Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Darkness 2 in the works

Sequels are usually good. If they're not good, then they can at least be counted on to bring in some bucks. Top Cow has a good thing with The Darkness, so why wouldn't they want to make a sequel? According to one employee, the sequel is already in development. News4Gamers reports that a Top Cow employee "inadvertently" told Dutch rapper "Lycan-Strife" (I've got nothing on that) that Starbreeze is currently working on the sequel in secret. Lycan-Strife told Xbox360only, a Dutch game site covering, you guessed it, the Xbox 360. So check out the Dutch link (if you can speak Dutch). Otherwise, you'll just have to take my (and News4Gamers') word for it that The Darkness 2 is under development. The Darkness 2 in development Xbox 360 Only (Dutch)

Vanderbilt writing Spider-Man 4

Spider-Man 3 just hit DVD (and Blu-ray, which apparently looks fabulous), and Sony is in the process of setting up production on the fourth. No deals are in place to bring any of the big three (Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Sam Raimi) back to the franchise as yet , but a studio can dream can't they? The Hollywood Reporter reports that James Vanderbilt (Zodiac, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) has been tapped to write the script for the fourth film incarnation of the wallcrawler. Vanderbilt definitely has some Marvel credibility, as he's working on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so we know he can adapt comics. Sony has opted to keep the details of the script scant (and why wouldn't they), but they've made it quite clear that they're sticking with only two villains in the movie, as opposed to the three that were in the last film. Vanderbilt to pen Spider-Man 4

Preview: Bat Lash #1

Contrary to what you may be thinking, Bat Lash is not about Batman's eyelash. Rather, its a Western. A Western written by novelist Peter Brandvold (Rogue Lawn, .45-Caliber Deathtrap) and Sergio Aragones (Groo, MAD). Bat Lash is a six issue miniseries from DC Comics that recounts the origin of an unusual cowboy named Bat Lash, who is faced with the obligatory corrupt sheriff and greedy rancher in his attempts to endear himself to the rancher's daughter. John Severin provides the interior art, while Walter Simonson is doing the cover. DC also has the niftiness set up where you can download a sneak preview of the issue, as well as a mini-poster to adorn the wall of your choice. Bat Lash #1 debuts December 12 for $2.99. Preview: Bat Lash #1

G. I. Joe movie official

Word comes from IGN that its official: G.I. Joe has been greenlit by Paramount. Filming will begin in early 2008 under Stephen Sommers (The Mummy), and will have a healthy budget of $170 million. It should be interesting to note that Lorenzo di Bonaventura will also play a role in the film, as he was a producer for the epic Transformers. IGN points out that an interesting tidbit about the production timeline has less to do with the impending Writer's Guild strike, and more to do with the fact that Paramount's hold on the copyrights are tenuous. Hasbro and the William Morris Agency have put a window of opportunity so to speak on how long a studio has to make the film, and it looks like that window is rapidly closing. So it looks like Hasbro has another goldmine on their hands. Everyone knew Transformers would be good, but not epic. And while I don't think G.I. Joe will have the same success as Transformers, I think it will still hold its own at the box office. But I could be wrong (I think I'm just speaking from childhood....I was more of a Transformers kid than a G.I. Joe kid). G.I. Joe a go

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Arrivals: October 31, 2007

The pick of the week this week comes to us courtesy of Archaia Studios Press. It's called Primordia #1, and it tells the tale of two twins, Driniel and Alleyr, who are waging war with one another under the banners of Night and Sun respectively. Throw in the Woodking's daughter, Vega, who is fond of them both, and you've got yourself a right nice amount of strife. Enjoy! New Arrivals: October 31, 2007

The End League #1 Preview

If you take The Watchmen and combine it with The Lord of the Rings, you'd get a pretty kickass story one would think. That's just what Dark Horse Comics did with The End League, a new series by Rick Remender (Fear Agent). The End League details the last few superheroes on Earth as they search for the Hammer of Thor, the one object that can put an end to the evil that is slowly overwhelming the planet. Remender writes the harrowing tale, with Mat Broome penciling, Sean Parsons inking and Wendy Broome coloring. You might recognize Mat Broome from other comics such as WildC.A.T.S.). The End League #1 hits stores December 26, and will cost $2.99. The End League #1 Preview

Columbus Short turns down Justice League

Geez, it seems like everyday there's some big name actor being attached to the new Justice League film, and we still don't have any definites. The latest on that list is Columbus Short for the role of Green Lantern. Short told the MTV Movies Blog that he was up for the role (apparently along with Common, T.I. and Tyrese Gibson) but that it wasn't the movie for him. He revealed that the script was too "popcorn for his tastes," and could be the same reason that Jessia Biel turned down the role of Wonder Woman. “I have a production company, and there was a while there when I was diligently pillaging old comic books, and going online to try and find black comics - and there’s not that many,” he explained. “Green Lantern is about John Stewart; he was one of the only [prominent black heroes].” This does kind of concern me a bit though. Jessica Biel turned down Wonder Woman (when she would've been perfect), and now Short turns down Green Lantern (who also would've been perfect). Now these are both quality actors, so what's the deal? It can't be money, because I know that Warner Brothers is throwing a ton at this movie, so maybe it is the script? Green Lantern not joining Theta Nu Theta

