Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

I know Spike comes a long way over the course of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel, but Wesley…wow. Just, wow. Who he is on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and who he is by the end of Angel doesn’t even seem like the same person at all. Wesley’s transition from bumbling, nervous goofball to seasoned demon slayer is pretty intense. And the thing that gets me the most? The people who knew Wesley back when--the cast of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, even Wesley’s own family--will never know.

What can I say? Sometimes things happen in life and you grow.

But see, that doesn’t mean the way that you end up learning is always fair. Whatever mistakes Wesley made as a Watcher, he pays for and then some over the course of Angel. Seriously, does anyone suffer more than this guy on the show? He risks everything to try to do what he thinks is right and gets alienated from his friends, he has to watch his best friend be with the woman he loves, he GETS the woman he loves just to lose her. It just goes on.

Review - Wayward #1

"I just have to connect the dots. No problem. I'm good at that."

Take a walk on the streets of any metropolis and chances are you'll see a heady mix of events. People walking to and fro, shops selling goods and a general buzz that makes the city feel alive. When the sun goes down though, some cities really are alive, full of evils that only few encounter. How you handle those evils always makes for a good story, like in Wayward #1 from Image Comics, written by Jim Zub, illustrated by Steve Cummings, colored by John Rauch and Zub and lettered by Marshall Dillon.

Preview - Jaegir #1

2000AD spends a lot of time in Mega-City One and all the Judges. There's some other good stuff the publisher can mine though, such as their classic series Rogue Trooper. In that same universe exists Jaegir #1, where the endless war between the Southers and the Norts rages on countless planets. Scarred war veteran Atalia Jaegir of the Nordland State Security Police, hunts down escaped war criminals and roots out corruption in the ranks. But her fearsome reputation will not protect her from the inhuman quarry that she is tasked with finding

An entirely new heroine leads this action-packed adventure illustrated by Simon Coleby and written by Gordon Rennie. The book is in stores now with interiors below.

Bee and Puppycat #2 Rushed to Second Printing

Bee and PuppyCat #2 2nd Printing

Bee and Puppycat #2 is a big hit with the comic book readers. BOOM! Studios is also delighted at the news as well, rushing Bee and Puppycat #2 to a second printing. It follows the first issue sell-out, with both issues of the quirky series from creator Natasha Allegri offering stories featuring Bee, the ever-unemployed twentysomething who makes a living as a magical temp worker, and her new friend PuppyCat, the mysterious little...whatever it is...that she stumbled across who has a powerful secret.

“Bee and PuppyCat continues to deliver stories that are charming, light-hearted, and full of quirky fun,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “This is exactly the type of title we need more of in the industry. Natasha, Garrett, and all the creators involved have struck a chord with their work—this second print is a testament to their talent.”

Written by Allegri and Garrett Jackson, and illustrated by Allegri, Bee and PuppyCat is based on the Cartoon Hangover short (which can be watched at that went on to become the most funded web series project in Kickstarter history. Allegri had built up a big fan-following on Tumblr while working on the Adventure Time cartoon, then created gender-swapped characters, Fionna and Cake, that became so popular, they were put into the show. Her newest creation, Bee and PuppyCat, is a slice-of-life story with a twist and it has so much comedy and enchantment you can’t help but be swept up.

Bee and PuppyCat #2 second print ships with a new cover by Buntoo under Diamond Order Code JUL148213 and carries a retail price of $3.99. It's anticipated to be on sale September 17th. Full press release below.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Archaia Debuts Butterfly

Butterfly #1

Archaia does comics right. They always offer top-notch books with quality presentation and an attention to detail. And there's nothing like a good spy thriller mixed with Archaia and this September, the publisher will debut Butterfly, a new four-issue series that explores the true nature of people who devote themselves to covert ops and the solitude, deceit, and violence that comes with that life. Screenwriter Arash Amel, writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Antonio Fuso explore the espionage genre and the complexity of family drama within a web of global conspiracy.

“Butterfly lands right in our sweet spot as a publisher,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “The spy genre has always been a favorite of ours and this series stands out as a highlight amongst our work in that field. With Butterfly, we take a look at a father and daughter who are completely estranged due to the toll of the spy lifestyle. What I love most about this series is that Arash and Marguerite have managed to tell a patient story deeply rooted in character and still maintain the intense action of a spy thriller. While reading the first issue some of their small touches reminded of what I love about the work of John le CarrĂ©, J.J. Abrams’ Alias, and the Bourne franchise. Antonio Fuso’s stark and stylized art is an incredible compliment to a very promising series.”

