Friday, November 30, 2007

Wonder Woman cast

The hits just keep on coming today regarding the George Miller Justice League film adaption. today, I reported (via IESB) that Armie Hammer was cast as Batman, which was insane because I don't think anyone knows who he is. Well, now Ain't It Cool News says that Wonder Woman has officially been cast. For the past month or so, rumors have been swirling that Australian hottie Megan Gale playing the role of the Amazon Princess Wonder Woman. AICN is confirming (with the same authority that IESB confirmed the casting of Hammer as Batman) that Gale is indeed going to be playing Wonder Woman. So if this holds true, in addition to the casting of Hammer as Batman, Common as Green Lantern, Adam Brody as Flash and Teresa Palmer as Talia al Ghul, we have ourselves a movie. Only role left to be filled is Superman, which I could imagine will be a big deal once the name is actually released. Although its interesting that there really isn't much buzz about who will be playing the Man of Steel. Megan Gale playing Wonder Woman for real

Justice League Batman cast?

IESB is reporting with some authority that Batman has been cast for the George Miller Justice League film. And who is it? Armie Hammer. No really, who is it? Hammer, a relative unknown, has been seen in Flicka, Desperate Housewives and Arrested Development, so yeah, he's pretty unknown. But he does clock in at 6'5" and, according to IESB, is an amateur magician (no word as to whether or not he's part of the Magician's Alliance or not). Batman-on-Film first reported this about a week ago, but it was more rumor than anything. IESB swears that they're reporting this with credibility, so take that for what its worth. Hammer confirmed as Batman?

Heroes season finale images

Like many other things that I don't necessarily think make sense, but people go crazy over, IGN has some images from the season finale of Heroes. Nothing spoilerish at all, so feel free to check them out without fear of ruining the experience. Heroes images

Penny Arcade chronicles the firing of Jeff Gertsmann

I'm a big fan of video games. I try and limit my coverage of them in those instances where they relate to comics, and thankfully I found a link for this story. Penny Arcade is running a webcomic about the firing of Jeff Gertsmann. Who is Jeff Gertsmann you ask? He is the executive editor over at Gamestop, and he didn't have the most glowing review for the new Kane and Lynch game, which is fair...freedom of speech and all that. So what happens next? He got fired because of his less than stellar review. Why? Eidos, the producer of Kane and Lynch, has a huge advertising contract with CNET. I only bring this up because it just pisses me off when the corporation cries because their baby isn't well received, and pull strings to get it a better review. I had some respect for Eidos, but this kind of knocked them down a peg in my book. Anyways, below are the links to the Shacknews article reporting the firing, as well as the Penny Comic chronicling the firing. The one good thing that has come from Kane and Lynch. I haven't played it, so I can't speak to whether it really is deserving of the low rating, but I don't see how the editor of Gamestop can not know what he's talking about. But Playboy has been running a contest to find a Kane and Lynch girl, and sweet Lord these chicks are hot. Above is Jayden B, one of the 12 finalists, and hopefully she can cheer you up Jeff. Penny Arcade Webcomic Shacknews Article

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Marvel Team-Ups: Deadpool

I've never really followed Deadpool. I thought his reputation as the "Merc with the Mouth" was pretty cool, but just never really got into it. If he was teamed up with someone I did follow, well then maybe I would check him out. What's that you say? Marvel has the a list of top 10 Deadpool team-ups? Great. The list is as follows: 10. Deadpool and Punisher (Deadpool #54/55) 9. Deadpool and Hulk (Deadpool #4) 8. Deadpool and Daredevil (Daredevil/Deadpool '97) 7. Deadpool and Death (Deadpool and Death '98) 6. Deadpool and the X-Men (Cable and Deadpool #9/10) 5. Deadpool, Cable, Luke Cage and Iron Fist (Cable and Deadpool#21) 4. Deadpool and Wolverine (Deadpool #27) 3. Deadpool and the Great Lakes Initiative (Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Spectacular #1) 2. Deadpool and Cable (Cable Deadpool #1-42) 1. Deadpool and Spider-Man's supporting cast (Deadpool #11) So check those out if you're looking to get into Deadpool, but need a friend to push you along. Marvel Team-Ups: Deadpool

