Transformers Full Theatrical Trailer

If you were born in the 1980s, chances are you've heard of a show (and comic) about robots that can transform from vehicles to robots, and back again, and was appropriately named Transformers. Fans of the stellar show remember the Stan Bush laden animated movie where "The Matrix" originated, and have long been pining for a live action movie. When word came about that Micheal Bay was directing, there was some trepidation on behalf of the fans. Throw in the slated July 4th release, and many were wondering if the movie would simply be the explosion-fest heroic movie that most Bay movies are. Well, this trailer does something to alleviate those fears somewhat, as this movie just looks even awesomer now. Steven Spielberg's inclusion should add some meat to the story (although initially he was only added to lend credibility), so I think moviegoers will like what they see. In the mean time, enjoy the full theatrical trailer on Yahoo.