyond what we imagined," says writer Jay Faerber. "So much so we're confident enough to lower the cost by a substantial amount. This combined with the inexpensively priced trade paperback should make it easy to bring on any reluctant readers." Dynamo 5 #8 (first post on the page)

Spider-man: Friend or Foe

Its rather difficult to take a tried and true formula, such as Spider-man fighting Venom, and turning it on its head. But what if Spider-man weren't fighting Venom, and they were actually friends? Activision can answer that question for you. Spider-man: Friend or Foe is Activision's latest foray into the video game world. Due in Fall 2007, the game allows you to pick from a list of traditional allies (Blade or Iron Fist), or from a list of traditional enemies (Venom). The premise of the game is once you beat a baddie, they are then added to your ally list, allowing you to fight alongside them, instead of against them. This really isn't different from certain other games, such as Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, but this one is aimed more at the younger crowd. So if you have some young kids that you're looking to give some Spider-man adventures to, check it out when it releases. Spider-man: Friend or Foe

Daredevil #100

Marvel is having quite the time of it as of late, with all their good fortune. So why shouldn't Daredevil partake in some of that good fortune? Daredevil #100 features the intense writing of Ed Brubaker, with pencilling by a slew of big names: Michael Lark, John Romita, Sr., Gene Colan, Lee Bermejo, Alex Maleev and Marko Djurdivic. There will also be the requisite variant covers by Michael Turner and Lee Bermejo. "The edgy, noir style of Brubaker's writing and of Daredevil's world is translated flawlessly to the page in Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano's artwork," said Kevin Powers of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com All 104 pages of goodness will be available September 5 for only $3.99. Daredevil #100 Preview

New York Anime Festival

Get your cosplay hats on, because the inaugural New York Anime Festival is coming to a Jacob Javits Center near you (if you live in NYC at least) in December. That's right, December 7th through 9th, the Javits Center will play host to the New York Anime Festival. The guest of honor is Kobun Shizuno, who is most famous for directing hits such as Burst Angel, Elfen Lied and Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Also appearing will be Aimee Major Steinberger of The Simpsons and Futurama animator fame, and three musical guests (UNICORN TABLE, HAPPYFUNSMILE and Voltaire). Tickets are $30 each day, but those looking for a bargain can get one in the form of a 3-day pass for $55. The programming is kind of on the light side, but no worries, as they have a few months to throw something together. The Javits Center is a good place for a convention, as I was there for the NY Comic Con earlier this year (and plan on returning in 2008). New York Anime Festival

Thursday, August 16, 2007

D&D 4th Edition

When it comes to Dungeons and Dragons, I missed the boat. The game never really appealed to me all that much, and it seemed that some people took the game a little too seriously. Now this isn't to say that I wasn't a dork, as I definitely put in my time on the Hero Quest board game, as well as Magic: The Gathering (I was renowned for my red, white and blue demolition deck). So this news doesn't really wow me, but D&D fans appear to be in for quite a treat. Business Wire, which, apparently is a website about press releases, has a press release posted from Wizards of the Coast where they confirm the release of the Fourth Edition in May 2008. The release will feature all the traditional trappings that have made the game legendary, as well as some tools of the 21st century, which include web-based tools and online forums (!). Weve been gathering player feedback for eight years, said Bill Slavicsek, R&D director of roleplaying and miniatures games at Wizards of the Coast. Fourth Edition streamlines parts of the D&D game that are too complex while enhancing the overall play experience. At its heart, its still a tabletop game experience. However, D&D Insider makes it easier for players to create characters, run their games, and interact with the rest of the D&D community.” There will be two 4th Edition preview books released in December (Wizards Presents: Classes and Races) and January (Wizards Presents: Worlds and Monsters), with the first live demos coming at the D&D Experience gaming convention in Washington, DC, in February 2008. The full product launch will show up in the spring and summer of 2008. D&D returns after 8 years

Wonder where the Wonder Woman writer is?

