The Persians are coming home

The war raging right now in home theater living rooms is one of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Both are firmly entrenching themselves with behemoth companies (Microsoft and Sony respectively), and both are making studios pick a side. Well, Warner Brothers said screw that, and decided to release movies on both formats, including the upcoming release of Zack Snyder's big screen adaptation of 300. Now that's all well and good, but Blu-Ray owners will be getting a somewhat neutered version of the Greek epic. The HD-DVD version will feature a "Vengeance and Valor" interactive game, an option to "Pick Your Favorite Scenes" to assemble the clips into a montage (minus Trey Parker and Matt Stone's music mind you) and other web-enabled downloadable content to be announced later. Other than those differences, the two formats will be identical in terms of remaining content. Of course, you don't extra without paying a little extra, as the HD-DVD version will go for $39.95, while the Blu-Ray version will go for $34.95. It should be noted that Warner Brothers went this route with the high definition release of Blood Diamond, offering bonus features on the HD-DVD version, so it may be that their subtly casting their lot with that camp. But who knows. I do know, that on July 31 (tentatively), I'll be heading out to pick up the DVD version of 300, since I'm not getting involved in the format war just yet. 300 betrays Blu-Ray