Details on The Incredible Hulk

Screen Rant is all about TV and movie news without the sugar coating. In bringing you news about The Incredible Hulk, they definitely don't sugar coat anything, and just tell it like it is. You may consider these tidbits slightly spoilerish, so be warned, but they're not going to ruin the ending or anything for you. First off, Edward Norton was approached by Ang Lee to play Bruce Banner/Hulk in the first film, but politely declined. So he obviously liked the screenplay better. Doc Samson is also in the movie, and its unknown if its just a Dr. Connor role like in Spider-Man 2, or if he will undergo his comic transformation in the movie to set up a sequel. The Abomination will be in the movie, but he won't get abominable the comic book way. In the comic, he did it on purpose, but in the movie, he will gain his powers as a result of a military serum that transforms him. Kevin Feige (big man on Marvel campus) wants this movie to start a new series of Hulk films, as it picks up five years after the first movie, with Banner on the run, searching for a cure. And, in Hollywood fashion, General Ross has a new motive for capturing the Hulk. He doesn't want to kill him, rather, he wants to use him in the military. The special effects are being handled by Rhythm and Hues (as opposed to ILM), and their resume includes Babe, The Chronicles of Narnia, Superman Returns and Serenity. The Incredible Hulk hits theaters June 13, 2008. The Incredible Hulk details

Spider-Man 4 could be franchise reboot

No one doubts the success of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. It made obscene amounts of money, and made it cool to like superhero movies. So as word's been trickling out that Raimi might not be involved with the fourth in the series, worries started arising. Where would the story go? What would it be about? Would Tobey Maguire come back? In an interview that will be in Scene magazine, Raimi talked with Rohan Williams of Comic Book Resources, and Raimi had this little tidbit: Is it important to you that the story follows on from the first three? I mean, how important is internal continuity to you? Can you go Evil Dead-style and change details a little bit, maybe change the story up a little bit? Sam: If I was writing it I would have a very strong opinion about that, but we’re hiring a writer to come up with his own take. Sony was willing to go either way, we’ll just have to wait and see what the writer comes up with. I think anything’s possible, though. I mean, there’s been so many different versions, it doesn’t have to follow the movies that we’ve made. I’d very much like to see Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, so I have a personal interest in that, but certainly anything’s possible. Spider-Man’s such a big character in the comic books that he could endure a lot of different interpretations. You could start over or you could start with a different aspect of the story than I’ve focused on in the pictures I’ve made, we’ll just have to wait and see what the writer comes up with. Ah, I love the smell of intrigue in the morning. Sam Raimi Interview

I Am Legend: Isolation

I Am Legend hits theaters in about 2 weeks, and Warner Brothers is wasting no time making sure you're as ready for the film as you can possibly be. And what better way to do that than to put a graphic novel online. FOR FREE! The latest chapter of the graphic novel, titled "Isolation," is now up in all its Flash glory. Its written by screenwriter Mark Protosevich (with illustrations by David Levey), and is 14 pages long. So check it out, and keep hoping that they don't screw up the original book in this movie (nothing against Will Smith...just saying). I Am Legend: Isolation

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fear has a face

Empire Magazine has a phenomenally creepy cover this month. It features a full-body shot of Heath Ledger. Now before the ladies out there start swooning, I should clarify. Its a full-body shot of Heath Ledger as the Clown Prince of Crime. Clearly, Christopher Nolan is really going for the crazy-ass Joker, if his garb is any indication. He has the complete disheveled look, while at the same time conveying a sense that he can snap at any moment. If anyone has any doubts about Ledger's Joker, just look at this picture and those doubts should be assuaged. Check it out, and also check out the one-on-one interview between Empire Magazine and the Joker. At this point, I don't need to say I can't wait for this movie. Its just automatic. He is Coming

How Heroes are Made: A Collaborative Approach to Serialized Content in a Transmedia World

If you're one of those lucky few attending the Game Developers Conference in February 2008, be sure to check Mr. Jesse Alexander. Who the hell is he you ask? Only one of the producers for Heroes, on top of stints with Lost and Alias. "How Heroes are Made: A Collaborative Approach to Serialized Content in a Transmedia World" discusses the rigors of writing and producing a serialized twenty-four episode season for broadcast television. Watch as he fights off inflexible schedules (bam!) and navigates narrative extensions in other forms of media (ziff!), all the while saving the millions of dollars at stake from disappearing. Ok, I don't think his speech will be that action-packed, but I still think it will be worth the time if you're going to the GDC nonetheless. And I realize I could've run a picture of Jesse Alexander, but I think a picture of Shigeru Miyamoto brandishing a Wiimote is awesome in its own right (he is at a past GDC). Jesse Alexander speaking at GDC

Create Your Hero

As an obvious tie-in with the show Heroes, and a chance for Sprint to further flex their corporate sponsorship muscle, NBC is running a contest over on their website where you get to create your own hero. You start by choosing male or female, then go onto decide what their intelligence level, high school label and profession will be. It really doesn't seem like a contest or anything, rather, a promotion, but voting is enabled, so that's suspect. Anyways, head on over if you've got some time to kill, and create a hero. Could be fun. Just make sure you're playing that chanting music they play during the show to get the full effect of the character creation. It adds to the experience (trust me). Create Your Hero

