Review: Heroes Landslide

Heroes has been a show that has definitely had ups and downs. That's not to say the downs were necessarily bad, just a little, slow. The story has been extremely solid overall, however, there were a few stretches of episodes that really just seemed extraneous, and served very little purpose in advancing the story. Now that we're in the home stretch (the season finale is next week), things have tightened up tremendously. Nothing is wasted, and I'm actually a little worried if they'll get everything wrapped up before next seasons' 30 new episodes (with 6 origin episodes in there for good measure). This week's episode, "Landslide" really set things up to end in spectacular fashion. Spoilers ahead New York...apparently the city to be in. Parkman and Mr. Bennett decide to take out the tracking system, Claire, Peter and Ted head to Nebraska (with Sylar following them), and Hiro learns that his dad is a badass that teaches him to become one. There were quite a few "duh" moments in this one that make perfect sense, but for some reason didn't hit me until now (the tracking system being the little girl Molly, Micah's kidnapping to use his power on the e-voting, Lindermann's healing touch to allow Nathan's wife to walk again). Sylar finally got his wish to be special, as he overheard the Nebraska plans, and tipped off the FBI that Ted was in town, which prompted Audrey Hanson (Parkman's fomer partner) to magically appear in NYC for the takedown, and then led to Sylar getting Ted's power. Nikki and DL were in town as well, and they found Lindermann, who decided to put a bullet in DL (not knowing DL could phase in and out, and would get up and phase his hand into the back of Lindemann's head). Hiro is trying to get his sword repaired, when he finds his dad, who trains him to use it, and has known about Hiro all along, making Hiro that much awesomer. The ending was a phenomenal bit of writing, with Nathan giving his victory speech over a montage of everything else happening. There were some brilliant lines (Micah had the best, when he said "who said the world's sick" in response to Candace). The last shot of the episode was Sylar taking in all of NYC, while playing with his new radioactive powers, leading up to the potential for everything to go insane next week in the finale. Two minor gripes (other than the fact that I missed 10 minutes of the show because RCN went out for that long, which happened to be the 10 minutes when Sylar took out Ted). The first is the start of the episode in conjunction with the end of the last episode. Last week, Peter was freaking out because he was worried that he wouldn't be able to control the radioactive power. Fast forward to this week, where apparently he's learned to control it quite well, and no one seems worried he's going to lose it. The second is Hiro. While it was cool that he's training, its amazing (uncanny maybe?) that he would pick up so much so fast. Granted, we're not in real time like 24, but still, it didn't seem like that much time was passing while he was training. End spoilers All the pieces are in place for a great ending, and all the loose ends are getting wrapped up. As I mentioned earlier, my only concern is that there will be a few things hanging (beyond the inevitable cliffhanger) that should've been resolved. But we'll see I suppose. This is easily the best new show of the year, and should have a solid sophomore effort. Rating: 9.5 out of 10.