Eagle Awards handed to the worthy by Captain Britain

Starting in 1976 (before this writer was born), the Eagles Awards were introduced as a way to recognize excellence in comics, whether it be writing, drawing, publishing, etc. On Saturday (May 12), the 31st incarnation of said awards was held at the Bristol Comics Expo across the pond (as those British like to say). Comic Book Resources has a tidy little list of all the winners from this year's extravaganza. Among them include Warren Ellis (Best Comic Writer) of Marvel/DC/Image fame, Alex Ross (Favorite Artist: Fully Painted Artwork), best known for anything that's epic and DC and Batman (Favorite Comics Character), who we all know really just kicks ass. Now, I'll be the first to admit, that I never knew there was such an awards show for comics in Britain, so that's just cool to start. Maybe next year, Comicality will have such clout that it can get some access. And no, the awards weren't really handed out by Captain Britain. But that would've been freaking awesome if they were, and you know it.