Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jonah Hill in Transformers 2

Jonah Hill may be replacing George Michael Bluth when he goes to college. EW reports that Hill has been approached to star in Transformers 2 as Shia LeBeouf's college roommate (not quite yet confirmed). This makes sense, as Hill is really getting that sidekick role down pretty well. Plus he's funny, so that works out well too. Hill in talks to star in Transformers 2

Comics Experience

New classes are starting shortly for the Comics Experience, so if you're looking to get some insight into the writing and illustrating aspects of the industry. The writing classes start May 13 and will meet for three hours each week. It costs $495, but you get to meet Dan Slott, which could provide you with some valuable experience. The illustration classes start May 14 and will meet for three hours each week. That part costs $495 as well, and you get to meet Klaus Janson. Other perks include meeting an editor from a top-tier comics publisher. And of course you get the oversight of Andy Schmidt himself, so that's worth the money right there. Comics Experience

Iron Man movie hub

We all know what's happening this Friday. May 2. Iron Man hits theaters. And hits it hard, with The Incredible Hulk and The Dark Knight trailers debuting before it (this isn't confirmed by anyone other than me that I know of, but I'd be severely disappointed if both weren't present before the film). If you need to do some last minute homework on Iron Man the character/history, check out Marvel's handy Iron Man hub. Iron Man Hub

Justice League Confusion damage control

Some of the most awkward memories for most people are high school dances. More specifically, asking that certain someone if they'll go to junior prom with you. This is obviously a bigger deal for guys, but a big deal nonetheless. One of the tried and true methods is the yes/no/maybe routine, with maybe not really being an answer at all. Megan Gale just said maybe to the Justice League film. According to Moviehole, Gale just returned from meeting with WB executives in LA where she said the "meetings went great." This really is getting to be pathetic. Not only is there uncertainty regarding the movie in production, but there's uncertainty in the uncertainty of the production. Gale still on board for Justice League Confusion?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Arrivals: April 30, 2008

The pick this week tells an important story. It tells how the Skrull actually infiltrated the Marvel Universe, and what kind of shenanigans we can expect to come out of Secret Invasion. So be sure to check out New Avengers #40, and get your Secret Invasion reading swerve on. Enjoy! New Arrivals: April 30, 2008

Why So Serious - Trailer Hunt

When DC Comics president Paul Levitz told us as NY Comic Con 2008 (after teasing us with the new trailer for The Dark Knight) that the hunt was on, I don't really think anyone knew what he was talking about. Sure, everyone knew it had something to do with the next step of the viral campaign. But now, the hunt truly is on. Why So Serious has a hunt going on that leads you to the new trailer apparently. I'm not sure if this is entirely the case because I haven't gone through the hunt, and I'm not going to post the video here since I don't want to ruin the theater experience of seeing the trailer most likely debuting this Friday with Iron Man. I'm sure you kind find it elsewhere on the internets, but in the mean time, visit Why So Serious. Why So Serious

Iron Man case mod

No one knows if Tony Stark, Jr. really just made the prototype Iron Man suit when he was kidnapped. Maybe he started small by building a Lego building, or a remote control car or even an overclocked PC. If he did build the PC, then he'd need a spiffy case mod for it. If his friend was TiTON, then he'd have the great case for it as well. The above is a picture of the Iron Man case mod he put together. It reflects the Mark 1 and took 3 weeks to complete, and it sure does look spiffy. Iron Man case mod

More The Dark Knight promo posters

Yet another promotional poster for The Dark Knight, and this one is a threeway. Its essentially Joker, Batman and Harvey Dent each holding their respective cards, and you'll probably see each one individually in theaters across the nation.

