Heroes Review: "Unexpected"

So I finally got around to watching Heroes this week, and this series is finally making up for lost time. I've been watching it from the beginning, and the first few episodes were nothing short of amazing. Then, it started to get redundant, and then there was a month layoff where no Heroes were to be found. Now, a few episodes in from the break, the show is really finding its footing, and getting great while doing so. There are spoilers so read at your own risk.
We learned a few things this episode. Namely Peter is learning to better control his abilities, Matt partners up with Radioactive Man and Wi-Fi Girl (those aren't their real names, but come on), and Claire and her father come to a head about the whole "erasing memory" thing. Hiro leaves Ando (only to get on a Stan Lee driven bus...beautiful surprise by the way), and Sylar continues his steal abilities tour with Mohinder, unawares to Mohinder (although after this week's episode, he may start getting the hint).
With so many characters being featured, its hard to move the plot forward much at all, much less per character. But this episode did a fantastic job, as every character featured had their stories advanced, which is a welcome change from the past few episodes that have been rather stagnant in terms of story development. The entire show, I've felt that its being crushed under its own weight, and that because there were so many characters, the story as a whole was suffering. It looks like the audience is getting geared up for the big payoff however, with the shocking ending of Isaac accidentally shooting Simone, who then falls into Peter's arms. This could be the thing that sets him off, but only time will tell.
Overall, a great episode. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 9.