Friday, October 31, 2014

Review - Sonic BOOM #1

"We can debate grammar later--WHO TOOK MY HOUSE?!!"

There's a certain level of disbelief one must suspend when you consider a hedgehog who can run alarmingly fast. It's the same disbelief that can be applied to a fox with two tails or an echidna with fists of fury. Once you've accepted all of the above though, reading stories about their adventures is always a good time. Archie Comics offers up another entry in the Sonic universe in Sonic BOOM #1, written by Ian Flynn, illustrated by Evan Stanley, inked by Rick Bryant, colored by Matt Herms and lettered by Jack Morelli.

BOOM! Studios Turns Ten

10 Years Logo

BOOM! Studios is celebrating ten years of being an awesome publisher. Ten years of offering all sorts of great books and adaptations of properties. And they want the reader to celebrate alongside them, by announcing a yearlong cover strategy starting in January designed to spotlight all of its new launches and reward many lucky retailers and fans. Every launching issue in 2015 will include a uniquely designed “10 Years” incentive variant cover featuring work by one of 16 of the industry’s best cover artists. Each artist (or artist team) will provide all the covers to all of the newest titles coming out from BOOM! or one of its imprints (KaBOOM!, Archaia, and BOOM! Box), with the roster rotating each quarter. The special “10 Years” covers will be retailer incentives available to order for retailers for every 10 copies they order of the title’s main cover.

“We’re very proud to reach our 10th anniversary here at BOOM! Studios, so to celebrate, we wanted to make sure we included the people that helped us get where we are today: comics retailers and fans,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “This yearlong program brings in some of the best artists in the industry and is designed to celebrate this milestone with all of our supporters. I can speak for our entire team when I say we’re looking forward to the next 10 years of publishing great comics!”

For the first quarter of 2015 (January-March), the artists are:

All launching BOOM! Studios titles: Trevor Hairsine
All launching KaBOOM! titles: Joe Quinones
All launching Archaia titles: Ramón Pérez
All launching BOOM! Box titles: Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb

Cover artists for the remaining quarters of 2015 will be announced at a later date.

In January, new launching titles to receive the “10 Years” Cover treatment include:

Burning Fields #1
Adventure Time: Marceline Gone Adrift #1
Feathers #1
Munchkin #1

The cover images will be revealed closer to each title’s order deadline.

In addition, BOOM! will select one launching title each month and slip one, rare exclusive cover intermixed into every 100 copies of the main cover printed. Dubbed the Jackpot Variant, these special covers will show up randomly at any comic shop that orders at least one copy of the title. For January, that title is Munchkin #1, a new ongoing series from BOOM! Box based on the hit adventure card game. The Jackpot Variant cover for Munchkin #1 is illustrated by Evan Palmer. Finally, should any of its new titles in 2015 launch with a final combined initial order of over 10,000 copies, BOOM! will unlock an additional 1-in-10 intermixed special variant that will ship with the main cover.

Full press release below.

Dark Horse Unofficial Hatsune Mix a Bestseller

Who’s that girl with the long green ponytails you’ve been seeing everywhere? It’s Hatsune Miku, the Vocaloid—the synthesizer superstar who’s singing your song. Only you didn't know it. Dark Horse Comics’ first edition of Unofficial Hatsune Mix landed in the New York Times Manga Top 10 list and sold out of bookstores across the nation within the first month of release.

She’s a global cybercelebrity and a cosplay favorite at conventions. Now Miku’s original illustrator, KEI, brings you Unofficial Hatsune Mix—an omnibus manga of the musical adventures (and misadventures) of Miku and her fellow Vocaloids Rin, Len, Luka, and more—in both beautiful black-and-white and charming color. Over 170,000 music videos have been uploaded to YouTube using Miku as the singer. Miku has appeared in ads from Toyota USA, Domino’s and most recently the Late Show with David Letterman.

