Stan Lee+Mickey Mouse=???

Not content with just ruling one universe (Marvel), Stan Lee has set his sights on another: Disney. According to IESB, the uber-geek and just all-around awesome deity in comics has just signed a "first-look" deal with Disney, which will allow Lee and his production company to develop and produce all forms of entertainment. I have to say, that this deal is somewhat strange, but Lee knows what he's doing, so its all good. Bob Chapek (President of Disney) was instrumental in making this deal happen, and speaks very highly of the legend. "Stan is not only loved by fans of the genre, but is one of the most respected and admired figures in the entertainment industry. In fact, it's hard to think of another individual who has created as many memorable and appealing characters. We are thrilled that Stan has decided to make Disney his new home, and feel very fortunate to be collaborating with him on a wide range of new projects for all divisions of our company. His track record is impressive by any measure, and Home Entertainment is sure to benefit from his creations." Stan Lee Meets Mickey Mouse