Punisher 2 gets a release date

IGN reports that vengeance is going to war Punisher style next year. September 12, 2008, will be the day we officially get to see Punisher: War Zone in theaters from Lionsgate. Will Lexi Alexander successfully follow-up what I thought was a great first movie with Thomas Jane (franchise reboot first movie)? Guess we'll find out in a little under a year. Punisher: War Zone gets a date

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Arrivals: November 28, 2007

The pick this week is probably pretty obvious, since I previewed it earlier today. Yes kids, it is Marvel Zombies #2. Enjoy. New Arrivals: November 28, 2007

Preview: Batman: Rules of Engagement

I can't very well do a Marvel preview for a new comic arriving in stores without doing a DC preview can I? Batman: Rules of Engagement is a hardcover volume collecting the first six issues of Batman Confidential. Take a trip down memory lane to learn where Batman got his spiffy utility belt (and all other badass weapons), and also how he developed an arsenal to combat Lex Luthor; not content with Metropolis, he set his sights on Gotham City. Written by Andy Diggle, with art by Whilce Portacio and Richard Friend, Batman: Rules of Engagement hits stores tomorrow, November 28, and will cost $24.99 for 160 pages of Batman goodness. Preview: Batman: Rules of Engagement

Preview: Marvel Zombies #2

The zombies of the Marvel Universe continue their rampage across the stars in Marvel Zombies #2. The Civil War that that just ripped the universe in half also affects zombies, as they've returned to Earth to find it barren (no thanks to them). Now, they have to decide if they can work together to find food, or if they'll just end up eating each other. Written by Robert Kirkman, with penciling and inks by Sean Phillips, coloring by June Chung and Lettering by VC - Randy Gentile, Marvel Zombies #2 hits stores tomorrow and will cost $2.99. Preview: Marvel Zombies #2

Heroes Reviewcap: Truth and Consequences

Alas, we are but one week away from the end of Heroes, and what a ride its become. Last night's episode shed some light on some of the lesser utilized characters, as we spent time with Monica and Micah and Sylar and Maya, and then the character powerhouses Peter and Adam, Hiro, Claire and West, and Nikki and Suresh. Sylar and Maya. Whoa there kids. Sylar (or Gabriel, whichever you prefer) is devious enough to convince Maya that she doesn't need Alejandro and that she can control her power herself. Once Sylar realizes this, he decides to kill Alejandro by straight up stabbing him, and embracing and unknowing Maya lovingly. He even manages to convince Maya that it was ok that he killed his mom. So I don't know who is playing the better role of psychotic, Sylar for his tricks or Maya for commiserating with him. Somehow the two of them make it to New York City (strangely quickly), and Sylar is caressing Molly's head while talking to Suresh on the phone, imploring him to head back and have a chat with him. Nikki heads down to New Orleans to visit Micah, and tells him she has a virus, but that Suresh is working on the cure. Micah is happy to have his moms back, but when he goes to get his dad's medal for bravery he notices that his bookbag is gone. He later finds out that his cousin stole it to sell his comics, only he got jumped by the potential buyers. This lead Michelle to have the brilliant idea that if she watches one video about being an urban ninja, she can get in and get the bag. She, of course, gets caught and thrown into a van, while Micah runs off to get who we hope is Nikki to unleash some fury on the thugs. Probably the biggest showdown of the show involved Claire and Elle. Bob brought the "ashes" of Mr. Bennett back to the family (at gunpoint from Mrs. Bennett), and told Elle the only way to regain his trust was to keep an eye on Claire. She keeps any eye on her, all the way up to the point where she's spreading her dad's ashes in the ocean, when Claire notices her in the parked car. She confronts her, breaks the window with her fist, and threatens to go public with her power, which, in her mind, means that her family will forever be left alone after that. Peter and Adam find Victoria Pratt in Maine, and find out that she was responsible for creating strain 138 of the Shanti virus that ends up killing 93% of the world's population. While getting the information on it, we learn that Adam wants to release it, and Peter is trying to destroy it, but no one's really sure who to believe. Adam kills Victoria, as she was going to kill Peter by taking his head off with a shotgun, as that is apparently the only way to kill the regenerators (foreshadowing?). They end up in Odessa, TX, at the Primatech Paper Factory, which is where the virus is hidden. Hiro shows up and stops time, which stops everyone but Peter, setting up a showdown between the two of them with Hiro attempting to avenges his father's death. And that's the buildup to next week's episode: Hiro charging Peter with his sword drawn and screaming. This show is finally getting things right. I really like how team dynamics are starting to form, as the heroes are realizing that if they work together they can get more accomplished, regardless of the motives. Everyone in this episode essentially traveled with a partner, which I can only imagine would've led to some team formations had the writers not gone on strike, but I guess that gives us something to look forward to down the road. The last episode is next week, and hopefully its not a big a letdown as the end to season 1 was. Overall score: 9.7 out of 10

Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm the Juggernaut movie, bitch?

