The New Adventures of Batman - (DC Comics Classic Collection) (1977)

Animated adaptations of comic books are sometimes hit (The Tick) or miss (Superfriends). This was the case for the longest time, until one fateful Monday night in 1992 (September 7th to be exact) when an episode called "On Leather Wings" aired for the critically acclaimed (and rightfully so) Batman: The Animated Series. From the opening sequence, to the closing credits/theme song, Batman: The Animated Series set the bar stratospherically high for other animated comic book adaptations to follow. That series has already seen all four seasons released (including the fourth season, where you could see they were starting to go in another direction). So it should come as no surprise that DC dug into its vault, and decided to release The New Adventures of Batman - (DC Comics Classic Collection) (1977) on DVD. Now, 1977 was slightly before my time, and growing up in the 1980s, we had tons of other great cartoons to watch, so I can't necessarily vouch for this series. I doubt it's anywhere near as good as Batman: The Animated Series, but I'm sure its still good nonetheless. My guess is, it maintained some of the campiness of the live action Batman, but toned it down some for the kids. In any event, its Batman, and as anyone knows, Batman is the best superhero around. So check it out (maybe Netflix it or something), or pick it up if you're feeling that nostalgic. After all, if it weren't for the campiness of the 70s, this blog wouldn't have its name (biff and zow). The New Adventures of Batman - (DC Comics Classic Collection) (1977)