Its a bird...its a plane...its Free Comic Book Day!!!!!

We all love Saturdays. We all love something that's free. We all love comics (I assume you have at least a passing interest in them if you're reading this). Put it all together, and you have something we can all get behind: Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 5th. I could go into detail about what it is, but I think the name is pretty self-explanatory. Visit your favorite comic book haunt, ask where the pile is, and start digging. Its a great day for people to check out some lesser known works, and also just to chat it up with fellow comic book fans. There's a website for the event (of course), which has a nifty zip code lookup to find what stores near you are part of the promotion. Many stores also run mini-events in celebration of the day, so its a good time for all. And for those folks in the Boston area, New England Comics is having a massive spring sale that goes through May 17th. Have a great Free Comic Book Day. Make a shirt if you're feeling saucy. Free Comic Book Day