When Vinnie Jones took a turn at the Juggernaut in X-3, I wasn't really sure how'd he do as the character, but it worked. He wasn't CGIed to a massive size, which did kind of suck, but he definitely conveyed the personality of the Juggernaut pretty convincingly. According to Joe Carnahan (NARC, Smokin' Aces), we may be seeing Jones as the Juggernaut in his own movie. Carnahan posted on his blog (Smokin' Joe Carnahan) the image above, and just said "I'll let you guys go nuts on this one..." Hardly a confirmation of anything at all, although its interesting that a director posts a picture of Juggernaut on his blog without it meaning anything (unless he just wanted to start a flame war). And if he is behind the movie it'll definitely be fast-paced, which is fitting with Cain Marko's necessity to keep momentum up. Its also intriguing that in the following post to the image, Carnahan ends it with "'Nuff said," which sounds an awful like a certain patriarch of Marvel Comics in Stan Lee. Am I reading too much into that one? Maybe. But if not, it'll feel great knowing I picked up the clues that a Juggernaut movie really is in the works. Smokin' Joe Carnahan

Wolverine finds a fox

The upcoming Wolverine movie will be awesome methinks. Hugh Jackman is continuing his role as a the crazy Canuck, and Wolverine is one of the few characters that is actually very hard to screw up. And IESB reports news that could make the upcoming movie even better. Silver Fox will be in the movie, and who will be playing her? Maggie Q. This hasn't been confirmed officially, but is reported with very strong conviction. I really think this movie will be solid. Maggie Q playing Silver Fox

More Dark Knight coverage

I can't get enough of The Dark Knight, and I know I'm not alone in that regard. Comics2Film reports that The Gotham Times has gone online bringing you the hard-hitting news from Gotham, and honestly, this site is pretty dense. If you read through the daily news, then you may find a few other sites: We Are the Answer - a public tip site for Harvey Dent The Ha Ha Ha Times - good old fashioned Joker vandalism Remembering Gina - site dedicated to the memory of Gina Tortericci Gotham Police - site of the Gotham Police Department Its amazing the lengths these sites are going to get people amped for this movie. We don't need to be any more amped than we already are, but its the little things that really make you realize the filmakers really care about the film they're making. The Dark Knight viral sites

The Dark Knight IMAX featurette

IESB has some early Dark Knight action over on their website. It doesn't really delve into the details of the movie, rather, some of the more technical aspects of filming the movie in IMAX. So check it out if you need to get your Dark Knight fix. The Dark Knight featurette

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

As I'm sure most of you are aware, today is Thanksgiving. So take the day to enjoy giving thanks for whatever you deem thanksworthy. I won't be posting today or tomorrow, but I'll be back on Monday. In the mean time, have a great and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New England Comics Halloween Costume Contest: Grand Prize Winner

Here you are folks. The grand prize winner of the New England Comics Halloween Contest. Enjoy. New England Comics Halloween Contest Grand Prize Winner

SCUD: The Disposable Assassin #21

Its been a long time, but we're finally about to see some closure. SCUD: The Disposable Assassin #21 will be hitting stores, 10 years after #20 hit. It will be the beginning of a 4 issue black and white series completing arc that hopefully won't be disposing SCUD at the end. "Even after all this time it's hard to say goodbye," writer/artist Rob Schrab said. "I was working on a thirty-two page conclusion to include in a collection of all the previous material, but it grew to well over a hundred pages. Image and I agreed this warranted its own release and it's for the better. The ending is now an entirely different beast, one I couldn't be any prouder about." The beginning of the end will be February 13, and SCUD: The Disposable Assassin #21 will cost $3.50. SCUD: The Disposable Assassin #21 Preview

New England Comics Thanksgiving Sale

New England Comics likes to have sales. So any times there's an excuse to have a sale, magically a sale will appear. And on what is perhaps the biggest sale day of the year in Black Friday for most retailers, well, let's just say New England Comics didn't want to miss out on all the fun. Starting Friday, November 23 and running until Sunday, November 25, just about everything in store will be 50% off (except for new arrivals and items on hold). Everything, including trade paperbacks, statues, comics (new and old), name it, its half off. So head on over and beef up the weak spots of your collection for half price.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Arrivals: November 21, 2007

This week's pick is the followup to the incredible World War Hulk storyline in Incredible Hulk #111. This is of course the fallout from that epic fight between Hulk and Sentry, so check it out. Enjoy! New Arrivals: November 21, 2007

