San Diego Comic Con loses some of its Fox-iness

First off, let me say that since this upcoming weekend is the hallowed San Diego Comic Con, expect most of this week to be covering the event leading up to it. It may turn out otherwise, but I'm sure the internets and ebays will be abuzz with rumor and speculation about the events forthcoming. And second, the Fox above is not missing. Its just you have to run with any excuse that let's you post a pic of Ms. Fox, and it also happens that her name is Fox, and she's engaged to former Fox alum Brian Austin Green (bastard). Now that that's out of the way. It seems that SDCC and Fox aren't exactly on BFF terms at the moment. With the event so close, Fox all of a sudden pulled presentations of all their upcoming movies, everything from Aliens vs. Predator to Babylon AD. Yes, it is extremely strange (if you're asking yourself why they are pulling out this close to the convention). Apparently, after last year's presentation of the naked man wrestling scene in Borat (which was such a crappy movie I really don't see how everyone could rave about it as they did), SDCC got a little antsy about the "hardcore" nature of the material, and have thus banned all such material from the convention this year. Which doesn't bode well for Fox since all their material this year is rated "R." Are they trying to keep the event PG? Do they not pay attention to the overwhelming T&A prancing around the event in costumed attendees? Will this hurt Fox? Probably not, since they're such a big entity anyway. It could hurt since The Simpsons Movie debuts this weekend as well, but that has 18 years of marketing behind it, so I wouldn't be too worried. SDCC owes Fox for all the Star Wars geeks, so I would expect this little spat to not really turn into a long term silence between the two parties. CHUD reports on missing Fox