Transformers - Avengers in disguise

Jumping on the quickly accelerating Transformers hype train (see Friday's post for the full trailer of the movie) is none other than everyone's favorite comic publisher Marvel. In July, Marvel will release one of the best "what ifs" fans of Transformers or the New Avengers could possibly hope for, when New Avengers/Transformers ships. Holy crap. Ignore the fact that Transformers are awesome enough in their own right (and is a far better cartoon than most of the crap that kids have to watch these days), but throw in the turmoil that is the Marvel Universe now, and the New Avengers, and you have one kickass piece of work. Details are pretty scant as of now, but IGN has a mini-preview of the upcoming action. Oh, and July 4th will be here sooner than you know it. Transformers/New Avengers