Can't keep a good girl down

When you think of video game rentals by mail, the first company you think of is Gametap. Apparently, just being a purveyor of games for rent wasn't enough, as they've decided to expand their horizons. How you ask? By creating webisodes of video game characters, of course. And who's first? Why none other than the busty vixen known as Lara Croft. The first episode of the ten part series called Re\Visioned:Tomb Raider Key's to the Kingdom Part I is already on Gametap's website, so head on over and check it out. The series is brought to you by Peter Chung, probably most famous for his tremendous work on Aeon Flux. Ms. Croft will also be voiced by Minnie Driver, who showed off her voiceover capabilities in the highly acclaimed Howl's Moving Castle. And the series is carrying its own share of comic book heavyweights, including: Warren Ellis (Thunderbolts), Gail Simone (Wonder Woman), Jim Lee, Christos Gage (Union Jack), Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle), David Alvarez, Brian Pulido (Lady Death), Louie Del Carmen (Rugrats) and Michael A. Stackpole (of Star Wars novel fame). And the best part of it all (besides the involvement of Ms. Croft) is that the webisodes are free! Enjoy. Lara on the web (and animated!)