Monday, April 28, 2008

New England Comics Spring Sale

Yeah, I realize that New England Comics isn't an Omnicomic sponsor or anything, but I figured I could still help them out a little bit by pimping their spring sale. Standard New England Comics sale fare. 50% off all rack comics (except for new arrivals), 30% off toys, 20% of graphic novels and 30% off everything else. So clear that bank account and head on out before May 11 to finish up some collections that need finishing. New England Comics Spring Sale

Dark Horse NY Comic Con Photos

Since Dark Horse has a lot more access to their intellectual property than I'll ever have (unless they hire or sponsor me), I'll leave it to them to show you photos of their stuff from the NY Comic Con 2008. Enjoy! Dark Horse NY Comic Con 2008 photos

Transformers 2 wants the Air Force

IESB has details from Paramount who are looking for a few good men and women in the Air Force for roles in the upcoming Transformers 2. No fellas, you probably won't get very close to Megan Fox, but still you can say you were in a freaking Transformers movie. There are going to be two teams, a Shanghai Team and a Forrest Team. The Shanghai Team will be needed June 2-4 and July 22-25 while the Forrest Team will be needed June 16-17, June 23, August 22 and September 15-16. Volunteers must take leave and fill out an off-duty employment form and provide two photos (head and shoulders), one front and one side. Airmen who live outside of LA will have to pay their own way to get out there, however lodging, meals and transportation will be provided by the production company once the volunteers are there. If you're interested, e-mail contact information, photos and team preference to: and For more information, call Senior Master Sgt Vincent Aragona at (310) 235-7532. Contact information for Transformers 2 Air Force roles

More confirmation on death of Justice League Confusion

The Australian Herald Sun has more confirmation that the supposed Justice League movie is dead in the water. The paper is reporting that Megan Gale has been let go from her contract for the movie, not because something she did, but because the film is just not happening. Her and the rest of the cast were told that their services would no longer be needed for the film. On the Marvel side, it seems that the Avengers movie is coming along quicker than we thought with the Tony Stark scene in The Incredible Hulk film. Looks like Marvel's winning this round of the superhero team-up flicks. Megan Gale no longer Wonder Woman

Friday, April 25, 2008

New poster for The Dark Knight

Why So Serious has the new poster up for The Dark Knight, and great Odin's beard is it freaking AWESOME. Welcome to a World Without Rules

Interview - Neal Adams

Neal Adams is a legend in the industry and a talkative guy. We had a lot to discuss at NY Comic Con 2008. Enjoy.

Brielle and the Horror (Loaded Barrel Studios)

Recently, Jonathan “The Bossman” Pilley, Omnicomic editor, and yours truly (Tedd) got a chance to peruse the work of a number of up and coming comic writers and artists at the New York Comic Con. While you can pick up a copy of any DC, Marvel, Image, Top Cow or Dark Horse comic book you can imagine at your average con, most people will tell you that the true “purpose” behind cons are to showcase up and coming talent. The New York con is really generous to aspiring writers and artists, giving them ample space and opportunity to show off their work. You’d be amazed what kind of cool, creative stuff you can find. And among the couple of booths and tables that stuck out to us, we’d be remiss to not take a few minutes and give Loaded Barrel Studios an honorable mention. How can I sum up their launch title, Brielle and the Horror? Well, the short-version is- cinematography. Good cinematography. Only, literally. But that doesn’t do it justice. We got a few minutes to talk with the company’s co-founder, Jared Barell (his partner being his brother, Jordan) about the project they’ve been working on and we were impressed. Jared has a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Art, not to mention a masters in Film from the School of Visual Arts. What’s interesting is just how well these guys have meshed making a movie and making a comic- I mean, you can find examples of writers who make comics feel like movies/ TV (Joss Whedon and Kevin Smith obviously) and you can find writers who make comics feel like comics (Frank Miller, Brian Michael Bendis). But in this case, every issue Loaded Barrel puts out is “produced” like a short film. “It’s like doing live-action backwards” said Jared. They “cast” the parts for the issue, set up shots, photograph them, and use the pictures as the artistic basis for each cell of the comic. But what I really like about these guys is that they didn’t just grab a bunch of photos and slam them in a book. The page layout and your eye’s movement across the page- they play with you, just like any good comic illustrator does. So you end up with the best of both worlds- film styled cinematography and action combined with artistic narration. Interesting style right? But Jared was quick to point out that “substance, not style” helped his company get their foot in the door. I mean, the idea is neat- but the “production” Loaded Barrel was sporting at the con was well written, well illustrated, and well…performed, I suppose you could say. While Brielle is a horror series by name, Jared stated that his company really is working with a “mish-mash” of genres and styles. A passing glance at the comic revels a lot more depth than a typical brain-splattered issue of Friday the 13th (has anyone seen those? You know, the new ones? I just don’t get it). Die-hard fans of Bendis (one of Jared’s stated influences) are probably going to be drawn into this psychological thriller. But there’s a little bit of H.P. Lovecraft weirdness thrown in there to boot (uhm, that is, creepy horror writer, not comic writer). Jared told us that films like Batman and Brian Singer’s X-Men were big influences for him, and I think the books dark and semi-gothic tone kind of reflect that. Jared also lists Martin Scorsesi and Quentin Tarantino's films as big favorites. Loaded Barrel has a six story arc planned for the future of their launch title Brielle and the Horror and are bearing the possibility of a feature film in mind. And Jared is even trying his hand at the MTV world, with a music video he produced on the air date horizon. Check out their site (Loaded Barrel Studios) to glimpse a few of the other things on they’ve got going on the horizon.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pilot Season 2008 underway