Halo: Contact Harvest a bestseller

So you may have heard of Halo. Its a little franchise of Bungie's about a guy named Master Chief who is trying to save the universe from the Convenant and Flood. Good times. Marvel thought it was good times as well, and decided to support stories that exist within the Halo universe. Well, it looks like Marvel did right with the newest graphic novel, Halo: Contact Harvest. Shack News reports in its first week of release, Halo: Contact Harvest went on sale October 30, and took the number 3 spot in the list of trade paperback fiction. Its since fell to fourth, but its not bad considering its the fifth novel in the series. This is the first in the series written by Joseph Staten, the writer and director of cinematics in the Halo games. Halo: Contact Harvest reaches third on bestseller list

Sienna Miller is the Baroness

It appears that Stephen Sommers has found his woman for Baroness in the upcoming live action G.I. Joe film in Sienna Miller. Variety reports that Miller has signed the dotted line to play Baroness, the raven-haired femme fatale who is a thorn in the side of G.I. Joe. This is an interesting casting I think, but she is a good actor that definitely has the potential to make this role work. In the same article, Variety mentions that the release date for the movie is set for August 7, 2009. Awesome. Miller is the Baroness

Heroes Reviewcap: Cautionary Tales

I'm starting to sound like a broken record at this point when I say "this week's episode of Heroes was better than the last!" but its true. This show has really gotten a full head of steam and it sucks that it will end in 2 weeks. Hopefully the writers and Hollywood come to an agreement soon. Anyways, lets get to it. This week's episode. Wow. I don't think I can stress that enough. As if Parkman wasn't powerful enough with his newfound abilities, he gets another one (the ability to put thoughts into other people's heads that they then turn into actions). I mean, holy crap. Parkman is by far my favorite character in the show, and I'd say he's probably as powerful as Peter and Sylar are, if not more so. He found out who the remaining woman in the picture was, mainly by mentally forcing it out of Mrs. Petrelli's mind. I like that they're giving Parkman kind of a dark side, and he's running with it. Parkman also learned the reason for the secret society was to stop Adam, who has recently become immortal. The show has done an excellent job in showcasing each of the heroes, and you start to thinking that each one really is invincible in their own way. And last night's episode did that especially well with Hiro's storyline. HIro tried to save his father, but after spending time with his father (and time traveling with him) learned that he couldn't and that fate cannot be avoided. Hiro's father had a great line, in which he said "just because we have the power of gods, does not mean we can play God." Very poignant, and Hiro realized it at the end of his episode, and honored his father at the funeral. Hiro also realized that Adam was the one that killed his father, which of course, shocked Hiro. Claire actually wasn't annoying this episode. Mr. Bennett finally found West, and the two made a peace and decided that Claire needed to be saved. Mohinder turned in a sense, and Mr. Bennett realized that when he fed him false information. After a tense exchange of Elle for Claire, Mohinder shot Mr. Bennett through the glasses, matching two of the eight paintings. The scene was a little cheapened by the fact that earlier in the episode Bob withdrew some blood from Claire that could "help a lot of people," so I think we saw where this was going. Parkman, Hiro and Claire were the focal points of the episode, and they really carried it. I'm so glad that this show is so good again, and I remember why I loved it last season. I really hope that we get some more episodes, because it would be a shame if this season was cut short because two sides cannot agree on a dollar amount. Overall Review: 9.8 out of 10

Monday, November 19, 2007

Howard becomes a War Machine

IESB is all over the place these days. In a recent interview with Terrence Howard, IESB asked the War Machine if we'd be seeing him in armor for the upcoming Iron Man movie. His response? "I don't want to say anything that's going to get me in trouble," he grinned, looking over his shoulder before lowering his voice. "But maybe just a nod would be alright." I'd take that as a confirmation, wouldn't you? Hopefully though this doesn't mean that we'll see him don the armor in the last scene of the movie just to set up a sequel. Because, you know, that'd be a big tease right there. Terence Howard in War Machine armor?

Comics Experience with Andy Schmidt

Are you an aspiring comic book writer? Do you constantly draw the same character in a multitude of different poses across random notebooks and sketchbooks? Are you any good? If you answered yes to any (or all three) of the previous questions, you may be a candidate for the Comics Experience with Andy Schmidt! The Comics Experience with Andy Schmidt is a school of sorts for breaking into the comic book industry. The classes range from six to seven weeks, and typically meet for 2 hours a night for that span (I believe, as it doesn't really specify any particular days of the week). What are the courses?
  • Introduction to Comics Writing - $495, meet with writer Peter David
  • Introduction to Comic Book Art - $495, meet with artist Walter Simonson
  • Advanced Comics Writing - $695, meet with Dan Slott
  • Advanced Comics Art - $695, meet with Jae Lee
The site doesn't specifically say where the courses take place (least that I can find), but the area code for the contact number is New York (go figure). So if you're in the area, have some loot you're dying to get rid of and want to learn how to break into the comic book industry, head on over and sign up. I'd say its definitely worth the investment. Comics Experience with Andy Scmidt

