Review: Heroes How to Stop an Exploding Man

How do you stop an exploding man? Throw him deep underwater, so his blast is contained there? Shoot him in the head, hopefully ending his explosiveness? Or do something much less dramatic with very little fanfare to end what was fast becoming one of the best shows on television? (Hint: Heroes went the little fanfare route). Its next to impossible to review a season finale without spoilers, so consider yourself warned. I can't begin to express how disappointed I was with the season finale of Heroes. It seemed like they had about 10 minutes worth of actual ending, which was too much to tack onto last week's episode, but not enough for a full episode. The season finale just seemed too convenient and forced, and didn't even have a gripping cliffhanger (seriously, WTF was Hiro doing in feudal Japan under an eclipse at the end?). The entire season we've been teased about en epic Peter/Sylar showdown, yet it ultimately became a few punches thrown, and Hiro showing up to stab Sylar, and fulfill his "destiny." Which led to the "holy crap I can't control this power all of a sudden again even though I could earlier" moment in Peter, who was promptly flown away by Nathan (with an apparent change of heart) so they could explode together (as brothers) far above Earth's atmosphere. I'll admit, it was cool to see Peter using his new power (Nikki's strength in throwing said punches), and it wouldn't surprise me if he picked up Hiro's power while he was there. It was nice to see some resolution to Nikki/Jessica, as she finally found out how to control the emotions of Jessica, while maintaining her strength (to the point of kicking Candace's ass). The showdown at the beginning between Mohinder, Bennett (sorry, Noah) and Molly was quickly defused just by Molly recognizing Parkman, so that's always nice (or convenient, take your pick). And the somewhat extraneous flashback/dream Peter had about Simone's father (I'll save the discussion about his name being Charles and being in a wheelchair for later) seemed out of place, and completely unexplained. The interaction between Molly and Micah was cute, as they both had expressions on their faces of relief that there were others with powers like them that were the same age. And I don't know where Parkman got the sudden gung ho catch the bad guy attitude to just walk up on Sylar and unload a clip into him (which Sylar, of course, promptly used his powers of magnetism to return the bullets into Parkman's chest). Ando's attempt at killing Sylar was the only thing that seemed genuine, and Hiro proved he could do his "trick" faster than Sylar could do his. And isn't painting your own future kind of cheating, since you can basically go there anyway? Sylar needed a painting to tell him to go to the building where everyone else was at? All in all, the freshman season of Heroes had its ups and downs. Recently, it was definitely picking up steam, and setting up for a monster ending. What we got instead was Sylar crawling into the sewers (despite being stabbed by Hiro), and Peter dead (supposedly, although it wouldn't surprise me if he lived and Nathan died, giving him even more to be insecure about in the next season). And there was really no cliffhanger. I mean, I'll watch next season, but not because I have to know what happens next. I was impressed by the season, but I did feel a little letdown by the season finale. My thoughts are that Sylar is still alive, Peter teleported Nathan away, came back, blew up so all could see, and flew off. Next season, Peter and Sylar face off against the scarier version of Sylar. Review: 8.9 out of 10 Series Review: 9.6 out of 10