Top 100 Comic Movies of All Time

For some reason, people like lists. It makes grocery shopping easier. It makes taking roll easier. And it definitely makes discussion (or heated argument, depending on where you stand) among fans of any subject of a list that much more exciting. Its hard to put faith in any list, because they're completely subjective (most of the time), but they're really fun to jaw about. Rotten Tomatoes (that zany, everyone votes site that rates movies) has taken it upon themselves to compile a list of the top 100 comic movies of all time. And they actually used a spiffy formula to calculate a movie's spot on the list (something to the extent of "(r ÷ (r+m)) × t + (m ÷ (r+m)) × a, with "r" representing the number of rated reviews, "m" the minimum number of reviews needed for a movie to qualify, "t" the Tomatometer score, and "a" the average Tomatometer of all the qualifying movies"). In any case, hit the link, and see where your favorite comic movie falls. Of course, the list includes fan favorites such as Batman Begins (number 8...woohoo!), and V for Vendetta (22), but also those movies that you don't necessarily associate with comics, such as Heavy Metal (40) and Tank Girl (55). Enjoy. Rotten Tomatoes Top 100 Comic Movies of All Time