Parts of Justice League cast confirmed

The one day I have to take a day off from posting because of work major news develops. IESB reports that the roles of The Flash, Green Lantern and Talia al Ghul have been cast, and they seem to be perfect fits. For The Flash, Adam Brody (The OC) won out. Common (Smoking Aces) has been cast as Green Lantern/John Stewart. And Theresa Palmer (The Grudge 2) has been cast as Talia al Ghul. There are also rumors that Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) has been attached to the cast as well, but for what role no one knows. He was competing for the role of The Flash, but was beat out by Brody. The three actors have been sworn to secrecy about their roles, and any divulging of their casting will result in them losing their respective roles. Wow. Expect to see some sort of official announcement this week at Wizard World Texas. The Flash, Green Lantern and Talia al Ghul cast

Husbands and Knives

When two avenues of pop culture intersect, it becomes a block party of awesomeness. Last night's episode of The Simpsons was just that, as it featured Alan Moore (The Watchmen), Art Spiegelman and Dan Clowes (Ghost World) as themselves. Throw in a tempered Jack Black, and it gets even better. The premise of the episode was simple. A new, hipper comic book store opens up right across the street from Android's Dungeon called Coolsville Comics and Toys. CC&T specializes in imports more than anything, and the store's grand opening features Moore, Spiegelman and Clowes at a signing. Milhouse wants Moore to sign his copy of his book Watchmen Babies in V for Vacation, which prompts Moore to preaches about the evils of corporations and society, while Clowes (I believe) just wants Moore to chill out. Comic Book Guy shows up and tries to lure the kids back to his store with the thought of ninja weapons, prompting the trio of comic book legends to rip off their shirts, flex some muscle and kick his ass. At the end of the episode they're seen flying away to save the day. Definitely not one of the best episodes ever or anything (although it did have what I thought was a very clever treadmill spoof of OK Go), but awesome because these three legends were involved.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Posts today

So work is stepping in today, and I may not get the 11 AM and 1 PM posts up, but I'll try to. If not, enjoy the day. I'll try and get the 3 PM post up, but we'll see. In the mean time, Sabretooth is here to make sure you have a good day. So you'd better listen.

Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #545

So One More Day has been delayed, and I don't know if even Marvel Comics knows when the conclusion of the arch that pretty much detonated Spider-Man's universe will be hitting stores, but Marvel still has the preview up for it, so I'm running with it. The big thing with Spider-Man has been that everyone knows who he is (since Civil War when he foolishly joined Iron Man's side temporarily), and slowly but surely his life has been unraveling. Now, the last person he has left will be leaving him, and he will truly be alone. Marvel doesn't exactly say who that person is, but the cover kind of hints at it. Plus, Marvel has always regretted having Parker marry Mary Jane, so this would take care of that problem as well. Written by J. Michael Straczynski and pencils by Joe Quesada, with coloring by Richard Isanove and lettering by Chris Eliopoulos, Amazing Spider-Man #545 will be $3.99 and in theory will hit stores December 26, but we'll see. Preview: Amazing Spider-Man #545

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Big Apple Con

Just a reminder that the Big Apple Con is this Friday through Sunday (November 16-18) at the Penn Plaza Pavilion (New York City). Admission is $20 at the door, and $18 online. Artists/writers (among others):
  • John Romita, Sr.
  • Tim Sale
  • Neal Adams
  • Sergio Aragones
  • Carmine Infantino
  • Adam Hughes
Guests include (among others):
  • Hayden Panettiere
  • Kristen Bell
  • Val Kilmer
  • Katey Sagal
  • The Sandman (ECW)
  • Joanna Krupa
So check it out, and have a grand old time. Big Apple Con

Becky Young = Emma Frost

So I'm probably one of the last to the party on this one, but I still felt it was worth posting about. Blogzarro has a monthly Geek Honey of the Month, and way back in March of this year, the geek honey spotlighted was Becky Young (aka Aktrez), a girl gamer that was also recently voted by GameTrailers to be the hottest girl gamer of 2007. In her spotlight feature, she mentioned her favorite costume being her Emma Frost costume. And good Lord, does she look good in that costume. She also mentions the power she'd like to have would be telepathy, so she's more like the White Queen than most of us will ever be. She also started the Girl Gaming Network, which is awesome. And, she's the Event Director for the Video Games Live concert series, as if the GGN wasn't enough. Anyways, enjoy Ms. young as Ms. Frost, and head on over to Blogzarro to get some more details on one of the hottest chicks in gaming. Omnicomic tips its hat to you Ms. Young. Geek Honey of the Month (March): Becky Young