The recent trend towards giving people breaks when trying to get into the comic book industry continues with Top Cow's Pilot Season offerings. Starting in May, Top Cow will release Lady Pendragon and Twilight Guardian. Both books technically already existed in the past, so this is more of a reboot (or revisit I guess you could call it). But four other books will be completely new properties created by the masses. June will see the release of Alibi and Genius, while July will see The Core and Urban Myths. So if you're in the comic store and you come across any one of these titles, do yourself a favor and check them out. Top Cow Pilot Season 2008 underway

Stumptown Comics Fest looking for Dark Horses

Its hard to break into the comic book industry. You could be an awesome artist, your last name could be Bendis, or you could have a unique take on comics like Loaded Barrel Studios (more on them tomorrow). Even if you do meet any of the above criteria, you still need to get your foot in the proverbial door to show someone that matters your work (unless you self-publish, which is an entire other story). If you're going to be in Seattle this weekend (April 26 and April 27) at the Stumptown Comics Fest, you may have a shot at Dark Horse. Scott Allie will be on hand to evaluate talent and sign two lucky individuals to create original strips to appear on MySpace Dark Horse Presents later this year. This is really a great shot to get your name and talent out there, and if you're really that good you'll be on MySpace for the whole world to see. And then maybe at the next Comic Con you'll be sitting next to Joss Whedon, Mike Mignola or Steve Niles at a panel talking about how you got your break. Dark Horse recruiting at Stumptown Comics Fest

Dead Space animated

So the Dead Space comic has hit stores and if you haven't had a chance to pick it up yet (or are more visually inclined), here's your chance to catch up on the latest and greatest in space macabre. You can watch the first issue at Gametrailers...that's right, I said watch, as there's an animated version on the web. Enjoy!

Mondo Marvel Panel Recap (NY Comic Con 2008)

More NY Comic Con goodness from the Mondo Marvel panel. Because Marvel has a nice recap of the panel, I'll just send you over their way. But a few highlights include:
  • A new Max Destroyer series was announced featuring Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker
  • Mark Waid rejoined the Amazing Spider-man team
  • Taskmaster will have a bigger role in the Marvel Universe after Secret Invasion
Mondo Marvel NY Comic Con Recap

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wizard Universe interview with Milo Ventimiglia

Omnicomic isn't quite at the same stature as say Wizard Universe, so when they do an interview with Milo Ventigmilia I have to take heed. He's pretty big in the comics world (he is the most powerful mutant...I mean, hero in Heroes), and he has a comic coming out in August called Rest. Click the link to check out the video interview with Wizard to catch his thoughts on many things (Alyssa Milano included). Milo Ventigmiglia Wizard Universe interview

Operation Slipknot

Jim Gordon has everyone involved in Operation Slipknot at this point. Perhaps this is what DC President Paul Levitz was talking about after the new trailer for The Dark Knight debuted at NY Comic Con when he said that we have to hunt for the next clues. Operation Slipknot

P-brane: The Green Man

One of the other more unique aspects of the NY Comic Con was brought my attention by a green screen. Why the green screen? It turns out that Jesse Heffring of Quietus Films had this idea to take a bunch of photos, run them through Photoshop and convert them to a comic book (Jesse and partner Angus were filming a final scene for the comic). Basically the scene involved the aftermath of an explosion. Some pics of the process can be found below, and you can also check out the Quietus Films website for more information. P-brane: The Green Man is due out sometime in May. Said comic book tells the tale of Casey Blade, an amnesiac assassin (its proven that 1 out of 5 assassins have amnesia and don't know why they're so good...its science) who awakes in a NY alley and goes on a vigilante killing spree. P-brane World

