I'd be epically remiss if I went this whole time without a single mention of the ruckus that the Incredible Hulk is about to bring upon the Marvel Universe. The Planet Hulk storyline has just wrapped up, and after kicking ass and taking names (and liberating an entire planet), Hulk is ready to head back to Earth for some well-deserved revenge. His target: everybody. This summer is really shaping up to be the Summer of Hulk. Marvel has been through quite a lot as of late, and its only going to get worse, as Hulk sorts out who really wanted to send him off, and who protested (whether it be silently or vehemently). Just about every issue related to this saga is selling out rapidly, so get it while the gettings good. If the Planet Hulk storyline is any indication, then the new World War Hulk storyline coming down the pipeline will be mammoth. Now if only they would finish Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine... Hulk kicking serious ass