Heroes Reviewcap: The Line

First off, let me say it was cute the way Heroes started off this week, with the police tape saying "Do Not Cross" with the episode's title "The Line" right below it on the scene. Well done kids, well done. It was obviously an indicator of what to come within the episode, as countless lines were crossed as means to ends, so read on to get my take on the episode as a whole. Spoilers do abound. This week's episode was very well-rounded in terms of storylines. It focused on Hiro more than anything, as he continues to help make Kensei a hero, and it works for a while so they can rescue Yaeko's father. And then, Hiro f's up. He kisses Yaeko, and of course Kensei sees, leading Kensei to turn the three back over to White Beard. I'm really not sure how this is going to play out in the end, because it seems that Kensei has actually changed, but this jealousy (coupled with his invincibility) might lend a good balance to his character. I do approve of how Hiro's story is being told: through Ando's reading of the scripts. Mohinder studies Monica, and names her ability "adaptive muscle memory," and basically says she can mimic any action she sees. When Mohinder is forced to give her a vaccine, taking away her power, he flips out on Midas man, and doesn't do it. Which leads to a strange scene where Midas Man is dropping Monica off at home, giving her contact info and an iPod loaded with stuff so she can learn anything (I guess the rift between NBC and Apple isn't that big after all). Mohinder is then paired with Nikki, so that'll be a fun duo there. Claire and her dad. Her dad definitely had the best moments, but I'll get to that in a second. Claire makes the cheerleading squad through a very odd sequence by getting the head cheerleader arrested for underage drinking. But Mr. Bennet (I'm done calling him Mr. Butler) pays a visit to a man named Ivan, who trained him, and gets the Haitian to start removing Ivan's memories until he tells them where all the paintings are. He resists, until Mr. Bennet threatens to shoot Ivan (making their visit look like a robbery), and Ivan finally tells him. Its then that Mr. Bennet straight up shoots Ivan, in a scene I was very impressed with. They find the paintings, and we'll be seeing more of those down the road I'm sure. Peter makes it to Montreal with hottie Irish chick, and finds a note saying to contact Adam (who I think is the invisible man, but I could be wrong). Peter inadvertently travels into the future (June 2008), where New York is laid to waste, and they freak out slightly. Sylar meanwhile gets the twins across the border, and is slowly winning Maya over from Alejandro. He's teaching her to control her power, and is splitting the twins apart; he even tells Alejandro point blank he's going to kill him once he remembers how. Its very intriguing that Sylar has memory of his powers, but no power, while Peter has no memory but all his powers. This season is all about dichotomies it seems. At first, I wasn't too impressed with the season. But things are really starting to get interesting. I really like that Mr. Bennet is taking a darker turn, and that Sylar is still making his way to New York. Hopefully, we'll get another showdown between Sylar and Peter that doesn't suck this time, although I could see Sylar getting Maya's power, with Peter getting Alejandro's (tying Sylar and Peter together even more). Regardless of what anyone says, this show revolves around Sylar and Peter, and needs to keep spending time with those two. Overall score: 9.4

Monday, October 29, 2007

New York Comic Con announces Guests of Honor

Some pretty big news out of the New York Comic Con camp. The organizers of the fine show have announced their guests of honor, and they are none other than Alex Ross and Mike Mignola (Hellboy). They will be joined by featured guests Neal Adams (DC artist), Kyle Baker (publisher/graphic novelist), Amanda Conner (Vampirella artist), Dean Haspiel (American Splendor), Robert Napton (Myth Warriors), Jimmy Palmiotto (Countdown) and Paolo Rivera (Marvel Comics painter). Having Ross and Mignola as guests of honor is huge, and will definitely make the show even less missable. Keep in mind that this isn't the entire guest list, rather, just the start of many more announcements to come between now and April 18, when the convention takes place at the Jacob Javits Center in New York. New York Comic Con Guest of Honor Press Release (PDF)

Halo movie off and on again

The Halo movie has been "in development" for a while now, and every time it seems like the movie is going to get off the ground, something comes along that grounds it again. There were reports that Fox and Universal were going to produce the movie, but that might have changed. Computer and Video Games reports that Fox and Universal have pulled out of production of the Halo movie. The big rumor is that the rising production cost was getting to be too much (approaching $135 million and rising). It seems that Microsoft was expecting to fill their coffers the most, which didn't sit too well with Fox and Universal. While the major studios have both backed out, pre-production is continuing, so its presumed that when someone does decide to back it, things will be relatively far along. It doesn't make sense to me that Fox or Universal should really expect to get that much from the movie, since it is technically a Microsoft property. But then again, Microsoft asking for too big a piece of the pie wouldn't surprise me either. The thing I don't get though, is that its going to be released on HD-DVD when its released, so why would Fox be in the running? They're Blu-ray exclusive, while Universal is HD-DVD, so you would think that they would have to go to a studio that would release it in HD-DVD. Halo movie not happening?

Megan Gale playing Wonder Woman?

So after the extremely disappointing news that Jessica Biel turned down the role for Wonder Woman, comics fans were left puzzled as to who could be better. The directors of the Justice League film have a short list in mind, including Teresa Palmer (The Grudge 2), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Deathproof, Grindhouse), Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights) and Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights). The Daily Telegraph reports that fans can now add another name to that list: Megan Gale. Gale is an Australian born supermodel who has been seen paying a visit to the Fox Studios location where the George Miller will be shooting the film. Conflicting reports have mentioned that Teresa Palmer has gotten the role, so obviously someone doesn't know what's up. We should all know what's up Tuesday though, as that's when the announcement will be made regarding who will be flying the invisible jet. Honestly, I'm not really feeling Gale as Wonder Woman...I just don't think she has "it" to play Wonder Woman. Gale as Wonder Woman (second story down)

2007 World Series Champions

I know this isn't comic related, but a quick tip of the hat to the Boston Red Sox, winners of the 2007 World Series. This team was, in my opinion, better than the team that won in 2004. They had a lot more sheer will and guts to win the title, while this team was definitely more skilled and well-rounded. Not to say either team was bad. Anyways, congratulations to the Boston Red Sox. Way to be kids.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Spider-Man swings across the pond

For the Londoners out there, this one's for you. Today, at the HMV on Oxford Street, Spider-Man will be on hand to sign copies of the new Activision release Spider-Man: Friend or Foe. So if you're looking to get the game, and would like it signed by the webslinger himself (or, at least, a reasonable facsimile), head on down and pick it up. Spider-Man signs game

Lady Death Statue

Its been a while since we heard anything about Lady Death. The Brian Pulido created character from the 90s has been relatively quiet, until now. The CS Moore Studio has available for preorder a gorgeous 1/6 scale figure of Lady Death herself. It will cost $179.00, with a non-refundable $18.00 deposit due for preordering it. The ship date is undetermined as yet, but it will be shipping sometime in early 2008. And you can even get it autographed by the sculpture Clayburn Moore himself, if that's what you're into. So if you've been itching to fill that empty space on your bookshelf with that missing Lady Death statue, this may be your chance to fill that void. Lady Death Statue

Third Fantastic Four movie?

