Death of a leg-, death of a lege-?

Sorry, I just can't call him a legend without a slight chuckle. I know that I'm going to piss of a legion of Flash fans who think that his ability as the "fastest man alive" is better then sliced bread, but I'm just not buying it. Its never a good thing when a superhero dies, but if a recent teaser image sent out by DC is any indication, then things aren't looking so hot for the crimson speedster. The image (seen above) shows a battered Flash, with a cacophony of villains towering over him. At the bottom the "alive" part of his phrase is shot out (or crushed by the Flash's name itself). Could this really be the end? Or will another person don the suit from another time era who's the cousin of the son that was the father of a previous Flash? IGN goes into much more detailed analysis of the picture (no amount of analysis I attempt to provide will do Flash any respect since all I know is he's extremely fast, and can apparently travel through time on a treadmill), so click through if you want to get some riveting notions. Death catches Flash?