Marvel Universe Online dead

Marvel Ultimate Alliance was a fantastic game. It really was. It was extremely long, and got to be a little tedious at times (think Gauntlet with Spider-Man), but overall it was a lot of fun. The success of this game lead to the belief that another Marvel branded game could be just as successful, so the concept of Marvel Universe Online was conceived. And that was about it, as it looks like production on the game is just about over. Marvel Universe Online was designed to be a MMO type game, akin to City of Heroes, just with licensed heroes this time around. According to 1UP, the problem was that the game's graphics apparently ran at an abysmal 5 FPS (which means really slow for the tech inclined out there). The game also kept crashing and wreaking havoc on the system it was running on, as well as the Xbox Live servers hosting the games. Another issue was that there's only so many superheroes, and exponentially that many more Xbox Live users. Not everyone can be Spider-Man, which does prove quite problematic for a Marvel MMO. City of Heroes gave you the option to create your own hero, so while the guy may have walked, talked and had the powers of Spider-Man, it wasn't Spider-Man, and was still unique. On top of that, it seems the Xbox 360 Chat Pad was designed specifically with this game in mind, however, when it was obvious that it wasn't going anywhere, was relaunched with MSN Messenger support. Truthfully, I never really got my hopes up for this one, as a licensed MMO really can't be done, because everyone will want to be Wolverine, and no one will want to be Toad. So I guess no harm no foul. Marvel Universe Online taken offline

Matt Frewer is Moloch

Matt Frewer is a memory of my childhood. Whether it was as Max Headroom, one of the many icons of the '80s, or the short lived sitcom Doctor, Doctor, until recently he's been an afterthought. That wasn't good enough for Zak Snyder though, as he's decided to thrust him right back into the spotlight. MTV Movies Blog has confirmed that Snyder has cast Frewer as Moloch the Mystic in the upcoming The Watchmen film adaptation. Moloch, of course, fights Nite Owl, Ozymandias and Doctor Manhattan, however, gives up his life of crime prior to the start of the novel. Rorscach finds his murdered body, and is accused of his death, as the events in the novel unfold. Personally, this is a pretty good choice. Frewer has that devilish look to him to pull the looks of the character off at the very least. If he can act the part, well, that's to be determined. The Watchmen hits theaters March 6, 2009. Max the Mystic

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Marvel Comics is archived

The internets are becoming more and more pervasive nowadays, so its fitting that Marvel decided to jump on the bandwagon and get with it. USA Today has a story detailing Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, Marvel's new foray into the online world. Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited is a web-based subscription service that gives readers the chance to pour through countless archives of Marvel Comics. A yearly subscription is $59.98, while a monthly subscription is $9.99 (obviously its more cost effective to go the year). A subscription grants you access to the first 100 issues of a plethora of series, and also the ability to zoom in and out on certain panels, or follow a battle frame by frame with something spiffy called "Smart Panel." If the subscription costs seem a little steep, fear not true believers. There is a 250 issue "sampler" available for you to take a quick spin through to see if the service is something you think you can really get behind. And don't think this new service will get you out of going to the comic book store every Wednesday. Comics won't appear online until six months after they hit the stores. In a way, Marvel is combating the illegal uploading of comics to the internet (similar to MP3s), however, its been more difficult since comics are a little trickier to enjoy online than MP3s. Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

Dragonball movie making progress

Word came out a few weeks ago that Dragonball is going to be a movie. And now more word is coming out, and we have Goku, Piccolo and a director. Variety reports that Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds) will be playing Goku, and James Marsters-Spike!-(Smallville, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) will be playing Piccolo. Interesting. Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle) is producing, under the direction of James Wong (Final Destination). Fox plans on releasing the film on August 15 in 2008. Get your kamehahas ready kids. Chatwin in Dragonball movie

New England Comics Halloween Costume Contest Results

So I'm a little late on this, but better late than never as they say. The winners of the New England Comics Costume Contest are up, and there are some great costumes. Its also nice that the winner isn't a professional cosplayer (see Marvel Costume Contest). Anyways, congratulations to all the winners. Today is the last day you can head to a store near you and vote on the grand prize winner, so get in there and vote! New England Comics Costume Contest Results

Lego Batman is the Blocky Night

Lego Star Wars was (and still is) a freaking awesome game. I grew up obsessed with Legos and Star Wars, so the combination of the two seemed appropriate. The game retold the stories of the movies with no dialogue and only actions, and it was extremely humorous as well. So when news trickled down that there was a Lego Batman in the works, well hot damn. Gamesindustry got some details on the game. You'll be able to play Batman or Robin, cruising Gotham City in search of traditional baddies Joker and Penguin, among others. Vehicle construction and two-player co-op are there as well, so that's always a plus. And what does Pail Levitz, president of DC Comics have to say? "There's nothing more appealing to our youngest fans than the chance to be The Batman and the Lego Batman video game will provide a unique opportunity for them to immerse themselves in Gotham and Batman's adventures." Lego Batman is the Blocky Night