While the first Fantastic Four was a moderate success, the sequel was a bigger success. Fantastic Four: Rise of the SIlver Surfer took everything that was good about the first movie, and made them better. It was a pleasant surprise, I have to say. So does this mean there will be a third one? According to Doug Jones, there's a strong possibility. IESB spoke with Doug Jones, and asked him if he knew anything about a third movie in the franchise. His response: "I know as much as you do about that. I wish I knew more. I suppose they have a writer hired, who's been talking about it at Comic-Con? So that's how I heard about him. So, as far as the timing goes, I don't know. As far as whether they're going to come back for me again, I'm contracted for two more, whether they exercise that contract is up to them. I would like to…I would like to…" So that's not a confirmation, but it does bode well that he's been signed on for two more movies, so it seems that if he is involved, the Silver Surfer will be coming back. I would like to see another one, but without the lame Doom that they've completely bastardized. Silver Surfer speaks

Gotham Underground #1 Preview

Batman has faced just about every villain imaginable, and has teamed up with almost just as many superheroes. The recently (October 24) launched Gotham Underground #1 kind of brings all that goodness together in a 9 part series, pitting Batman against everyone bad, and teaming him with everyone good. Tying into Countdown, Gotham Underground details the disappearance of multiple villains from Gotham City (strange that they're disappearing when I just said it features lots of'll all make sense in a minute, I promise). The big challenge to Batman and his allies is to deal with the multiple factions of scrambling to fill the newly created supervillain void. Gotham Underground #1 is written by Frank Tieri and illustrated by J. Calafiore. Clocked at 32 pages, and running $2.99, it hit stores October 24, so check it out. It looks promising. Gotham Underground #1

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Amazing Fantasy #15 fetches $227,000 in ComicLink auction

Yeah, you heard me. $227,000. On October 16, the 1962 Amazing Fantasy #15 was auctioned for a final price of $227,000, the highest ever for a Silver Age comic in a public auction. Why would anyone pay that much for this comic you ask? Well, you shouldn't have to ask if you know about comics. But if you are asking, well I'll happily oblige your inquiry: it was Spider-Man's first appearance. The Near Mint, 9.4 rating also had something to do with it, as its the second highest certified grade in existence. Its rarer than actually finding a radioactive spider that could bite you and give you the same powers as Spider-Man. The issue featured art by Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, and tells of Peter Parker's unfortunate (I guess actually fortunate) encounter with a radioactive spider that gave him his powers. It was after his huge success in Amazing Fantasy that Spider-Man got his own series, appropriately titled Amazing Spider-Man. Oh to have the coffers to afford this beauty... Amazing Fantasy #15is crazy expensive

Justice League story details

Patrick at UGO has a TON of details regarding the upcoming Justice League film. Obviously, you need to dig out that grain of salt you've got sitting around for rumors such as this, so take this news as just that, a tasty rumor. And there are spoilers (duh), so don't read on if you don't want to know what the movie will most likely begin with. Six members of the Justice League are on a cathedral rooftop, lamenting the loss of a friend during a funeral. This opening clearly eschews the notion of an origin story, as the movie picks up with the league well established and operational. The six heroes are Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and The Flash, all wearing funeral edition black costumes. And they're not mourning the loss of Batman, because he doesn't really like the spotlight as Batman, so fear not Batfans. The movie then shifts six days earlier, and shows Detective Barry Allen enjoying lunch with his wife Iris, while watching Wonder Woman address the UN live on television. And cue Batman. The Brother Satellite is shown, being owned by Wayne Enterprises, and Batman is in the Batcave watching his colleagues enjoy lunch (The Flash), address the UN (Wonder Woman), working (John Stewart). It looks like they're going the Tower of Babel route with this, which is awesome. Alfred walks in, informing Batman of his meeting with Maxwell Lord, so it also seems like they're working in the Checkmate storyline a bit maybe (and Infinite Crisis). After Batman and Alfred leave, the computer switches itself automatically to watch Detective Jones (Martian Manhunter) working at the station. The first 14 pages of the script ends with Detective Jones receiving a package that explodes, covering him in white dust. It turns out, the white dust is actually millions of nanobots, that cause him to lose his human form and begin to change forms rapidly, until he reaches his familiar Martian Manhunter form, prompting him to quickly fly off so as not to hurt anyone. The Flash sees him streaking across the sky, and takes off after him. Wow. Warner Brothers looks like they're getting this right. I'm glad they're recasting all the roles, because these are unique takes in a sense of the characters. Especially Batman, who really didn't start playing the paranoia angle until late, and I really couldn't see Christian Bale playing that paranoid Batman very well (no offense to Bale, I just have him in my head as a different type of Batman). My intrigue with this film is slowly growing. The ending is apparently pretty eventful, and will have a major impact on two of the characters. My guess is Batman gets expelled from the Justice League, and The Flash dies. Good times. Justice League script details

Dark Horse Horror Contest

Dark Horse has another contest going on, this time in honor of Halloween. All you have to do is head on over to their website, fill out the form, and you're good to go. But hurry; you have to submit your entry by Halloween (October 31). The prizes: Prize Pack #1 (1): - Monster Theater PVC Set 1 & 2 - Universal Monster books: Wolfman Hunter's Moon, Bride of Frankenstein: Pandora's Bride, Dracula Asylum, Shadow of Frankenstein, and Universal Monsters TPB Prize Pack #2 (1): - DH Book of Witchcraft - DH Book of Hauntings - DH Book of Monsters - DH Book of the Dead Prize Pack #3 (1): - Black Cat Club T shirt - Black Cat club patch - Black Cat shot glass - Criminal Macabre: The Complete Cal McDonald Stories - City of Others #1 - 4 Prize Pack #4 (1): - Lenore PVC set - Roman Dirge Stationery & Journal Prize Pack #5 (1): - Favole Portfolio - Favole TPB: Stone Tears - Favole Stationery & Journal Dark Horse Horror Contest

