Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
New Characters (Xbox 360)

Finally, after seemingly endless delays, fans of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for the Xbox 360 get new downloadable content (DLC). The Heroes and Villains character packs have hit the Xbox Live Marketplace (at a price of 500 Points each pack, or 800 Points for both packs together). The Heroes (not to be confused with the show) pack gives you the ability to play Hulk, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Hawkeye. The Villains pack (not to be confused with the non-existent show) gives you the ability to play Doom, Venom (yip), Sabertooth and Magneto (double yip). These new characters have that impact of giving you the chance to take your concept of an all-star team and blast it apart with the strength of a Cyclops Optic Blast. These characters are in addition to the other characters already included in the game. Those that are on the fence about getting this game, get off the fence and get it, as its definitely a kickass superhero game. But at this point, you may want to wait until May, when the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition hits the streets, as these characters will be included from the start. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance DLC