Review: World War Hulk #1

The trouble with a comic book (especially a good one), is that sometimes, it reads so fast you feel shortchanged. You want to tear through it as quick as possible, as there's been the inevitable hype associated with it, but when you get to the end, you most likely first thought is "that's it?" I just conveyed my thought process when reading World War Hulk #1: it was a phenomenal read, just over way too quickly. I'll try and keep this review as spoiler free as possible, but I can't make any promises (just skip to the last paragraph for an overall review). It opens with a nice recap of the Planet Hulk storyline for those of you stragglers who have yet to read it, and shows the four that sent Hulk away (Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic and Black Bolt) a little uneasy with the knowledge that he's on his way back, and, too put it lightly, he's pissed. He comes back, thrashes Black Bolt, and threatens to destroy New York city, if those four don't come out and face him (how spaghetti Western). Iron Man (of course, being the tool that he is) takes full responsibility for the decision to send Hulk off, and moves to face him alone. And, Hulk kicks his ass quite handily. It was quite generous of the writers to tie in the Civil War (anything less would be a serious lapse in timelines), as Iron Man made an offer to any "refugee" superhero that helping evacuate the city would grant them a full pardon (provided they register afterwards), which brought out Spider-man (who I'm still not sure who's side he's on, and I've been following Civil War quite closely) and his requisite quips of comedy. She-Hulk also made an appearance, which was expected I guess. The writing was spot on, and the illustration was keen. Overall, World War Hulk #1 did not disappoint. Its 1 of 5 (I believe), so we're definitely in for a treat. Do yourself a favor, succumb to the hype, and check it out. I've never been a really big Hulk fan, but Marvel is doing great things with him to win me over.