Han did shoot first

It was as if millions of voices of dorks cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. George Lucas was seen on the set of Indy 4 wearing a shirt that kind of defies Lucas. Its a shirt that says "Han Shot First." After years of denying that simple truth, that Han shot first and missed, killing Greedo with the second shot. After a halfass cover-up attempt in the re-release of the movies, where Lucas digitally inserted a first shot for Greedo, to keep Han Solo looking like a badass. Stop Motion Verbosity has the "shots" for you to take a look at, conveniently cropped to focus in on the most important part. The writer of the site, Adam Knave, points out that the fact that Lucas is talking to Harrison Ford while wearing the shirt is apt to cause a universal collapse. Although, knowing Lucas, he's probably just promoting the re-re-re-release of the original trilogy where Han shoots first, which is of course the way Lucas intended it. Good times. Han shot first