IDW does Beauty and the Geek

As if you couldn't already tell, comics are snowballing in popularity, as they are returning to their role as a massive influence in popular culture, which is freaking awesome. Yet another example of such popularity was seen on this week's episode of Beauty and the Geek. I confess, I watch the show. Its the only reality show I do watch, mostly because its immensely entertaining (and of course, the chicks are hot). This week's episode marked the first "team" challenge for the contestants, as the geeks had to design a superhero costume for their beauty, while the beauty had to develop a backstory, arch-nemesis and model the costume at Comic-Con in front of judges. Who were those judges? None other than IDW's own Chris Ryall and Brian Lynch were, that's who. You can head over to the Beauty and the Geek website and check out the full episode if you'd like. It was actually quite entertaining, as some of the costumes weren't that bad. Of course, the stories weren't all that cohesive, except for the winner, which was actually quite entertaining.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Heroes error

I've never been one to relentlessly scrutinize any show, movie, etc., looking for gaps in logic. Personally, most of those gaps are so small, that if I didn't notice them, then obviously they weren't that big to begin with. But this error is kind of amusing. On Heroes Monday, Peter opened the hallowed box. The plot device that I thought would propel his storyline through most of the season was replaced by Kristien Bell, so no need for the box anymore, so Peter opened it. What he found inside was to be expected: plane ticket, cash and a passport. So what's the error? It seems that Peter is a woman, according to the US government. Oh No They Didn't, a Livejournal, has photographic evidence that Peter's gender is listed as "F" on the passport shown in the show. Could it be that he was one of the millions that waited till the last minute to get his passport renewed? Or was someone in props just playing a joke on Milo Ventimiglia? It was probably just a harmless error, but amusing nonetheless. Heroes gaffe

Wolverine gets a release date

X-Men and Spider-man really started it all. This avalanche of superhero movies that are actually good. Sure, some will point to the original Superman, or maybe even Batman as being awesome, which they were in their own right. But it wasn't until the House of Ideas really started to churn out movies that things got insane. With great success comes great sequels, and crucial details on the Wolverine movie have been released. Marvel has just announced that the standalone Wolverine film will be titled X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and will hit theaters on May 1, 2009. That seems like a long ways away, but there is plenty of Marvel action to get you through 2008 (Iron Man and Incredible Hulk) immediately come to mind. Rumors are still swirling if the Wolverine movie will feature Sabretooth, Stryker and just about anyone else, so we're not quite confirmed there. But at least we have a title and a date, which is good enough for me. Wolverine gets titled and dated

One More Day Delayed

See, I didn't go the easy route and "cleverly" title this post "One More Delay," as I think you're smarter than that. Anyways, Marvel's website lists parts 3 (Sensational Spider-man #41) and 4 (Amazing Spider-man #545) of the One More Day Storyline are delayed a bit, which shouldn't really come as a surprise. Sensational Spider-man #41 is set to hit stores on November 28, while Amazing Spider-man #545 is set to hit stores on December 27. Both issues are written by J. Michael Straczynski, and signify and end to his six year run on Amazing Spider-man, with rumors swirling that Peter Parker's marriage to Mary Jane will be ended. Following One More Day will be Brand New Day, and one can only imagine what that would entail for everyone's favorite wallcrawler. One More Day delayed

Zuda Comics goes live

The Zuda Competition is nearing completion. A while back I brought you news of Zuda Comics, an avenue for online submissions for that ideas you have in your head that you think would make a great comic. Well, the time for those submissions is little under one week. That's right kids. On October 30, Zuda Comics will go live, giving you the opportunity to submit comics ideas. The idea is to submit them electronically, via the website. But if you're going to be in the NYC area on Tuesday, October 30, you can go to the Zuda launch party at: Lansdowne Road 599 10th Avenue (between 43rd and 44th Streets) New York, NY 10036 You'll need to take an invitation and submission form, but the Zuda staff (Ron, Kwanza and Nika) will be there from 6:30-7:30, personally reviewing submissions. You have to be at least 21 to go to the launch bash, so keep that in mind. Zuda Invite Zuda Submission Form

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Arrivals: October 24, 2007

This week, I turn to Red 5 Comics for the debut of Neozoic #1, a comic that details what would happen if the dinosaurs never went extinct, and is the creation of Star Wars favorite Paul Ens, with pencils by J. Korim and coloring by Jessie Lam. And, in case you're wondering, the company name (Red 5 Comics) is Star War inspired, so you can rest your weary mind in regards to that matter. Enjoy. New Arrivals: October 24, 2007

Return of Youngblood

Some of the older comic heads that remember when Image was first formed, one of its biggest successes was Youngblood by Rob Liefield. Originally debuting in 1992, the original Youngblood chronicled the government blessed superteams adventures (if you want to call them that) in saving the day. The series was the flasgship publication under the newly formed Image banner, so you can sense that it has some relative importance to both Image and comics in general (at the time, it was the best-selling independent comic book). Now, after some turbulent times between Liefield and Image, Liefield has returned to Image, and he's bringing Youngblood back with him. According to Image, Shaft, Bedrock, Die Hard and Cougar will be fighting with Johnny Panic, Doc Rocket and a secret mystery character. The premise will remain similar (new administration overseeing them), and will tell the story of their reunion. Rob Liefield will be creating variant covers for each issue. "Youngblood is the book which launched the Image invasion and eventually spawned The Ultimates and Authority," said writer Joe Casey. "It's only right it's back at home and I'm extremely thrilled Rob has entrusted his creations to series artist Derek Donovan and me. Derec and I are bringing back everything fans loved about the series, but in a whole new style set for the fans of today." Youngblood #1 is set to hit stores January 9th, in all of its 32-color page, $2.99 glory. Youngblood returns to Image

