Some Shazam action for the ladies

The past few years have seen a surge in popularity of video games and comics among the ladies, for whatever reason (I guess it's hip to be square). So it would seem that more and more writers of comic-to-movie adaptations are looking to woo the female demographic. As if built male actors in tights weren't enough, the writers of Shazam are looking to go a step reports that The Rock has been approached to bring Shazam to the big screen. "Well, knowing Pete, he'd update it and make it fresh," Johnson says. "But that's his question; he's very excited about the project and talks about it passionately. Pete also understands the importance of getting that right; he's a big comic book fan." The Rock is currently working with Pete (Peter Segal) on the big-screen incarnation of Get Smart. The People's Shazam