These days, its getting harder and harder to tear those darned kids away from those confounded "playing machines" we affectionately call video game consoles, and towards studying, chores or even sunlight. Sure, the Wii is taking a step in the right direction by giving you occasional screenshots of an open window with encouragement to go outside and take a break, but we all just press A and get right back into the next game of tennis. Imagine if those screenshots were present during World of Warcraft. Not only would they be summarily skipped, Blizzard would probably face a "blizzard" of criticism for interrupting play like that. While stopping players mid-game is a bad idea for World of Warcraft, Blizzard has decided on a different tact to get those kids studying. Leveraging the World of Warcraft brand, Kaplan (of study guide game) and Tokyopop (of manga fame) have united to create quite possibly one of the most unholiest alliances: an SAT World of Warcraft manga. Warcraft: Dragon Hunt is the first in this new series of books, and it will feature 300 frequently occurring SAT words highlighted, and defined in the margins. Somehow, I doubt they'll have "pwned" highlighted and defined.