Transformers HD-DVD smashes sales records

Leave it to Transformers to make even more money. According to High-Def Digest, the HD-DVD version of the movie sold 100,000 on its first day, with an additional 90,000 being moved over the next six days. It seems like a relatively paltry number, but remember, that's only the HD-DVD version (which looks glorious I might add). If you add in the DVD version, then sales total somewhere around 8.3 million. INSANE. I think this makes it even more definitive that we'll be seeing a sequel. Please don't screw it up. Transformers HD-DVD smashes sales records

Heroes Reviewcap: Fight or Flight

This show is finally starting to pick up. After a few so-so episodes, we get something with some meat on it and not just filler. I'll just get right to it, with the obligatory spoiler warning. The bulk of this episode focused on Parkman, Micah and the Petrellis. Parkman and Nathan went to visit Parkman's dad, who promptly used his mind-illusion power to trap them and flee, with the two of them having no idea where he went. Of course, while Dad #1 is away, Dad #2 (Mohinder) decides to take Molly into the people that he works for, who I thought was pretty evil, but whatever. I'm sure that will be explained later on. While Mohinder was at the special hospital, Nikki shows up, destroying everything in her path, only to be tased. Good times. Meanwhile across the pond (as they say over there), Peter taps into his "artistic" ability and paints a picture of what seems to be him and the Irish bartender chick at a French cross street. Or it could be Montreal, which would make more sense within the context of the story, since Peter had an open plane ticket to Montreal in his magic box. Why was he painting you ask? Because he was hiding in the Irish chick's apartment, who apparently is a painter, and also acts as a clever plot device to move the actions of the characters forward. Storywise, he was hiding from Kristin Bell, who is a little off her rocker, and has electric powers, powers that she decided to show off on Irish chick's brother. She says she was sent there by her "company" looking for Peter, and while on the phone with said company, she says "sorry daddy." Intriguing. Micah and his cousin learn about each other's special abilities, prompting them to confide in one another. I like this storyline, because I can imagine its tougher to deal with the powers as a kid, since you really have no idea what to do at all. She has what Micah deems a copycat ability, and I'm excited to see where their storylines go. The episode ends with Mohinder at copycat's door, offering the proverbial answers to her questions. This episode was awesome, and I'll tell you why. No Claire, and minimal Hiro. While both were staples of the first season, their characters got kind of old. Claire is just kind of starting to get annoying, while Hiro really just kind of floats around. Its obvious that the writers wanted to focus on the two most popular characters from last season, which is fine. But this show needs to spend more time with Peter and Sylar, as they are the most powerful of all the mutants, and are also the most interesting roles. Overall score: 9.0 out of 10

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hasbro wrecking shop

Not to get all MBA on you, but Hasbro just released their 3rd quarter numbers, and man, are they happy. Their profit climbed a healthy 62% last quarter, primarily buoyed by sales of toys in the Transformers and Marvel lines. Earnings rose to $161 million, compared to $99 million at this time last year. This obviously doesn't mean all that much in the grand scheme of things, as everyone knows that they're a big company full of money. But I think it does show how much of an impact comics are having on just about every industry. Its not just the movie industry that is reaping the benefits of comics, but toys as well. Hasbro is rich

Superman not returning?

As if the new Superman franchise needed anything else to add to its uncertainty of moving past Superman Returns, Variety reports that the screenwriting duo from the first movie, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris will not be joining Bryan Singer in the sequel. The three worked together on the first film, as well as X2: X-Men United, so they have an established chemistry working together. WB is currently looking for new script pitches for the sequel. The plan is still to do a sequel (rather than acting as if the first one never happened), although they have to continue with the Superman's son storyline, that a lot of people weren't too keen on from the first movie. Brandon Routh is slated to don the tights was again, so at least there's the continuity. There will be more of a focus on action as well in the sequel, something the first one sorely lacked. WB seeking Superman writers

Optimus Prime in real life

Some people can't get enough of just the movie. No, they have to go and be all creative and make something that kicks serious ass, and then eBay it. eBay Canada has a $50,000 replica of the 1994 Peterbilt Optimus Prime from Transformers. It comes with the snazzy blue and red flame paint job, chrome switches and a 17-inch entertainment system floating above the bunk in the back, which has Transformers sheets on it. So if you've got $50,000 burning a hole in your pocket, and need something extravagant to spend it on, by all means, bid away. But hurry, the auction ends at about 6 PM EST tonight (October 22). 1994 Replica of Transformers Optimus Prime Peterbilt

Review: 30 Days of Night

Graphic novels being adapted into feature films has become all the rage these days. Hollywood continues to churn out films that most would consider “drivel,” so it makes sense that Hollywood would go for the stories that are already successful. This trend is most recently continued with the big screen adaptation of 30 Days of Night. I’ve yet to read 30 Days of Night (written by Steve Niles), as its multiple books (much like Sin City, there’s isn’t just “one” story), but the movie was admirable. Spoilers are peppered throughout, so you’ve been warned.

As far as staying true to the source material, well, I can’t really vouch for that (see above). But as far as vampire movies go, I was pleasantly surprised. The film tells the town of Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost city in the United States. Offsetting the fantastic ability to live so far north is the fact that thirty days every winter, the sun doesn’t rise, since it’s so far north (you can begin to see why vampires would be drawn to this location). Josh Hartnett plays the small town sheriff Eben Oleson, recently estranged from his wife Stella, and the authority in Barrow. The movie starts with most of the town leaving for the impending 30 days, and giving you the sense of what life is like before and during the month of no sun.

