Marvel trading card game (not that one,the other one)

Long time comics readers (well, those who read during the late 90s anyways) will remember a Marvel collectible card game called Overpower. Collectible card games were all the rage back then (most of the kids were playing Magic: The Gathering), so it was inevitable that Marvel would get a taste and want some of that card-slamming goodness. So they did, and Overpower lasted all of about a year or so. The problem was that the mechanics of the game were pretty one-dimensional, and your chances of winning were vastly improved by having the more powerful (or popular, you decide) heroes/villains at the ready. Well, it seems Marvel wants to try this whole thing again; except this time, we're in the digital age. Konami is releasing an online version of Overpower called (fittingly) Marvel Trading Card Game. Release is planned for PSP (May 31st), DS in July, and PC at some point, so be sure to pick it up if it tickles your fancy. Honestly, I'm a little intrigued at the notion of standing at the T Stop waiting for my train and exchanging glances with someone else waiting. Then (as dramatic music hits), we both pull out our DSes and battle, Pokemon style. Amazing! Marvel Trading Card Game