Iron Man suit first look

Those crazy kids over at Entertainment Weekly have posted the first shot of the costume being designed for Robert Downey, Jr. to wear in Iron Man. Have to say, muy impressed. Its not that hard of a costume to get right, and it seems the designers went with the tried and true familiar costume. The creator of the costume is Oscar winning special effects guru Stan Winston (who just so happens to hail from Richmond, VA). He's been around the block quite a few times, doing make-up work on numerous superhero films (Batman Returns, The Incredible Hulk), and countless other sci-fi flicks (most notably Alien and Predator, but not surprisingly not Alien versus Predator). Although many readers may be pissed at Iron Man right now (what with that whole Superhero Registration Act thing), it is still promising to see a movie about him in the works (and moving quite tidily along). Directed by Jon Favreau, Iron Man is penciled in for a May 2008 release. Just remember to wear your Sunday best when you see it. Downey's sobering suit