Incredible Hulk won't suck

Alas, tis Friday, which means that the massive attention that our beloved green wrecking ball has been receiving will shift to the release of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Its a good thing he has this whole storyline devoted to him this summer, otherwise, I think he'd get lonely. IGN spoke with Kevin Feige, the Marvel Studios President of Production (which basically means he holds the big screen adaptation of all of our heroes in his hands) has vowed to fans that the upcoming Incredible Hulk will not suck, and will be a vast "improvement" over the Ang Lee flick of a few years ago. Personally, I liked Lee's version, as the Hulk looked impressive, and the pacing of the story was great. But I guess that there are some people that just have reservations about seeing a superhero movie directed by the same guy that directed Brokeback Mountain. "The Hulk movie will be different from this one because this one will be good [laughs]. It was a dream getting Edward Norton," Feige said. "We're joking about it, but there were certain elements in the first one that I'm very proud of, and there are other ones that I'm not. The cast of the first film was spectacular, a great cast -- you couldn't ask for a better cast coming together than you did in the first movie. Eric Bana was great, and frankly they were all great, but in looking to sort of reboot and start the franchise fresh and new, we wanted to start with a clean slate. And it wasn't Eric Bana that I was looking at and saying we need to improve upon. It was Bill Bixby, because Bill Bixby is really what I believe most of the fans and most of the audience members look to when they think of Bruce Banner, and they think of that Hulk storyline. I was thinking, 'Who is that today? Who can get that empathy across and who is a great actor in any medium?' We started talking about someone like Ed Norton, and it's your dream in movies like this when you go, 'Boy, it would be great to have someone like this,' and end up actually getting them." Quite the mouthful of words there Mr. Feige. In any event, the fact they're even making another Hulk movie is great, and is yet another comic book movie we all get to look forward to. I'm sure you'll hear more and more about it as summer 2008 nears. One thing is for sure though, that no matter how good/bad the Hulk movies are, The Incredible Hulk ride at Universal Studios Florida will still kick serious ass. Hulk won't suck