Wanted and Hellboy II: The Golden Army posters

I could post pictures of the posters for Wanted and Hellboy II: The Golden Army, but Superhero Hype has better versions of them, so click the link to check them out. These were premiered at NY Comic Con. Wanted and Hellboy II: The Golden Army posters

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Arrivals: April 23, 2008

The pick of the week comes to us from Bluewater Productions, and its a little off-kilter. Insane Jane #2 is all about treachery and soft drinks. Enjoy! New Arrivals: April 23, 2008

Interview: Trevor Landolt (Praxis Comics)

While at NY Comic Con 2008 I was fortunate enough to get an interview with Trevor Landolt, the Editor-in-Chief for Praxis Comics. You may have heard of Praxis Comics through Scarlett's Curse or Andrea D (among other works). Trevor is an all-around great guy, and I highly recommend checking the works out over there at Praxis Comics. Oh, and the above picture isn't Trevor but Andrea D, who looks better than him (no offense Trevor).

Iron Man demo live

So while I was off enjoying the NY Comic Con, the folks at Sega were busy getting a demo out to the masses via Xbox Live. That's right, on Friday, the demo for Iron Man hit Live, and clocks in at around 650 MB or so. So download the demo and check it out.

Mike Choi becomes exclusively Marvel

Marvel's most recent splash in the talent area was the signing of Alex Ross, which is nothing short of amazing. You would expect to get a few more signings like that announced at NY Comic Con, but it was somewhat light on the exclusivity contracts. While it was light, there are two that have been announced. Mike Choi (in addition to Duane Swierzynski) was announced as being exclusive to Marvel. No word on what the two will be working on at Marvel, but at least we know they're working for Marvel. Choi was most recently working on Uncanny X-Men, while Swierzynski is being rumored to be working on the Punisher series. Stay tuned.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Gears of War figures

NECA is definitely getting their hands dirty. Big into creating action figures for a ton of different licenses, the latest license NECA secured is Epic's Gears of War. On display at the NY Comic Con 2008 were some of the highlights, with my favorite being the above Locust with his head exploding (ah, gratuitous violence). So they're not getting their hands dirty from exploding heads, rather, building said exploding heads. A few more shots are below, so enjoy. And keep your eyes on your local comic store for the figures. And if you're wondering, yes there was a panel on Gears of War 2, and no, there were no major spoilers. Some highlights:
  • All aspects of the game are being retooled (cover being revamped)
  • There are chainsaw duels
  • There will be movable cover in the form of rockworms
  • This is part 2 of a trilogy
  • Multiplayer will be slightly more robust and balanced
  • The Queen has a British accent because it makes her sound "smart"
  • Gears of War the comic will be published by Wildstorm
  • Gears of War the movie is well on its way, and is the legal/find-a-studio stage
Apparently we'll be getting a smorasbord of information in May regarding the sequel, so hold out for a couple more weeks,

Sequel to The Darkness in the works

Top Cow, like almost every other publisher under the sun, had a presence at NY Comic Con 2008. Because they're not quite a fly-by-night organization, they also had a panel as well that was rather well attended. During this panel, the question was raised as to whether or not we could see a sequel to The Darkness video game. Response? "We can't say Darkness and video game sequel in the same sentence. So, Darkness. Wink. Sequel." If that doesn't say confirmation, I really don't know what does. More news on this as I hear about it.

Justice League Confusion halted?

Latest news out of the Justice League Confusion camp is that the film is no longer. CHUD reports that producer Joel Silver isn't too optimistic. When asked how the movie would affect his work on a possible Wonder Woman film, his response was simple: it won't. According to Silver, Justice League Confusion is tabled. This doesn't necessarily mean that the movie won't happen, it just means that we're probably a lot further off from the film then anyone even knew. Justice League Confusion tabled indefinitely?

