Sam & Max – 1987 & 2007

Gee, has it really been 20 years? Debuting in 1987, the crazy critters affectionately known as Sam & Max debuted in comic form, in a series called Surfin’ The Highway. Well, in honor of their 20th birthday (and no doubt tying in to their episodic game release in August), Telltale is releasing a 20th Anniversary TPB of the Surfin’ The Highway series.

Admittedly, in 1987 I was 7 (I feel like all my posts are dating me today), therefore, I don’t think I would’ve gotten the most of these comics had I read them then. In any event though, I’ve gone back and read some of their work, now that I’m at a more mature age, and I have to say, I was quite impressed. Telltale is also the company that brought you Bone, which was a GREAT comic. So even if you haven’t heard of Sam & Max before this, the TPB is definitely worth checking out. Surfin’ The Highway catching the anniversary wave