The second printing of Unofficial Hatsune Mix will be in comic shops November 19 and in bookstores December 2. Preorder your copy of this bestseller today. Full press release below.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review - Edward Scissorhands #1

"Nobody talks about that Christmas anymore. Rumor became myth, new stories and small-town gossip wallpapered over that whole winter."

Tim Burton is nothing if not eccentric and the oddities of his thought process make for fantastic films. One of those films was Edward Scissorhands, the somewhat odd tale about a man with scissors for hands and his struggle for wider acceptance. The book tapped into a slew of other themes as well and IDW Publishing is continuing that universe in Edward Scissorhands #1. The issue is written by Kate Leth, illustrated by Drew Rausch and lettered by Travis Lanham.

KaBOOM! Studios Launches Original Series Capture Creatures

Capture Creatures #1 Cover A

Tiny kitten teeth are more than just little knives that are somewhat cute but end up being a little bit painful. They're also great when they boasts creative creators. KaBOOM! Studios is willing to take the risk of being bitten by purveyors of tiny kitten teeth, as they're tapping Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt for a new, original series called Capture Creatures. Based on a yearlong blog challenge and following a successfully funded Kickstarter for an art book and a widely attended gallery showing of Dreistadt’s original painted art, Capture Creatures is a heartwarming story about over one hundred strange creatures that suddenly appear on Earth and the two teens who will do whatever they can to keep them safe and figure out where they came from.

“Becky and Frank are both enormously talented, and we’re so happy to be working with them again on a new original series,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “They’ve created over a hundred amazing creatures, making this a very ambitious project that has potential for so many delightful stories. There are adorable creatures for everybody to discover, and each one of them comes with their own unique story.”

Capture Creatures #1 arrives from KaBOOM! in comic shops on November 26th with a cover price of $3.99 under Diamond order code SEP141165. The main covers are illustrated by Dreistadt and Joy Ang, with retailer incentive covers by Missy Pena and Amanda Visell. The Final Order Cutoff date for retailers is November 3rd. Not sure where to find your nearest comic retailer? Full press release below.

White Like She Boasts Black Brain in White Skull

Gender and race are always going to be issues for society, no matter how civilized that society may be. Somewhere at the intersection of those two concepts are Louella Schwartz and Luther Albert Joyce. One is a white teenage girl with a Ms. magazine subscription, the other a middle-aged African-American man who’s fallen on rough times. Their paths seem destined never to cross, but, in an extraordinary set of circumstances, Luther’s brain ends up in Louella’s body in White Like She by Bob Fingerman, which gets a sleek new Image Comics edition in December. Originally published in 1993, Fingerman’s graphic novel is a cutting satire exploring gender and race privilege with the creative abandon of a grindhouse film.

"What I’d set out to do was pulp with a message. Something Roger Corman might have made in the early ’70s, hence the new Blaxploitation poster-style cover,” wrote Fingerman in the Afterword of the new edition. “Really, that’s what White Like She is — pulp that could use a little more juice and pits. I still think it’s a fun idea; the beast with two heads minus a head. Race, gender and body-swapping is a fun concept."

White Like Sheis a 136-page graphic novel with never-before-seen bonus material. It will be in comic book stores on December 3 (Diamond Comic order code OCT140660) and in bookstores on December 16 (ISBN 978-1-63215-146-9). It is available for pre-order now.

Full press release below.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

With all of this Marvel movie buzz happening, it’s kind of hard to think about much else isn’t it? I suppose I just have to bite the bullet and react to this avalanche of Marvel movies coming out. Every one is a movie I’m psyched for by the way. Ranging from the long-awaited and anticipated Dr. Strange movie (YES) to even the obscure, but potentially very cool, Inhumans film. A couple of things have been occurring to me as I think about what’s on the horizon. Here’s just some stray thoughts:

Review - Rasputin #1

"For instance, tonight I'm going to be murdered by my closest friends in the world."

