Heroes Review: "Company Man"

Ok, Heroes is really starting to get good. It took it nearly forever, but things are really moving now. From the beginning, I've felt that Heroes does best when it focuses on 2 or 3 characters per show, as opposed to jumping around and dealing with everyone that has an ability. This episode picked up where the last left off (obviously), with Matt and Ted confronting Mr. Bennet about what's going on. As he constantly denies their overtures, Ted gets a little angry, and you don't like it when Ted gets angry. Jack Coleman is doing an exceptional job playing the role of Mr. Bennet, as this episode was basically a flashback episode, chronicling his progression as an "agent" of the organization he is working for.
Spoiler AlertWe still are left in the dark about the organization, however we now know that Mr. Bennet adopted (more like was given by Hiro's dad...intrigued yet) Claire to raise, with the notion that if she showed powers, the organization would come to collect. The organization pairs a "mutant" with an agent to catalogue and deal with the other mutants in the world. The flashback showed his first partner being the Invisible Man (same one helping Peter), albeit in a less gruff, yet still skeptical, form of himself. Mr. Bennet is forced to kill him (we all know he escapes...how else would he be helping Peter in the present), per the request of the mysterious leader of the organization.
In the present (the show oscillates between advancing past and present), Ted and Mr. Bennet race to the paper mill to get the file on Ted, just so he won't go nuclear and wipe out most of Odessa. Upon arriving back at the Bennet home, the mysterious leader shows up, and finds that Claire does have a power (I won't say how he finds out, but if you've seen the end of X3, you have a good idea. The episode ends with the Haitian and Claire running at the request of Mr. Bennet, while the Haitian removes all memory of Claire from him. It was a very powerful episode, and really added a human element to Mr. Bennet, who at this point it just felt like he was completely evil, when in the end, he was just trying to protect his family (Claire included).End Spoiler Alert
Many things are rapidly becoming clear as the show progresses, and now its getting hot. This show has kind of lacked suspense, as the first half of the season seemed to promise multiple big payoffs, with little reward. Now, everything is hitting the fan, and its becoming more and more clear that things are about to get even more off the chains sooner than later. That makes 2 solid episodes in a row for Heroes, as this one is easily a 9.8 out of 10, and it seems that its only going to get better. This is my favorite episode of the entire series so far. Now if NBC would return Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip instead of The Black Donnely's, everything would be great.