Friday, March 27, 2015

Dynamite Partners with Groupees

Groupee LLC and Dynamite Entertainment are up to something. That something is positive, charitable and exciting. That something is a partnership that will host - for the first time ever - a ten-day comic book bundle promotion that allows fans and curious newcomers to purchase over 80 digital Dynamite comics and graphic novels with "Pay What You Want" purchasing power. A portion of proceeds will be contributed to one of the industry's most important charitable organizations, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The bundle promotion will run from Thursday, March 26, through Monday, April 6, on the website

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Dynamite Entertainment to offer this First Edition Dynamite Groupees Comic Bundle," says Thomas Brooke, Groupees Founder and CEO. "Dynamite has an exceptional catalogue of titles and is offering fans in this promotion an amazing deal on some truly exceptional books including the likes of George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. As we expand into this category of media, we look forward to continuing to work with Dynamite to offer literary fans of all types curated, great deals during our online social events that connect fans and artists."

Through the Groupees program, customers can purchase a bundle of digital comic book and graphic novels for a price they decide. The first tier of exciting digital content is unlocked with the dollar minimum investment, but consumers can double their take by reaching the $5.00 second tier. Dynamite offers a highly desirable batch of comics at the third tier for a $10.00 minimum investment, including the bestselling Dynamite Art of Alex Ross art book. For those who participate in the "Pay What You Want" initiative with considerable support, Dynamite will reward the top ten consumers with special prizes. The Top Prize will see the contributor illustrated on the cover of an upcoming Dynamite comic book, alongside the title character, and the cover will be drawn by superstar artist Jae Lee.

The winner will also receive 100 copies of the comic and the original artwork. The second, third, and fourth-highest contributors will be illustrated as characters on one interior page of a Dynamite comic book, while the fifth through tenth-highest contributors will receive a hand-drawn illustration of their favorite Dynamite character, illustrated by Jae Lee. Additionally, top-secret Group Bonuses will be unlocked for all consumers to enjoy when the overall orders reach certain thresholds.

The $1.00 Minimum Tier features superhero action, pulp intrigue, Victorian mystery, tough-talkin' private eyes, and mind-blowing swords-and-sorcery, courtesy of some of the comic industry's brightest stars: Gail Simone, Alex Ross, Tim Seeley, Jim Krueger and more. This accessible bundle includes:

Project Superpowers (Vol. 1) #0 - #7
• Dawn/Vampirella #1
• The Spider #1 - #6
• Chaos! #1 - #6
• Shaft #1
• Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives #1 - #5
• Red Sonja (Vol. 2) #1 - #6
• Altered States: Red Sonja

The $5.00 Minimum Tier features 48 comics written by the mainstream's most beloved authors and movie directors, like George R.R. Martin, Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Jim Butcher and Nancy A. Collins. Also, the Fox cartoon sensation Bob's Burgers, gaming powerhouse Pathfinder, and rock ‘n roll icon Alice Cooper round out the package, making it worth the additional investment.

A Game of Thrones #1
• Vampirella: Feary Tales #1 - #2
• Warren Ellis' Project Superpowers: Blackcross #1
• Garth Ennis' Jennifer Blood #1 - #3
• Alice Cooper #1 - #3
• Bob's Burgers #1 - #2
• Army of Darkness (Vol. 3) #1 - #5
• Purgatori #1 - #4
• Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #1 - #10
• Django/Zorro #1 - #2
• Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Storm Front (Vol. 1) #1 - #4
• Pathfinder #1 - #6
• Cryptozoic Man #1 - #4
• Blood Queen Annual 2014

Finally, the $10.00 Minimum Tier features 17 comic books by Bill Willingham, Jim Starlin and Tom Clancy, as well as the bestselling Dynamite Art of Alex Ross, a 328-page retrospective of the influential painter's cover artwork and character designs on such characters as Vampirella, Green Hornet, The Bionic Man, the Kirbyverse, Black Terror and more.

Dynamite Art of Alex Ross
• Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #1 - #7
• Dreadstar #1 - #6
• Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Echoes #1 - #4

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review - Past Aways #1

"Something strange happened in Greece today."

Some will say that the best kind of work is teamwork. Teamwork makes just about everything better, including traveling through time. Having good team cohesion is another matter though and while it might make some incidents a little tougher to handle, it does make for quite an entertaining read. Dark Horse Comics is big on entertainment in Past Aways #1. The issue is written by Matt Kindt, illustrated by Scott Kolins, colored by Bill Crabtree and lettered by Rob Leigh.

Aspen Comics Releases Big Dog Ink’s Remastered Shahrazad #1

Aspen Comics has a partnership with Big Dog Ink planned for April 1. It's not a joke of course, as that date will see Shahrazad #1 released, written by Kim Hutchison and Kari Castor with pencils by Mike Krome and colors by Nei Ruffino. The title relaunch has been in the works since Big Dog Ink became an imprint of Aspen Comics in 2014. Shahrazad is a new heroine who will rise up from the legends of an ancient world. She experiences a life unlike anything one could possibly imagine – an existence that spans generations and genres as she lives the tales she once only told. Each issue of Shahrazad will feature re-mastered content, an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Shahrazad, and creator commentary.

