Review - Ibrahim Coyle (@BraleStudios)

"Like, halt! In the name of the law, you're like, so arrested! Everything you say, like none of that stuff goes! Give up and we'll shoot you!"

The one thing a lot of PIs tend to have in common is a general disregard for the lives around them in terms of how they may inadvertently affect them. In Ibrahim Coyle #1 from Brale Comics, the main character really runs with that description. The issue is written by written by Nikola Pavlović and Filip Stanković (translated by Ivan Veljković) and illustrated by Filip Stanković.

Ibrahim Coyle is just your regular con-man and a self-proclaimed PI, secret agent or whatever the client needs, as long as there's some cash on him.

The writing duo of Pavlović and Stanković have created a seriously scattershot main character who careens through life from one seeming disaster to the next. In fact, much of the first issue spent attempting to keep up with the almost dizzying array of conflicts that Ibrahim Coyle finds himself in. There's very much a frenetic pace that carries the first issue as Pavlović and Stanković refuse to let the reader catch up. As a character, Coyle has his share of devil-may-care attitude that helps buoy the overall brashness of the issue. All of the above being said, there are some moments in the issue that Pavlović and Stanković could possibly clarify a bit more in terms of overarching universe details, but it's assumed that future issues address some of these concepts.

Stanković's art style places an extraordinary emphasis on the world "style." Ibrahim Coyle is rendered with sketch lines, yet still manages to be very expressive and allows the reader into his mindset with each panel. Using a standard grid format is very helpful for containing the otherwise madcap action. Stanković isn't shy about the book's boldness through the use of an explosion of colors, providing each panel its own sense of being. The contrast from panel to panel is sharpened by the bold color choices, maintaining the predominant personality of the book.

Ibrahim Coyle #1 is a garrish first issue in all the right ways. The main character is adamant in his somewhat selfish approach to life, providing the issue with ample sense of swagger. The script and pacing by Pavlović and Stanković is bombastic and doesn't let up. Stanković provides the issue with an extremely unique and gregarious art style that matches the personality of the lead character brilliantly. Ibrahim Coyle #1 is pretty slick in its presentation and relentless in its approach.

The issue is available now via Comixology.