We’re given the obligatory romance backstory, where we find out that Stella doesn’t want to talk to Eben, which lead to their estrangement. Slowly, weird things start happening. It starts with a stranger causing trouble at the diner, as he’s looking for a place to get some raw hamburger, but of course, isn’t served any (what kind of country do we live in if a man can’t get raw hamburger in a diner). Eben is called in, and arrests the stranger, while not heeding his warnings of the impending doom. Then the power goes out, leading Eben to discover the impaled head of Gus, the utilities manager. After that, well things just go from bad to worse.

Most of the movie plays out with a small group of survivors hiding in an attic, as the stairs to it don’t look noticeable unless you know its there. The vampires were actually pretty intelligent, and the lead vampire told the vampires to “remove the head from the body,” so as not to create any new vampires. The interesting thing is that the movie doesn’t really characterize the vampires through dialogue (as only the main one really speaks), rather, through their actions and unknown location. They’re simply roaming through the city, looking for the remaining survivors to pick off and eat.

The mood is definitely atmospheric, as you kind of sense the doom that the survivors are facing, and with most vampire movies you have the solace of day to get you through the night, however here its always night. The entire movie had a very I Am Legend feel to it, with the survivors moving during the cover of snowstorm and hiding and what not from the vampires. The ending was a also a surprise that I certainly didn’t see coming, and it ended the movie on a relatively creative note.

One of my problems with the movie was that randomly they would tell you how many days were left, which was fine I suppose. They couldn’t really show every day (a la 24), so I suppose that’s forgivable. Also, the vampires were something of epileptic spazzes, in that when they found a victim and attacked, they would gyrate violently while enjoying the blood. I guess it added a bit to the frenetic intensity of the vampires, but it was just kind of weird.

Overall, the movie was decent. Not the best vampire movie, but certainly not the worst. I didn’t really know what to expect going in, but I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t that scary really; there were some intense moments, but other than that not much. I’d say check it out, but you may not like it as much if you’ve read the book and it doesn’t quite match up to it.

Overall Score: 60 out 100

Friday, October 19, 2007

Home time

That is the the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. That is a lovely house, but not my house (since I'm not a mutant and all). But, I can say I will be having my own house, not quite on the scale of the mansion, but a home nonetheless. Needless to say, today will be tied up with closings, walkthroughs and general jubilation. So no posts today, but I'll be back on Monday with more great comic news for you to digest. Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

World War Hulk #5 Preview

The ever-exciting World War Hulk storyline wraps up in a few weeks, and to make sure you go into the last issue equipped with all the knowledge you need to brace yourself for the finale, here's a preview of World War Hulk #5. Marvel has a brief buildup of what to expect, but its Hulk, so you know it will involve lots of smashing. He's gone through the Illuminati that shot him into space to begin with (Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Black Bolt and Mr. Fantastic), and by gone through mean that has forced them to fight each other to the death in the newly gladiatorized Madison Square Garden. This causes Sentry to come down from his mountain on high, with the hopes of stopping the green goliath that is the Incredible Hulk. Greg Pak continues the writing, with John Romita, Jr. doing pencils. The cover is by David Finch, with a variant by John Romita, Jr. The issue hits stores November 14, and will cost readers a cool $3.99. World War Hulk #5 Preview

30 Days of Night

October 19 sees the release of 30 Days of Night, the feature film adaptation based on Steve Niles' comic miniseries with the same name (seems like everyone is making vampire movies based on books these days). It tells the story of Barrow, Alaska, a place so far north that during the winter the sun doesn't rise for 30 days, which is a perfect haven for vampires. Well, if you haven't seen the trailers, or know nothing about the movie, you can check out the movie's website. It has all you need to know about the movie: cast, plot, pictures, trailer, etc. It looks like it could be decent, as I can't really remember the last really good vampire movie I saw, so at least it has that going for it. 30 Days of Night Website

Transformers HD-DVD

So I, like apparently a lot of other people, ventured out and picked up Transformers for HD-DVD, and watched it last night. I'm not going to give a comprehensive summary of the extras, as I've yet to indulge in all of them, but I figured I'd give a few compelling reasons to pick it up on HD-DVD. I honestly forgot how awesome this movie was. Really. Everything about it was perfect, and it really was one of the best movies I saw all year. That being said, I knew what I was getting into when I bought the movie. What i didn't know was what it would look or sound like. Well, it looked like Megan Fox (sexy as hell), and sounded like a glorious opera. The picture was f'ing glorious. I CANNOT stress that enough. I've seen some gorgeous looking movies in IMAX, but this was awful close in terms of quality. Face it, this movie was designed for a high definition DVD player, and my god was I glad I got it that way. Audio is also top notch, although there is that nasty fact floating around that its not the best audio because of the HD-DVD disc size limitations, but still sounded perfect. The scene in Mission City where Megatron shows up shook my entire house from the bass. In terms of extras, there were a ton. I checked out the web enabled content, and the thing that first caught my eye were a series of Sector 7 videos that could be downloaded. These are supplemental video, describing in a bit more detail what Sector 7 actually does. There is also a Transformers HUD you can watch the movie with, which incorporates GPS tracking and Transformer "energy bars" in a sense that let you follow the action more closely. There's also content coming soon, including a "pop-up video" type feature that will give you access to facts and things about the movie as you watch. There's also the requisite commentary to go along with the movie, as well as a documentary on making the Transformers look realistic. All in all, this movie is epic. It really is. I liked it a lot better the second time around. That's not to say I didn't like it the first time around, but I think I appreciated it more the second time. Either way, go pick it up. If you have HD-DVD, then you have to get it in that format. Otherwise, DVD is a decent substitute.

