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Review - Hack/Slash 15th Anniversary Special (@imagecomics)

"You should be happy they like you for that one thing."

Cassie Hack is a character rife with tragedy and aggression. In Hack/Slash 15th Anniversary Special from Image Comics, her story gets an appropriate tribute of sorts. "Your Darlings Kill You" is written by Tim Seeley, illustrated by Dan Leister, colored by Carlos Alberto Moreno Diaz (pages 1-10) and Andrew Dalhouse (pages 11-20) and lettered by Crank!. "Abyss" is written and lettered by Brian Crowley and illustrated by Jules Shapirov. "System Ready" is written by Sam Eggleston, illustrated by Jay A. Defoy, colored by Addison Duke and lettered by Crank!. "Random Facts" is compiled by Jeff Bohn and Gregory Ellner. "Timeline" is compiled by Gregory Ellner. "Shit My Vlad Says" is compiled by Jeff Bohn.

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