Butterfly is one of Project Delta's deep cover agents—no birth certificate, no social security number, a complete ghost. When her cover is blown and she’s set up for a murder she didn’t commit, she’s unknowingly led to her father’s doorstep, a man she thought died 20 years ago. Codenamed Nightingale, her father was once a member of the very same Project Delta, a spy in the violent aftermath of the Cold War, and believes they are behind her setup. Trained to trust nothing and no one, Butterfly must decide whether to seek answers with the Project, or believe the man who betrayed her years ago.

Archaia’s Butterfly #1 arrives in comic shops on September 24th with a cover price of $3.99 under Diamond order code JUL140987. The issue ships with a card-stock cover by Phil Noto. Full press release below.

Review - Shinobi Ninja Princess #1

"Looks like things just got a little more complicated."

Life as a teenage girl is hard. It's even harder when you're a ninja princess, with the expectations to lead and be the one making tough decisions daily. It can offer some rewards though, primarily in the way of getting praise for being genuinely good at what you were raised to do. That's a story for Shinobi Ninja Princess #1 from Action Lab Entertainment, written, illustrated and colored by Martheus Wade (color assists by Marvin Cheveallier) and lettered by Kevin Williams.

Valiant Turns on the Charm at Baltimore Comic-Con

Baltimore Comic-Con is fast approaching and Valiant entertainment wants in on the action. So, of course, they'll be there for a weekend jam-packed with show exclusives, signings and panel appearances from the most talked-about comic book publisher of the year. From Friday, September 5th through Sunday, September 7th, join Valiant at Booth #2008/2009 to pick up your The Delinquents #1 Baltimore Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Variant by Michael Walsh. Witness the beginning of summer's most disastrous super-hero joyride right here as James Asmus, Fred Van Lente) and Kano collide Quantum and Woody and Archer & Armstrong for the crudest, lewdest, and most unsportsmanlike team-up in comics history.

Also, debuting at Baltimore Comic-Con 2014, discover the battle ten millennia in the making with The Valiant: First Look preview edition, featuring an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look inside the all-new, prestige format mini-series event from superstar creators Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt and Paolo Rivera. Packed with never-before-seen artwork, preview pages, and interviews, and featuring nearly every Valiant hero, do not miss your chance to find out why The Valiant is the astonishing new adventure that will be taking comics by storm this December.

Talent on hand will include Asmus, Laura Martin, Rafer Roberts, Brian Reber and Vivek J. Tiwary. On Saturday, September 6th at 1 PM ET, fans can check out the Valiant panel for an in-depth discussion about the future of X-O Manowar, Unity, Rai, Harbinger, Archer & Armstrong and more with writer Asmus, Ray Fawkes, Tiwary, Reber, Martin, Editor-in-Chief Warren Simons and Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani.

Full press release below.

Oddly Normal Looks at Nightmare Wishes

Birthday cake tastes delicious, inspires a bout of singing and comes with the promise that if you blow the candle out you'll be granted a wish. While two of the three are generally pretty guaranteed, the third is a little less sure to happen. That's especially the case in Oddly Normal from Image Comics. And in Oddly Normal #1 by Otis Frampton, Oddly’s life is an unhappy blend of the magic and mortal worlds, but just when she thought life couldn’t get anymore miserable, one innocent wish throws her life asunder. With her safety abruptly thrown into great peril Oddly must travel to the land of Fignation to try to save her family and get back the life she took for granted.

"I'm looking forward to taking readers on a fun ride," said Frampton. "Fignation is the collective imagination of humanity and Oddly is going to be stuck there for a while. Monsters, magic, super-heroes, time-travel... expect all of it in Oddly Normal."

Filled with steampunk-esque creatures, magical new alliances, floating dirigible, and a nefarious mystery, Oddly’s adventure is anything but normal. Oddly Normal is a witty, world-building fantasy sophisticated enough to enchant adults and whimsical enough to inspire the imaginations of younger audiences. Oddly Normal #1 arrives in stores September 17 and will be available for $2.99 and can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code JUL140443.

Full press release below.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Review - Pop #1

"Beauty isn't cheap. Perfection is even more expensive."

Ever wonder why a lot of pop music sounds the same. Sure, it could be labels rely on the same song writers or managers for the performers. Or maybe the AABA format of music is so easily replicated that it's hard to really want to do anything else. Or maybe record labels are secretly creating pop stars in a lab somewhere, ensuring that the tap of profits doesn't turn off. In Pop #1 from Dark Horse Comics, the answer seems to be the third. The issue is written by Curt Pires, illustrated by Jason Copland, colored by Pete Toms and lettered by Ryan Ferrier.