The Dark Knight trailer before I Am Legend

I Am Legend is the big screen adaptation of the book by Richard Matheson set to hit theaters December 14, 2007, but you already knew that. It stars Will Smith, and will also be in the ever so awesome IMAX format, in addition to regular theaters (but you probably already knew that too). What you most likely don't know is that there's the strong possibility that before the IMAX version of I Am Legend, we'll get to see the origin of the Joker. Collider reports that there will be a "6 or 7 minute prologue about the Joker that will be shown before I Am Legend in IMAX." Obviously, this is a rumor as a result of a set visit, but there is some credibility to it. Christopher Nolan shot a few scenes in IMAX film only, as opposed to the traditional method of filming it regularly and adapting it to IMAX. Apparently, Nolan has had this in mind for a while, and it may or may not be similar to what conventiongoers in Chicago got to see earlier this year. There are a few other minor spoilers at Collider, so venture at your own risk. But this just solidifies the need for me to see I Am Legend in IMAX. I don't know if the movie will be as good as the book, but at least I'll get 7 minutes of Joker out of it, which I cannot complain about. 6-7 minutes of The Dark Knight before IMAX I Am Legend

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Heroes preview

If you can't wait till Monday, when the next episode of Heroes will air (entitled "Fight or Flight"), and you're just dying to learn more about the role Kristen Bell will be playing (even though we all know it won't be resolved in one episode), than IESB's got your covered. Not only do they have a preview of the episode, but they also have five clips from the episode. Now, if you really wanted you could watch the clips, and try to piece together what happens, and scour the internets for more clues to successfully decipher the storyline. Or you can just watch the clips, and just get more excited about the episode that hopefully continues the improving trend the last episode started. Below is the text from IESB that's kind of spoilerish, but really nothing more than you saw in the preview for next week's episode. And check out the clips if you'd like by following the link at the bottom of the post.

SEARCHING FOR A MISSING HERO, ELLE (KRISTEN BELL) MAKES A SHOCKING DEBUT IN IRELAND -- In Ireland, Peter attempts to move beyond the past, but discovers that a mysterious woman -- Elle (Kristen Bell) -- is willing to kill to find him. Matt (Greg Grunberg) and an unexpected ally fly to Philadelphia to hunt down the “nightmare man,” following his terrible attack on Molly (guest star Adair Tishler), but the pair finds themselves outmatched. Monica (Dana Davis) tries to come to terms with her new abilities and her role as a local hero. Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) meets his new partner and gets a disturbing assignment. H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) takes a step to further protect his family. Meanwhile, as Hiro (Masi Oka) continues to fix the past in feudal Japan, Ando (James Kyson Lee) attempts to piece together historically what’s happened to his best friend. David Anders, Noah Gray-Cabey, Ali Larter, Hayden Panettiere, Adrian Pasdar, Zachary Quinto and Dania Ramirez also star. Alan Blumenfeld, Katie Carr, Nick D’Agosto, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Carlon Jeffery, Dominic Keating, Holt McCallany, Shalim Ortiz, Eriko Tamura and Stephen Tobolowsky guest star.

Fight or Flight preview

Angel gets personal

Joss Whedon has done his fair share for the comic book community. He most notably brought us Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who kicked ass and took names, while looking incredibly hot. The massive success of the Buffy universe lead to a spinoff called Angel, which has amassed a cult following of its own. Whedon plans on doing a 12-issue series where season 5 of the TV show left off, and he needs your help. Fans will be able to select the cover artwork for 11 of the 12 issues. How? Simple. Visit Time and Space Toys for the details, as they will be offering the exclusive version of the series sporting the fan favorite covers. You don't have to necessarily submit a full-out drawn cover, as you can also pitch concept ideas for what you envision a cover looking like. As with any democratic voting contest, contributors and sitegoers will vote monthly on the cover they like best. Everything contestwise happens at the fan forum, where you can submit ideas, discuss current ideas, and vote on the winning idea (monthly). If you've just got an idea, fear not, as IDW's crack creative team will turn your words in images. Each month, the submitter for the winning cover will receive a cover credit in the issue as well as a prize package of Buffy/Angel merchandise from the Time and Space Toys Buffy Collector Club. Each issue in the 12-issue series will see only 1,000 copies printed, so this is something that will be extremely limited. The first issue is slated to hit stores November 28, which will feature a special "launch" cover exclusive to a Pittsburgh area comic store chain and New Dimension Comics. The fan favorite covers will start showing up in issue 2 and run all the way to issue 12. “This is a unique experience in which fans' own ideas can be immortalized,” says Time and Space Toys President Kevin Kriess. “I cannot think of a better way for the continuing story of Angel. The fan ideas and forum interaction will create another level of entertainment and fun for the participants over the next twelve months.” IDW Angel contest

Target Transformers unboxed

As most of you are aware (at least those of you that read Omnicomic), Transformers was released on DVD and HD-DVD yesterday. If you haven't gotten either yet, Gizmodo has a nifty little post that may sway you to find your target. Gizmodo writer Ray Wert posted pictures and detailed his unboxing of the Special Edition version from Target. There's really not much different in the Target special edition than any other special edition, except for one thing. That one thing is that the case the movie comes in transforms into Optimus Prime. Yes, Target defies your childhood memory of Optimus as a semi, and makes him a DVD collector's case. Anyway, check out the pictures, and if you still haven't gotten the movie, maybe the Target special edition is what you're looking for. Transformers: Special Edition (Target) unboxing

Marvel Ultimate Alliance for FREE

Or it could cost $349.99, with the Xbox 360 being free if you want (its all about perspective). That's right kids, this holiday season, you can pick up an Xbox 360 Premium or Elite and get Marvel Ultimate Alliance included for free. This version also includes the Gold pack, which are the extra characters that us early buyers had to pay for on Xbox Live. But if you've been contemplating getting an Xbox 360, the holidays are definitely the time for it, especially with this deal. I played through this game with some of my friends, and I have to say it was a solid game. Its very much in the Gauntlet style of play, but I'm down with that. It definitely provided many hours of enjoyability and fun, and I'd highly recommend it. Plus, after beating the game, you get to hear outtakes of the "heroes" doing their voiceover work for the game. Hi-larious. Marvel Ultimate Alliance free

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Arrivals: October 17, 2007

Here are the new arrivals for this week. I love those weeks when the pick is easy. This week, I'm going to have to go with Marvel Zombies 2 #1. The undead heroes are back and waging their own version of Civil War. Enjoy. New Arrivals: October 17, 2007

