Civil War: Issue 7

Civil War has been Marvel's crown jewel for the better part of a year now (practically), and the final issue was released Wednesday, February 21st. The series has chronicled the tumultuous relationship between Iron Man and Captain America, as both of them have differing views regarding the Superhero Registration Act. This (of course) crescendoed into one of the most epic battles the Marvel Universe has faced, pitting Iron Man and those for the registration against Captain America and those against. The final issue certainly does not disappoint, and points the Marvel Universe towards a troubled future.
The issue read extremely fast (it was really over before I realized it), and the writing was excellent. The ending is not quite what you'd expect from such an important issue, however, I was very satisfied with the way it concluded. As I mentioned earlier, there are tons of stories that have been set up from this issue, and who knows where subsequent writers will take them. I think some will be disappointed that there isn't a "symbolic" moment (readers of massive comic arcs will know what I mean by that), however, the story gets by just fine on its own.
Fallout? Well, Hulk is coming back, and no one knows what side he will be on. Spiderman has been outed, and everyone knows he's Peter Parker. SPOILER ALERTCaptain America is in jail, as he gave himself up to Iron Man to stop all the fightingEND SPOILER ALERT. And all those that were on Cap's side are being rounded up and prisoned for the troubles (except for the ones they can't find). And the Fantastic Four are trying to heal after being torn apart by the Civil War.
All in all, an excellent issue. I'm eagerly anticipating where this goes next, as I feel that Civil War has done a much better job setting everything up than House of M did. Hopefully, Marvel can keep this momentum going, and make the best of it.