“Shahrazad is the classic myth of the storyteller brought to comics,” says Hutchison. “Her tales are at once familiar and entirely new (and unpredictable!). It's been amazing to delve back into Shahrazad's world and 'tinker' with her story in a way that I'd like to think would gain the approval of our adventurous and magical narrator herself. After all, hers, and our own personal stories, are never finished.”

Castor commented: “I'm so thrilled to have the opportunity to revisit the original five issues of Shahrazad for this remastered version. It's a rare opportunity for a writer to be able to revise what's already been published – I'm proud of the work that Kim and I did when we wrote this originally, and even prouder of this new edition. I know that our readers, both old and new, will continue to fall in love with Shahrazad as much as we already have, and I can’t wait for them to see what’s in store for the future!”

Shahrazad #1 will feature three distinct covers from series artist Mike Krome, Lola XOXO’s Siya Oum, and fan favorite J. Scott Campbell, plus a convention exclusive variant by Shannon Maer that will be available at both Emerald City Comicon and WonderCon. Aspen has provided Diamond item codes for the direct edition covers below:

Cover A: FEB151001
Cover B: FEB151002
Cover C: FEB151003

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Image Comics at Emerald City Comicon

Image Comics will be back in Seattle this weekend for Emerald City Comicon. They'll be bringing with them some variants, some talent and some panels to the show. If you're at the show, make sure you stop by Booth #312

Full press release and signing schedule below.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

I’ve been feeling very hesitant about this whole Dawn of Justice thing. I mean, I’ve expressed my reservations before, but I guess my fantasy is what if it doesn’t even happen? I know that seems wildly implausible, yet it’s like the Wonder Woman movie. You know, they tap Joss Whedon to work on it. They even put out a movie poster with an image of Wonder Woman’s silhouette in theaters. The thing is they hadn’t even settled on a script at the time the poster came out. The marketing had kicked into high gear before the movie was even being made.

See, my gripes about jumping head first into a Justice League movie instead of making a solid three Superman films not withstanding, that Aquaman poster is pretty hardcore. If you’re going to start a marketing campaign with an image of Aquaman with the words ‘UNITE THE SEVEN’ plastered on it, shouldn’t it be immediately followed up with another poster reveal every week for the next two months or something like that? Like shouldn’t a poster like that be the start of a whole barrage of images to get you psyched for this movie?

Review - Jem and the Holograms #1

"'s showtime!"

No one will argue that the 80s featured some of the best cartoons around. Transformers, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., Thundercats...the list goes on. One of the shows also in those halcyon days of animation was Jem and the Holograms, a seemingly outlandish show about women rockers. It was a great show and makes for a great comic, thanks to IDW's release of Jem and the Holograms #1. The issue is written by Kelly Thompson, illustrated by Sophie Campbell, colored by M. Victoria Rabado and lettered by Robbie Robbins.

Valiant Launches 25th Anniversary Tour at Emerald City Comicon 2015

Believe it or not, Valiant Entertainment is 25 years old. That's a good bit of time to be around as a publisher and they want to celebrate in style. This year, Valiant is taking the silver anniversary celebration of the largest independent universe in comics on the road to visit more than a million fans in the US and Canada throughout 2015. The Valiant 25th Anniversary Convention Tour is a months-long celebration starting with Seattle's Emerald City Comicon.

At Emerald City Comicon, fans can check out Valiant at Booth #1803 to revisit 25 years of Valiant history with a complete collection of trade paperbacks and hardcovers featuring the indelible heroes, volatile villains, and world-class creators that shaped Valiant into one of the most celebrated publishers in comics history. Valiant will also be debuting two ECCC-only offerings for sale, beginning with the Ninjak #1 ECCC Exclusive Variant – featuring an all-new, never-before-seen cover by artist Ian McGinty. Plus: also debuting at ECCC is the Bloodshot Reborn ECCC Exclusive Print.

Full press release and convention schedule below.

Aspen Comics Attending Emerald City Comicon

Aspen Comics will make the west coast trip up north for Emerald City Comicon this weekend, setting up shop at Booth #1703. They'll bring with them Frank Mastromauro, Peter Steigerwald, Vince Hernandez, Tom Hutchinson and Siya Oum as guests, all of whom will be available for greeting fans and signing comics. There will be a convention exclusive variant of the remastered and rereleased Shahrazad #1 by Shannon Maer available for purchase at the booth, in addition to a Lola XOXO: Wasteland Madam #1 Emerald City Comicon exclusive variant.

Shahrazad #1 will be released in stores on April 1st, and Lola XOXO: Wasteland Madam #1 will be out on April 8th. Hutchison of Shahrazad will be on hand to sign convention exclusives, as will the Wasteland Madam team of Hernandez and Oum. Aspen will also be bringing a selection of their art prints, including Maer’s variant, a Shahrazad #1 piece by J. Scott Campbell, an Aspen/BDI team up print by Fathom artist Alex Konat and Oum’s Wasteland Madam #1 Emerald City Comic Con exclusive variant.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review - Jorund Honor Bound

"So I'll put it in simple terms...he refers to me not as his "son" but only by name, Jorund."