As far as historical characters go, Rasputin is definitely among the most recognized. The man was perceived to be imbued with supernatural powers which he used for all manner of activity. With that reputation came a lot of fear and misunderstandings, some of which likely lead to the rather brutal attempts on his life. Delving deeper into the character is on the docket for Rasputin #1 from Image Comics. The issue is written by Alex Grecian, illustrated by Riley Rossmo, colored by Ivan Plascencia and lettered by Thomas Mauer.

Princeless in Previews

The new issue of Princeless is now available in Previews under APR14801. If you haven't checked any of the previous issues, you've got some time to do so. In the meantime, how about a bunch of quotes from industry heavyweights about how strong a title Princeless is?

Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses Offers a New Path of Violence

David Lapham can't stay away from random acts of violence. Normally, that's a bad thing, but in his case not so much, as the violence comes in the form of Stray Bullets. Image Comics is revisiting the familiar universe with a brand new story called Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses, launching January 21. The new story will center around violence, love, and the bad decisions made when characters find themselves in over their heads and ensnared in seedy, illegal dealings.

In Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses, the Baltimore underworld is falling apart at the seams and blood has been spilt. Where and when things went to hell in a handbasket can be traced back to a time a few years earlier, when a man named Harry ran the city, Spanish Scott and Monster enforced the rules, and an insecure young man name Orson met a wild and crazy girl named Beth. The two together cooked up the boldest, most outlandish, and just about the stupidest plan ever devised—a plan to steal a whole lot of Harry’s money and drugs and exact a little revenge along the way.

"We were torn for a long time on whether to ever go back and tell this story, but the lure of getting Beth, Orson, and Nina together again was just too strong,” said Lapham. “They demanded it, really. It's going to be off-the-hook nuts.”

Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #1 (Diamond Code NOV140580) arrives in stores this January 21 and will be available for $3.50. Full press release below.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Review - Here We Go

"Here we go!"

Anthologies offer a look at some up and coming talent. Some boast multiple writers and artists, while others like boast a single writer and multiple artists. Here We Go is an example of the latter. Here We Go is comprised of the following short stories, all written by Jesse Young: "Here We Go" illustrated by Anwar Madrigal and lettered by Thomas Mauer, "Forbidden Love" illustrated by Artyom Trakhanov and lettered by Mauer, "The Silver Street Boys" is illustrated by Brent Schnoonover, colored by Robert Snyder and Schnoonover and lettered by Mauer, "The Daring Adventures of Android Jones - Part 1 & 2 illustrated by Ryan Cody and lettered by Mauer, "Uncle Buck" is illustrated and lettered by Matt Battaglia, "Ex Occultus" illustrated by Joanna Estep, colored by Paulina Ganucheau and lettered by Deron Bennett, "He's Heating Up" illustrated by Michael Odom, colored by Ganucheau and lettered by Mauer and "The Devil You Know" illustrated by Jason Copland and lettered by Mauer.

Preview - 2000 AD Winter Special 2014 #1

Despite its reputation as being a pretty bleak representation of our future, Mega-City One still likely celebrates certain holidays and events. Part of that celebration is likely committed to winter and 2000AD is celebrating the season with the 2000 AD Winter Special 2014 #1. The book delves into the darkest recesses of its creators' imaginations for a horror-themed 48-page issue containing complete stories featuring Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Psi-Judge Anderson, Defoe and the debut of new character The Alienist.

It boasts stories by T.C. Eglington, Pat Mills, Guy Adams, Alan Grant, Eddie Robson, Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby, art by Riccardo Burchielli, Leigh Gallagher, Lee Carter, Darren Douglas, Jeff Anderson and Eoin Coveney and letters by Ellie De Ville, Annie Parkhouse and Simon Bowland. The 48-page is available from all good outlets or digitally from the 2000 AD webshop and the 2000 AD iPad app on October 29 with interiors below.