Dark Horse celebrates 20 years of manga

Last year, Dark Horse comics celebrated 20 years of bringing good comic fun to the reader. Known for their dearth of Star Wars and Buffy comics, they've always been among the classiest and reputable small comic companies around. And now it seems that they have the potential to get bigger. This year, Dark Horse will celebrate 20 years in the world of publishing mangas in English. So for their 21st birthday (technically), they've teamed up with manga writing supergroup CLAMP, responsible for hits such as RG Veda, X, Chobits (not to be confused with IGN hottie Jessica Chobot), Tsubasa and xxxHOLIC. Instead of the traditional manga format, Dark Horse is looking to pioneer a new format, known as a "Mangette." What makes it different? The new material will be presented in a small digest (roughly 80 pages) and then condensed into to TPBs later on (with bonus material). And for those of you brushed up on your Japanese, the Japanese word mangetsu means "the full moon." Breaking down the kanji in mangetsu you'll find the symbols for "fulfilled" and "monthly," which pretty obviously means these writings will be a monthly occurrence. And how does CLAMP feel about this? "Mangettes are a completely brand new experience for us, too, and we're really happy to be working on this. And we're really looking forward to the day when we can bring you this new story from CLAMP, and the day when we can meet our fans face-to-face to hear what you think about Mangettes!" Dark Horse CLAMPs down on Mangettes