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Arrivals: November 14, 2007

Everyone knows that the pick is this week, so no surprises really. The conclusion to the epic Planet Hulk/World War Hulk storyline, with an Earth-shaking fight between Hulk and Sentry. Enough said. Enjoy. New Arrivals: November 14, 2007

Preview: Supergirl: Identity

Supergirl doesn't need to have identity issues. She knows that she's a lot like Superman, but is a girl. Supergirl: Identity is a collection of Supergirl #10-19, and the Infinite Holiday Special #1 (which really sounds like a Japanese game show if you ask me), and one the topics of choice in this work is the adoption of a secret identity. What else happens you ask?
  • Joins the super team the Outsiders
  • Battles Batgirl (hot superhero girl on girl action)
  • Starts dating Power Boy
The softcover collection is written by Joe Kelly, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Justin Gray, with art by Ian Churchill, Joe Benitez, Amanda Conner and others. Ale Garza did the cover, and the 256 page TPB hits stores November 21 for $19.99. Preview: Supergirl: Identity

Justice League cast to be announced this week

IESB brings us good news (they rarely bring bad). Variety reported that some major films over at the big WB were facing some delays, and they included Justice League in that list of delays. IESB says they talked to WB, and WB says that's not true. In fact, its so not true, that the casting is 100% locked, and all the actors are sworn to secrecy. Official confirmation should come sometime this week. I, like many, am growing kind of tired of tracking all the names attached to this film at any given point in its process. So once the cast names is actually released, well all the better, and we can all sleep better. Justice League cast confirmed

Heroes Reviewcap: Four Months Later

How quickly good things come to an end. The show is in full stride at this point, but its possible there really is only 3 more episodes left of this strike shortened season. Not mad or anything, as writers need to get paid, but still sucks. So let's get right into it, shall we? Spoilers abound. I've said it before, I'll say it again, and I'll keep saying it: this show thrives when the focus is on Peter and/or Sylar. They are by far the two most powerful and interesting characters in the show, and they really move things along. Last night's episode was of the "flashback" variety, recounting the events between last season and where we are now (four months of time). We learned how Nathan and Peter both survived, as Nathan let go of Peter, who exploded, but turned around to save Nathan, and got him to a hospital. So the mutant we saw was the Nathan's memory of what he looked like prior to being healed (more on that in a minute). Peter meanwhile is given the opportunity to be "healed," as Bob approaches him (along with Kristin Bell) and subdues him for treatment. Its in the hospital that Peter meets Adam, who is really Takezo Kensei, and has been locked up for thirty years now. It takes some convincing, but eventually Peter believes Adam when he says that the two of them are prisoners there and not guests, prompting them to stage an escape. All the while Bell's character is playing the Cybill role quite well, and is even falling for Peter (which Peter uses to his advantage to get out of there). Upon escaping, Peter and Adam head to the hospital, infuse Nathan with some of Adam's blood, and he instantly begins to heal. Good times. After saving Nathan, the two of them start running again. Except Bell and Bob know where they went, and cut them off at the pass. The Haitian goes after Peter, who proceeds to beat the crap out of him, handcuff him, and remove his memories in the container. Phew. Meanwhile, DL didn't die last season, as the bullet was inches from his aorta (sure). Nikki tries to rebuild her life with Micah and DL, however, she stops taking the medication that represses her powers (issued to her by Bob), and a new personality emerges, Gina. Gina goes to LA, gets coked up, and gets DL killed when he tries to get her out of there (skanky club guy she was dancing with shoots him). So that wraps up that. We also got a little backstory on Maya and Alejandro. Alejandro married some chick he knew for a few months (against Maya's wishes), and Maya finds the bride and ex getting hot and heavy in a tent, prompting her to freak out and get stigmatic on everyone. And then they start running, and we're brought to modern day, where Sylar is looking at Maya endearingly. Aww. And that was about it. After all the recaps, we're brought back to the present, where Peter uses his healing power to remember everything. Prompting Adam to encourage him to help him save the world. It was really a phenomenal episode (any show that answers questions usually is). This show is really on fire now, and its only getting better. Let's hope the last 3 episodes keep getting hotter, and this show really goes out with a bang. Overall Score: 9.5 out of 10

Monday, November 12, 2007

New to comics?

It probably would've been fitting to make this one of my first posts, but I guess better late than never. DC has a rather amusing page on their site dedicated to informing the uninformed about comics. They answer hard-hitting questions such as "where can I buy comics" and "what are comics." Seriously, I'm not making fun of the page. I think its awesome that they have sort of a "tutorial" on the subject of comics. Anyways, check it out. You might learn something you didn't already know. DC Guide for the Newbies