The Futurama is now

Futurama is a gem of a show that Fox didn't really give enough attention to. It was on when The Simpsons was in its prime, so everybody saw two Matt Groening products, and watched the more historic one. So when word first came out that we'd see Futurama on Comedy Central, we were ecstatic. And then, silence. We were promised the new episodes, but there was never any followup as to when or how many. Until now. TV Squad reports that on November 27, Futurama will hit stores as a full-length feature film on DVD (in high definition nonetheless). 3 more films will follow, each broken into 4 episodes, which will all air on Comedy Central. This was all announced at SDCC this past weekend, and Groening and the cast definitely took their shots at Fox for canceling the show way too early. Here's hoping that this animated gem's return doesn't kill it like a certain other Simpsons ripoff's return did, which is just a shell of its former self (and is written by manatees). So you have 16 new episodes to look forward to (or 4 new movies). Any way you look at it, its promising. Futurama returns