It be that site named Zuda, ALERT ALERT

I can't stress the importance of these here tubes enough. On a daily basis, they provide us with just about anything we can possibly imagine (like this here blog). Thankfully, there are some higher ups that feel that way too, and have decided to reach out to the non-superpower inclined in us comic book readers. Over the weekend, DC announced Zuda Comics. Timmy: What the hells is a Zuda Comic? Me: I'm glad you asked that question Timmy. Zuda Comics is a website committed to allowing anyone that can access the Internet to get their comic out to as many people as possible. By signing up for the site, you can upload original creations, have the at large public vote on them, and if you're really as good as you think you are, you'll get a one year contract to presumably write/pencil/ink/etc. to your heart's content. As anyone working on a comic knows (and believe me I know, but I also don't have art since I can't draw, so if anyone out there is looking for a writer to work with them, let me know, because I have a good story in mind), its hard to break in. We're not all named Alex Ross, or have the last name Lee. So for all of us true believers, this is a great opportunity. So get your best superhero costume on, sharpen those pencils (or flex those keys on the keyboard), and get to work on the next big comic. Zuda Comics