First look - Joker

Batman Begins wasn't only the best Batman movie made, it was also one of the best movies made period. Christopher Nolan really got the concept of Batman down perfectly, and Christian Bale easily surpassed the somewhat high standards set by Micheal Keaton when he donned the famed cape and cowl. Everyone that knows me knows that Batman is my favorite superhero (and is really one of the few that are just so awesome all around), so it goes without saying that I am beyond ecstatic when I hear any news regarding the next movie, The Dark Knight. The biggest news has been (of course) casting. News that Heath Ledger would portray the Joker was met with trepidation on the part of the fans, and we were all nervous about how he would look. Well, USA Today has some initial shots of the Joker and his cronies, and I 'm intrigued. Nolan is maintaining enough of the classic look to make Ledger the Joker, while also modernizing it somewhat. Overall, The Dark Knight will not lose, and these pictures only cement my resolve to see it multiple times (and at least once in IMAX). It should also be noted that Nolan is filming 4 of the movie's many action scenes with IMAX film, which preserves the picture quality (most IMAX movies are shot on normal film and stretched to fill the massive IMAX screen). So that bodes well. All in all, this movie is really starting to kick into gear, and things still seem to be on track for a 2008 release. I'm stoked beyond belief. Joker first look (via USA Today)