Review: Heroes "Five Years Gone"

This week’s episode of Heroes was quite the doozy. It was set 5 years into the future, where the bomb went off, and the heroes were viewed as terrorists, with the steady Nathan Petrelli at the helm of the United States of America. Quite a few surprises carried this phenomenal episode.

Spoilers ahead

We follow Hiro (past and present) and Ando, as they try to piece together what happened. Apparently, the bomb went off, and it was Sylar that was the bomb (I think some great blogger hypothesized that last week). Nathan has become President, and all the heroes have been forced into hiding, with a few exceptions. Parkman has become Director of Homeland Security (or some other government related entity tasked with finding and capturing illegal heroes). Hank Mc…I mean, Mohinder Suresh is an advisor to Nathan, and is the man all things DNA related when it comes to the heroes.

Peter is sporting a sick scar across his face, which can lead one to think that Hiro may be involved, and is dating the lovely Nikki, who has seemingly rid herself of Jessica. The Haitian is Parkman’s right hand man, and Claire is in hiding in TX, while her dad relocates heroes so that they aren’t detected by the government. We’re treated to Round 2 of the Peter/Sylar face-off, as we learn that the President isn’t actually Nathan, but Sylar with shapeshifting powers. Future Hiro realizes where the timeline went wrong, and that was where he was supposed to kill Sylar, but didn’t (as he regenerated with Claire’s power). Past Hiro teleports back to the past in the climatic end scene where Peter and Sylar are going at it, Parkman is trying to get in, and Mohinder is screaming to Hiro about his fate.

One thing that confused me was the timeline part. In this future, Claire was killed in the past by Sylar, which is how he regenerated apparently (when Hiro supposedly killed him). But then, she’s fine, and Sylar kills her again, as she is found by Parkman, and thinks she’s visiting Nathan. But we know that Peter saved Claire, so Sylar never should have regenerated. Maybe I missed something, but it seems like there’s a certain lack of continuity in the Heroes space-time continuum.

End spoilers

In any case, this episode was great. Little too Days of Future Past for me (Marvel fans know where I’m at), but I’ve been saying all along that you have Marvel writers involved with the show, you’re going to get similarities. The episode gave most attention to Hiro, Sylar and Claire, as it’s clear that these 3 are the ones the show is really revolving around. Peter had very little time, however, you could tell that he’s the “x-factor” if you will, and pretty much holds the fate of the world (well, for the time being, New York City) in his hands.

Only 3 episodes left, and they should be fantastic. 9.1 out of 10.