The Wicked + The Divine Will Feature Kevin Wada Variant

The Wicked + The Divine is an interesting look at the world of pop music, where gods live and die in a short lifespan. Those individuals still manage to find time to enjoy life; that is, until things go wrong and they take the blame for their decisions. With the book being successful, it only makes sense that The Wicked + The Divine #4 gets a special variant cover by Kevin Wada. This dark and striking interpretation of Baphomet and Badb will be available to order with Diamond Code JUL148049.

Picking up from where the previous issue’s cliffhanger left off, in The Wicked + The Divine #4 the mystery is solved. But can you guess if pop-god Lucifer likes the answer? Plus, there’s much more to Baal than meets the eye, dear reader. He has secrets you’ll want to know.

"We've been following Laura in her journey into the world of the Gods this arc,” said Gillen. “This takes her right to the heart of it. It's where we've been heading—which immediately sets the stage for what's next. Which is issue 5, the end of the first story, which you have to imagine we have certain special things planned for. And you'd be correct."

The Wicked + The Divine #4 will hit shelves on September 17 and can be ordered with Diamond Code JUL140590. Keep an eye out for the special Wada variant (Diamond Code JUL148049) which will be available on the same day. Final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, September 25. Full press release below.

John Carpenter's Asylum Releases Graphic Novel At New York Comic Con

John Carpenter seems to like getting out of the bigger cities. He's already filmed documentaries on how to do it from NY and LA. Unless, of course, those aren't documentaries and are just action-packed movies filled to the brim with drama and intrigue. In which case, he really might not want to escape cities after all. And it might explain why he'd visit them again after escaping, as he's looking to do this October at New York Comic Con. It's there that John Carpenter's Asylum will debut, written by Sandy King Carpenter and illustrated by Leo Manco. There will be three versions of the book, including a limited run collectors' edition, only available through the publisher, a hardcover edition (ISBN 978-0-9853258-8-6/SEP141622) in time for the holidays, and a softcover version (ISBN 978-0-9853258-7-9/AUG141656) that will hit stores in October.

The softcover NYCC release will be a full 200 pages which contain the 144 comic pages from the first six issues as well as a sketchbook from Manco that shows pages in the three different stages of development (pencils, inks, colors), a “how to”guide covering the creation of the John Carpenter's Asylum animated trailer and three new demons never before seen in the comic. The hardcover will have the same interior, which includes one of two limited edition sketch cards. The limited edition includes an oversized slipcase, hand-numbered with signatures by Sandy King Carpenter, John Carpenter, Manco, Bruce Jones, Trent Olsen, Janice Chiang and possibly Thomas Ian Griffith. The run will be strictly limited to 500.

There's a war coming to the City of Angels. In tunnels beneath the city, in the dark alleys among the homeless, demons lurk and Lucifer bides his time. One man knows. One man sees. One man walks those dark streets. Father Daniel Beckett's seen demons and he's spoken to the Devil, but he's never seen an angel and he's never spoken to God. Obsessed and driven as much by betrayal as righteousness and anger as redemption, he walks the smoke-filled encampments of lost souls like Dante's nine rings of the Inferno. He is God's warrior at war with God.

Sandy King Carpenter and Manco will be on hand at New York Comic Con for signings and autographs at booth #2029. The softcover at the show will be $19.99. The November hardcover release will be $35.00. he limited edition version will be $100.00 and available for purchase on-line and advance order at the show.

Full press release below.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Defense With The BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. Originally it was a post of news and tips to help survivors make it one more day alive, but now it has became a story of my fight to survive and to keep on living.)

Year 6. Week 0.

Six years.

That's how long it’s been since this all started. Sometimes it feels like only yesterday we were hearing the reports and not believing it was actually happening. When your neighbor tries to eat you, that sobers you up real quick to the fact that zombies are alive and taking over the world.

Death may be all around us, but we don’t have to let it define our lives. After the burial last week we've begun our search for signs of zombies massing. We are focusing now on the state of Oklahoma to help out the survivor outpost there. So far the satellites have't seen much in the way of activity in or around Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Those cities were pretty destroyed and from the way Oklahoma City looks it appears it was nuked.

We plan on staying on top of Oklahoma for the next few days, but if we see no activity will move on to Kansas. I would love to get an eye over Kansas City to see what happened to that outpost I was at a couple years ago. It was attacked by bandits instead of zombies, but who knows what could have happened after I got the hell out of there. I do remember a ton of explosions as I was leaving, but something must have survived and--if so--maybe we can use it for a new base. Right now looking for zombies and forming new outposts is the name of the game.