NY Comic Con 2008 - Saturday IGN Theater Panel Recap

So I spent the better part of the day Saturday camped in a front row seat at the IGN Theater for the movie related screenings. Well worth the camping I say. First off, Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Guillermo del Toro is an awesome director. He showed some footage from Hellboy II: The Golden Army, but a lot of it was what we've already seen in the trailer. During the Q&A, a kid mentioned to del Toro how much he loved him as a director, and del Toro offered to put up a "behind-the-scenes" piece on his website so everyone could see how it was done, and also offered to exchange emails with the kid. Just a great guy all around (and a big fan of the f word). The rest of the panel included Mike Mignola, Ron Perlman, Doug Jones, Selma Blair and Luke Goss, just being entertaining and portraying one big happy dysfunctional family. When asked if a Silver Surfer movie was in the works, Doug Jones responded that he "didn't have any news for fans to masturbate to." Well played good sir, well played. After the Hellboy II panel, Warner Brothers essentially hijacked the theater. First, Paulie Litt came out (to a relative unawares crowd) and announced his role as Spritle in the upcoming Speed Racer film. Same trailer we've seen before, so nothing new there. But after that, fans were treated to the presence of Paul Levitz, President and Publisher of DC Comics. He mentioned that he was happy to be there, and as a special treat from DC Comics and Warner Brothers, everyone there would be treated to a special preview of The Dark Knight. Holy shit! The crowd literally went ballistic. And let me tell you this. After seeing the new trailer (which debuts in two weeks, presumable before Iron Man), I cannot stress enough how awesome this movie is. I'm not overstating the fact either. This movie is going to be THE movie to see this year. This wasn't announced or on the program, so it was a complete surprise that was well worth it. I'm not going to outline the trailer for you because I was asked to just enjoy it by Mr. Levitz, and enjoy it I did. After coming down from the adrenaline high a bit, the panel for The Incredible Hulk started up. Louis Leterrier (director), Tim Roth and even Lou Ferrigno showed up to scream "Hulk smash." We were shown clips from the film and were also shown the new trailer that will also be debuting in two weeks (once again, presumably with Iron Man). This movie really does look good. Roth is going to be playing the perfect bad guy to tango with Edward Norton, and there on-screen chemistry is going to be insane. Frank Miller and Eva Mendes were present to promote The Spirit by Will Eisner. The panel discussed Miller's love for the source material and the movie generally has the look and feel of Sin City. Fans were treated to a brief teaser trailer for the film, and then the Q&A began, which degenerated to fanboys begging and pleading with Ms. Mendes to hug them or give them her phone number (sadly). And believe me when I say, but Ms. Mendes is gorgeous and can read, contrary to public opinion (she's a big fan of Ayn Rand). And below is the trailer.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Incredible Hulk spoiler

Just got through with the panel for The Incredible Hulk at NY Comic Con, and there's some confirmation to some rumors rambling around these here internets. At the end of the panel we saw the first full-length trailer for The Incredible Hulk, and once all the madness from the trailer was over, there was one more scene. The scene involved a dejected general in a bar. And then a dapper man walks in, with the following exchange: Dapper Man: I hear you have a unique problem. General: You should talk. Dapper Man: You should listen. Yes kids, the dapper man is Tony Stark, Jr. In the Hulk movie. Holy crap. The full trailer for The Incredible Hulk is set to debut before Iron Man on May 2. The Incredible Hulk movie is due in theaters June 13. And next there's a rumor that Warner Brothers has a surprise for attendees. But wait, Warner Brothers isn't on the programming schedule? Yeah, I'm thinking new trailer for The Dark Knight too. Stay tuned.

Friday, April 18, 2008

NY Comic Con - Friday

So its lunch time, and we've made quite a few laps. Pretty much all the vendors are just getting things set up, and the maddening crowds aren't here quite yet, but they'll be pouring in in a few hours. Marvel has a huge Hulk statue, which is just insane. We came across some fellas from Quietus Films who created a graphic novel using their film expertise (Angus and Jesse are great guys). I'm going to try and get back later on to the Dark Horse booth for the Hellboy II: The Golden Army panel, but tickets may be scarce (at the very least I'm hoping for Mike Mignola to sign a comic or two). I had a brief chat with Arthur Suydam, who I have to say is kind of a jerk, but I guess that's what you can get to when you're famous (maybe it was just a bad day). Tedd and I also came across Jesse Farrell, a sculptor of epic proportions (but a slave to caffeine), and Carissa Halston, creator of a collection of short stories compiled in a neat little package. We should be doing an interview with both Jesse and Carissa, so keep your eyes open for that. I just enjoyed my $4.50 hot dogs. At least these weren't glazed.