You can never have enough good writers. At least, that's what DC would like to believe. But what happens when one of your marquis writers is delayed? Gail Simone's (Birds of Prey) much ballyhooed arrival at DC to write for Wonder Woman has been delayed by one more month. Originally slated to join Terry and Rachel Dodson with their first collaborative issue in October (Wonder Woman #13), she will now begin writing with the next month's issue in November (conveniently, and sequentially, named Wonder Woman #14). Senior Editor Matt Idelson issued a statement along with the announcement, saying, "The reason we pushed back the new team's start is that Terry had a few other commitments, and we wanted to make sure we wouldn't have to interrupt his and Gail's run with a fill-in issue." In the meantime, to sate your Wonder Woman fix, there will be a one-shot created by J. Torres and Julian Lopez. Wonder Woman Writer Waits

Mark Waid races home

Seeing as how this is a fledgling blog on comics, I don't know if it helps my cause to mention the Flash. "The Fastest Man Alive" can really only run really fast, although Flash purists will try to convince you that his ability to vibrate so quickly can allow him to time travel (and please the ladies it would seem). But when news that the definitive Flash writer, Mark Waid, is going "home," well you have to pay attention to that. Yes kids, Waid has returned to DC and is writing storylines for Flash again. Waid will focus on Wally West, the trillionth Flash who is the nephew of Barry Allen, and his powers were created in a lab when he was 10 years old. And he has to deal with the death of another Flash in Bart Allen, killed at the hands of standing still (not really, but Inertia was the name of the villain that killed him). "Wally is the ultimate fanboy-made-good," quipped Waid. "We don't know what it was like to be born on Krypton and we don't know what it is like to have our parents slain in a back alley, but pretty much everybody who reads superhero comics knows what it is like to idolize the stuff on the outside as a fan and the excitement of what it would be like to be able to play in that world." Look for Waid's re-debut in The Flash #231, if you're so inclined. The Flash #231

Wizard World Texas

Hot on the heels of Wizard World Chicago comes news of the next stop on the comic convention mystery tour: Texas! Not content with naming it Wizard World ::Insert Texas city name where it's being held here::, Wizard World Texas will be held November 16th -18th at the Arlington Convention Center in, you guessed it, Arlington, TX. Early guest lists include Joe Benitez, Lou Ferrigno and J. Scott Cambell, among others. There's no programming list yet (Wizard World Chicago did just wrap up recently), but be sure to keep checking the website. At the very least, you can get your tickets to an event where you have no idea what the lineup will be like! Wizard World Texas

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Mark that date in your calendars. For that's the day we get to know what the red spot on the happy face really means (those of us that have read The Watchmen already know, but still). Zack Snyder has set up a blog chronicling the progress of the film adaptation. It isn't much right now, featuring a synopsis of the movie, current cast, production notes (blog) and the Comic-Con poster. There's another tab for photos, but nothing there as of yet, so its not much to look at. I'm sure that as news on the movie comes forth, the site will obviously get more fleshed out. In the mean time, you'll just have to cuddle with your TPB of The Watchmen (Absolute edition or not), or your DVD (or high def version) of Zack Snyder's 300. Don't worry though. News will start pouring in soon enough. The Watchmen Website

Jenna adds a Z to her XXX reputation

Comic Con brought to us the news that Jenna Jameson is getting her own comic, called Shadow Hunter, via Virgin Comics. Well now we know who will be writing said comic (we know who's going to be the visual "inspiration" for the comic). Monsters and Critics (which must be an environment that its share of cattiness, since its monsters and critics) reports that Christina Z, of Witchblade fame, has been tapped to scribe the new comic for Ms. Jameson and Virgin Comics. She is the first writer to be named a "Top 10 Writer" by Wizard Magazine, and has definitely done her share of writing for hot chicks that kick ass. “I'm excited to be creating and revolutionizing a heroine for Virgin Comics who is, first and foremost, a real human being like all of us, but has the power of one of the most fascinating mythologies,” said Z. A $0.25 preview edition of the comic goes on sale everywhere in December of this year, so Christina Z definitely has her work cut out for her. The first issue of the upcoming series hits stores in January 2008, with a 144-page graphic novel due out in June 2008 (Jenna is all about the "J" months). And don't worry. If you want to read these, you don't have to worry about the black wrapper that traditionally covers Jenna's works. Writing Shadow Hunter