Batman Spawns Gamble

Could that title be any more convoluted? Rumor (as always) has it that a new character has been added to The Dark Knight, a character in the form of the mob boss variety. In the absence of Carmine Falcone (as we can only assume he's still freaking out somewhere), other lower level mob bosses are looking to step up and fill the void in shady dealings. Enter Gamble, a character that no one seems to have heard of until now, meaning its probably a creation of Christopher Nolan's. Well, now that we've settled the "who is Gamble" inquisition, we can address the "who is playing Gamble" issue (and finish explaining the title of this post). According to the MTV Movies Blog, rapper David Banner (who I, admittedly, know nothing about because I feel like the rap game is in a sad state right now) tried for the role, but didn't get it. So who got the part? None other than Todd McFarlane alum (of sorts) Micheal Jai White (of Spawn and Exit Wounds fame...but mostly Spawn fame). This is a great casting call in my eyes, as White did a phenomenal job as Spawn, which was an underrated movie if you ask me. Spawn showing up in Gotham