NY Comic Con 2008 - Friday morning

I'm going to try and liveblog as best as possible so keep hitting refresh, or F5. And by liveblog I mean recap. Tedd and I got here this morning and walked into the empty Javtis Center. We weren't here for the Big Apple Career Fair, so we proceeded to walk to the press registration area. When giving my name, one the ladies checking names recognized me. "You're Jonathan Pilley?" "Yes, yes I am. "I'm Kelly. Nice to meet you." Turns out Kelly is the awesome chick who was so patient with getting Tedd and myself registered for the convention (it seems that my constant emailing got us on a recognition basis). So Kelly, this shout out's for you. Anyways we got our press passes and proceeded to hold them up as we got by bouncers a la Wayne's World (not really, but that would have been cool). Tedd paid $3.50 for a bottle of water, and I paid $7.00 for a glazed croissant and OJ from Starbucks (can't say I was a fan of the croissant). And now I just heard some guy use "cadre" on the phone. Good times.

Stan Lee Living Legend Award

Last night was quite the night. I don't know if was the Spidertinis, authentic Long Island beer or pigs in a blanket handed out by twentysomethings in Spidey t-shirts, but it was something. Maybe it was the fact that Stan Lee showed up and said Excelsior. It could have been any one of those things. The event (like so many other good things), was over way too quickly. Lance Festerman, the genius behind the NYCC took the podium first, introducing the event. He was followed by Peter David, who had nothing but glowing words for Stan the Man (apparently a recommendation from Stan Lee carries weight in child custody cases...who knew?). Sharad Devarajan (CEO of Virgin) spoke a bit, and was looking quite dapper. Finally, Joe Quesada took the stage, and proceeded to go through some of Stan's failed attempts (you can't always make Spider-man), such as the Porcupine and Kangaroo. And then, of course, there was Stan Lee. Quite jovial in speaking, and had the crowd eating out of his hand really. After that, he was whisked away, no doubt showing up somewhere else for his next appearance. All in all though, quite the night. Below are the few shots I could grab with my cameraphone (yes, I went to a Stan Lee event and freaking forgot my digital camera).

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Medium at Large

Need to make sure you're staying up to date with all the madcap shenanigans going on at NY Comic Con this weekend? Then make sure you visit the official blog of the convention, Medium at Large. They've been updating it pretty regularly, trying to keep fans abreast of programming changes, contests, and a general view of the debauchery. Medium at Large

New York Comic Con Programming

Have you got your tickets yet? No? Well then, what the hell are you thinking? If you are going, here's a handy breakdown of all the panels, with nice pretty descriptions so you know where you want to go, and what you want to see. New York Comic Con Full Schedule

Rachel Nichols as Scarlett

Here it is kids, your first glance at Rachel Nichols in her Scarlett armor from the upcoming G.I. Joe film. Commencing the frothing at the mouth.

Editor's Note: In case you're wondering where the other post regarding the battle suits in the movie, well, let's just say that Paramount marketing got in the way of journalism.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New York Comic Con

So you probably know what's happening this weekend (if you don't, you probably stumbled upon this site accidentally). It's the New York Comic Con, the second biggest American comic convention after San Diego. So I'll be there, as will the esteemed Tedd. That being said, posting may be sporadic this weekend, but I'll try and get coverage of the convention up when I can. I'll be headed down to NYC tomorrow afternoon, so I don't think I'll get any posts up tomorrow. If you're going to be there, have fun.

Preview: Gen 13 #20

Gen 13 #20 is all about facing those bastards responsible for the 15 minutes project, who also happen to be there I.O. tormentors. Written by Simon Oliver and with art by Wes Craig, Gen 13 #20 hits stores May 14 for $2.99. Preview: Gen 13 #20

New The Incredible Hulk poster

That right there above is the poster for The Incredible Hulk movie. It actually looks pretty badass if you ask me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Arrivals: April 16, 2008

The pick this week comes to us from Marvel, and is titled Iron Man: Legacy of Doom #1. Just imagine what happens when Iron Man and Dr. Doom team up to stop Mephisto, and throw in Camelot just for good measure. Enjoy! New Arrivals: April 16, 2008