Review: Heroes ".07%"

After roughly a month long hiatus, Heroes has finally returned. Would it be met with the same fervor that it left fans with? Would it successfully continue the runaway train pace that it began to accumulate before its hiatus? Does my opinion really count that much? Who knows, but that’s what this blog’s for, so here goes.

Spoilers Ahead

Sylar and Peter face off, and Sylar kills Peter. Or does he? This episode served more as a discovery episode for all involved. Nathan learned that Linderman has a power (he can heal others), while Claire got to know her family a little more (most notably, spending time with her grandmother that wants to take her to Paris…fun).

Parkman and Radioactive Man get out of Primatech Paper (with some “thoughtful” assistance from Claire’s dad. They plan on taking the organization down, so that future heroes can live in peace, without the tracking and Superhero Registration Act (sorry…wrong storyline). Looks like they’re on the next bus to…you guessed it, New York City.

Meanwhile, Linderman wants Micah (for who knows what), and Hiro rips a hole in the space time continuum by bumping into himself 5 years into the future, which is apparently when the next episode takes place.

And finally, Sylar gets a nifty new power, as he kills Isaac, and takes his future painting power. He uses it to paint a perverse version of another image painted, where Nathan stands in the Oval Office as President (Sylar’s version has something like and ogre).

End Spoilers

Overall, this episode was fantastic. It wasn’t as powerful as the 2 or 3 episodes leading up to the hiatus, however, it did a great job of picking up where it left off. It’s interesting to see Parkman and Radioactive Man partnered with Mr. Bennett, and the Jessi/Nikki storyline took an interesting twist this week as well, as it seems she has some motivation to hate Mr. Linderman even more. Hiro got minimum screen time, which is fine, as it gave time to the other characters to flesh out the overall story a bit more.

There are only 4 chapters left, which kind of sucks, but such is the life of the serialized drama. It seems that Linderman (and now Nathan) want Peter to blow up New York City (as Linderman put it, its only 0.07% of the world’s population). The Sylar/Peter showdown was a little anti-climatic, but I can imagine they’re saving the fireworks till the end. It could be interesting, however, if Sylar gets the shapeshifting and nuclear abilities, and it’s actually him that blows up (as opposed to Peter). Could lead to a solid sophomore season of Heroes.

Rating: 9.2 out of 10.