Transformers today

I posted a while back that Transformers was hitting home theaters today (October 16). And that still holds true. So head on out and pick it up, either in DVD or HD-DVD form (sorry Sony fans). Here's a few reviews from around the internets about the technophile stuff from the HD-DVD version of the movie (video transfer, audio, etc.), if you're into that sort of thing. High Def Digest IGN

New England Comics Halloween Costume Contest

The crazy kids at New England Comics are hosting a Halloween costume contest on, you guessed it, Halloween. Sounds fun right? The grand prize is a $100.00 shopping spree at New England Comics, and entering is easy. Just stop by the closest New England Comics store on Tuesday, October 31, and get your picture taken by the manager. Make sure you're in costume though (in case you're going as a homicidal maniac, in which case they look just like everyone else). The managers will then pick the top 3 from each store, with storegoers voting on the prizes for each store. The grand prize winner will be decided by customers who come in between November 2 and November 7 and vote. Grand Prize: $100.00 shopping spree First Prize: $30.00 shopping spree Second Prize: $15.00 shopping spree Third Prize: $15.00 kids shopping spree (under 12) Everyone that enters gets a coupon for 20% off a NEC purchase (except for the obvious new releases and on hold items). its a win-win really, and a great chance to show off that Wolverine outfit you spent all weekend working on with fear of not being able to wear it out. And I'm aware that the guy's head is Photoshopped onto the body, but it still could be a cool costume. NEC Halloween Costume Contest

Heroes Review: Kindness of Strangers

Heroes just hit chapter four, appropriately (or purposefully) named "Kindness of Strangers." How'd it fare? Read on to see (and mind the spoilers). This week, Claire trusted West more, which I guess is good, since Claire needs a friend. And she's going to be a cheerleader again (those of you that checked out those Kristin Bell photos I posted earlier already knew that though). But of course, Mr. Butler is angry that Claire is living her own life, and is getting suspicious, but Claire puts him off the hunt for now. Maya and Alejandro come across a battered Sylar in the middle of the road (driving Claire's stolen Rogue nonetheless), and decide to help him. Its obvious that he doesn't remember anything yet, as he gives his name as Gabriel when asked (after looking at his broken watch face that says Sylar...symbolic?). Gabriel knows Suresh (at least remembers him), and offers to help the twins make their way to New York, where he experiences first hand their unique ability. Down in New Orleans, Micah is getting to know his cousins better. That means stealing a PPV WWE event, which lets his cousin (who's name I didn't catch) see Ray Mysterio, Jr.'s "619" move which I was sure would come into play later in the show. Sure enough she used it to stop a baddie from robbing her restaurant. A note on this whole scenario: the writers are really playing up the battered New Orleans angle. I trust that their intentions are good, and its great that they're shedding light on the situation (that still hasn't been remedied thanks to the idiots in power), but I hope that they're not using this angle for a ratings pull. We also learned that Parkman's dad is the one that haunts the dreams, and is killing the heroes (supposedly). So now Parkman is on a mission to find him, and also settle his abandonment issues that he has from being left as a kid. All in all, this week's episode was better than last week's. There was no Hiro story, and no Jesse, but I'm sure we'll get plenty of Hiro next week. There was also no Peter, but the previews show a certain Kristin Bell wreaking havok and going after Peter, I suppose because she likes him. I'm mildly interested in Sylar, as we're not really sure what's going on with him. I'm pretty sure the woman he killed was all part of Candace's illusion, as I don't really see how he ended up in the middle of the highway after being in a dense rainforest (lots of walking maybe). I'm intrigued by next week's episode, and it looks like they're really starting to build some momentum. Overall rating: 8 out of 10

Monday, October 15, 2007

Art of Matt Wagner's Grendel

Dark Horse has a nice, Macromedia Flash enabled eComic that highlights Matt Wagner's work on Grendel. Its quite simple to virtually turn the pages and check out his work. And if you like what you see, then by all means head on over to the Dark Horse store and pick up some books with Wagner's Grendel work. There's some really cool stuff on that list, but probably the one that I'm most amped about is the Batman/Grendel TPB, slated for release in February 2008. Batman always has some interesting cross-overs, most likely due to the fact that his character is somewhat dark and a little on the evil side. The Art of Matt Wagner's Grendel eComic Grendel related goods

Thor: Rebirth

It seems that with the relaunching of the Thor series, a lot of people were caught off guard. No way would a few issues about the rebirth of Thor would sell out its first printing. Yeah, that caught some people in a lurch huh. Because issues 1-3 completely sold out of their first printings, Marvel has decided to re-release them in a handy compilation in Thor 1-3: Rebirth. The work showcases the writing talents of JMS and artistic talents of Olivier Copiel, and has been a "godsend" for fans of Thor, as he continues his quest to restore his homelands to his people. "This new series is providing a fresh, accessible and entertaining take on the character which doesn't require prior knowledge of his history to enjoy"—David Wallace, SilverBulletComicBooks.Com. Thor 1-3: Rebirth will hit stores November 7 for $4.99, while Thor #4 will hit stores October 31 for $2.99. Thor 1-3: Rebirth

Halo action figures remixed

The wave of popularity that Halo 3 is riding doesn't seem to be hitting low tide anytime soon. So it seems to make perfect sense for Seth McFarlane to create new Halo action figures commemorating the success of the game. And Kotaku has some pictures to tide you over until their release. Coming early next year, there will be 5 new figures unleashed unto the market. Three are repaints of the Master Chief, so not much new there. One of the other two will be a Wal-Mart exclusive (a Spartan in CQB armor), while the other will be a Spartan in EVA armor. I've never really been one to jump on the whole collectible action figure bandwagon (the last action figures I had were Ninja Turtles, and they all got stolen from me when I was younger). But I can respect those that like to have them articulately displayed around their house for showing off and what not. Me? Just give me the damn game, and I'll be perfectly content. New McFarlane Halo figures