In every distant civilization, there's a different way of doing things. Different way of ruling, different way of settling fights and even different way of raising children. The combination of all three is what makes that civilization interesting and when one facet of it is in conflict with another, then sparks will surely fly. One such a disagreement of values takes place in Jorund Honor Bound. The issue is written by James Mulholland, illustrated by Julio Falkenhagen, colored by Amanda Jasmin and lettered by Micah Myers.

Wes Craven Teams Up With Steve Niles to Adapt The Disciples

The Disciples is an upcoming comic book series from Black Mask. It's slated to hit stores May 27th and still be preordered with your local comic shop sing Diamond order code:MAR151018. That's not why we're here though. The big news is that Wes Craven and Steve Niles are teaming up with to adapt The Disciples into a show for Universal Cable Productions. It's the publisher's latest foray into television, joining the adaptation of Five Ghosts in development at SyFy. Niles co-founded Black Mask Studios with Pizzolo and Gurewitz in 2013 as a home for edgy and subversive comics. At the time, Niles described the company's mission:"If V For Vendetta were created today, there would be no publisher for it... we want to be that publisher."

Dagmar, Rick, and Jules, intrepid private eyes/bounty hunters, have been hired by a high ranking Senator to retrieve his teenage daughter who's run off to join a mysterious religious cult. This is no ordinary cult though. In the near future of "The Disciples," the ultra-wealthy have become true Masters Of The Universe by colonizing moons throughout the solar system. Billionaire industrialist McCauley Richmond is one such colonist: he's built a new society on Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, where his flock of cultists can have the religious freedom to worship him. But when the team reaches Ganymede in their Starship Venture, they discover something has gone horribly wrong...

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Janelle Asselin Offers Fresh Romance

Oh to be young and in love...with comics. There's never been a better time to be a comics fan, as more and more publishers are breaking in to offer works that are varied and diverse. Janelle Asselin isn't one to sit on the sidelines as those publishers purvey their works and she's starting Rosy Press to publish Fresh Romance, a new digital romance comic magazine. Of course, such an endeavor needs a little help, which is where Kickstarter comes into play. The first issue of the monthly anthology features sundry stories ranging from a clandestine, queer high school love affair to an impeccably researched and illustrated Regency-era romance. In addition to three forward-looking romances, each issue of Fresh Romance delivers a relationship advice column by a quartet of divorced writers, behind-the-scenes art coverage and a fashion report.

“Rosy Press specializes in publishing romantic fiction and nonfiction aimed at attracting a diverse readership,” says Asselin. “With our digital platform, FRESH ROMANCE can reach a diverse set of readers. FRESH ROMANCE is the comics answer to the popular modern romance novel, and we can digitally deliver it to anyone, anywhere, anytime.” FRESH ROMANCE content will be available in a variety of digital formats: via ComiXology or as a PDF, CBR, or ePub file, and will always be DRM-free. Unlike their real-world counterparts, FRESH ROMANCE stories never end – they will later be published as ebook collections.

The first issue will include:

A twist on the iconic high school love story by Kate Leth, Arielle Jovellanos and colorist Amanda Scurti, in which a queer couple keep their relationship under wraps by pretending to compete for the same, equally secretive guy.

A Regency-era romance by Sarah Vaughn and Sarah Winifred Searle about a couple headed to the altar despite a mutual lack of enthusiasm for their marriage. (Spoiler: period costumes and culture are consummately researched.)

An otherworldly tale by novelist Sarah Kuh, who has a three-book prose book deal with DAW Books and who is penning her first comic with Sally Jane Thompson and colorist Savanna Ganucheau, in which a cynical, supernatural barista is trapped in this world… until she helps enough lonely souls find love.

The first cover from Kevin Wada, a former fashion illustrator, who uses his hallmark watercolors to depict Leth and Jovellanos’ high school heroines.

Rewards available exclusively through the Fresh Romance Kickstarter campaign support three-month, six-month and ongoing subscriptions, including the opportunity to be drawn into a story, an original comic to propose marriage to your loved one and one-of-a-kind prints and commissions, including: Five commissions by Chris Burnham; a Gene Ha sketch commission; a Dustin Nguyen-drawn original page from the Stephanie Brown Batgirl series; a commission of Harley Quinn by DC and Marvel artist Carmen Carnero; and an original page from the Stephanie Brown Batgirl series drawn by Pere Perez.

“Thanks to our ongoing anthology format, the kinds of stories we feature will be constantly evolving,” said Asselin, who recently appeared in the documentary SHE MAKES COMICS. “The magazine will be R-rated, so while not all of the individual chapters or stories will be racy, there will be some adult content. These aren't your mom's romance comics. Our goal is to bring avid comics readers and those new to comics together to enjoy the romance genre.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight – “Officer Down" Trailer

June 23 should be marked in your calendars. It's the day that Batman: Arkham Knight hits stores. Certainly seems a good a reason as any to release a new trailer right?