Review: Heroes "The Hard Part"

A problem I've had with Heroes from the start is that it seems they have an almost epic story, but have paced it horribly. This leads to a stretch of episodes that are pure movement in terms of story and action, and then stretches of episodes that are really more filler than anything. I'm happy to say that it looks like the season is going to close out on a busy note, if last night's episode is any indication. Spoilers ahead This episode revolved around multiple storylines (as usual), however, the most intriguing one was Sylar's (who has to be one of the greatest characters on in television in a long time). He spent the episode with his mom, and their dynamic was chilling, to say the least. Quinto (Sylar) showed so much fear and anxiety, as he desperately sought his mother's approval to essentially blow up half of New York (as he's convinced he will do, and I still believe he will). It was humanizing that have this episode revolve around Sylar, as you felt sorry for him briefly, and wondered if he really was that bad, or just struggling to gain the approval of his mom. Hiro and Ando had minor parts, which is odd considering Hiro is one that is destined to stop Sylar. He attempted to kill Sylar, but couldn't do it, and had his sword broke in the process. We all know that Hiro has yet to find that trait in him that allows for cold regard for actions, as he felt sorry for Sylar, while watching him and his mother through the window of their house. Nikki and DL were on the hunt for Micah, when they realized that their entire lives were followed (and one could say dictated) by Mr. Lindermann. Micah meanwhile is still hanging out with Candace, who we learn can do more than just shapeshift. It seems her power is illusions, and she can make people see what she wants them to see. So she just scored some points in my book, because that power is much cooler than being a shapeshifter alone. Suresh spent the episode looking for a cure for a girl who's power is she can instantly locate any person in the world. Props to the writer for bringing it back full circle, as the little girl was the same girl that Parkman found hiding in the beginning of the show, where Sylar killed her parents. Nathan learned that his mom was in on the plan with Lindermann, and it seems everybody but Nathan wants to be President. Parkman, Ted and Mr. Bennett make it to New York, where they come across Peter and Claire. This is good for Claire, because she gets to see her other dad, but bad for Peter, because he starts absorbing Ted's power. It was funny, seeing Parkman give Peter a strange look upon arriving, as if seeing if they'd mentally clash again. The episode ended with Sylar painting the explosion with his mom's blood on the floor at the house, using the future Isaac power. End Spoilers In my opinion, this has been the best episode so far. A lot of people may disagree, but I think the humanization of Sylar really changed the dynamic of the show. Prior to this, Sylar was a monster (and really still is). But having him doubt his actions, and showing weakness by being scared basically really made him seem mortal, and gives you the thought that things could end in any way possible. His relationship with his mom was completely dysfunctional (she has a penchant for snow globes), so it was only fitting that it end the way it did. Two episodes left, and I have to say, I'm stoked. Rating: 9.6 out of 10.