San Diego Comic Convention

For those of you that read the title, you know what this post is about: the annual geekfest known as San Diego Comic Con, the mother of all comic conventions. Its ironic that the best comic convention is held in the sunniest area of the country, when most of the attendees rarely see sunlight, but I digress (come on kids, you know I love the comics as well). Anyways, the event runs next weekend, Thursday July 26 to Sunday July 29 at the San Diego Convention Center. 4 day tickets have already sold out for the event, but you can still get 3 day and 1 day passes for the show. The Comic Con website has a handy overview of all things comic convention related, so stop by and get up to snuff (as it were) with the details. Some of the highlights from the event will be a spotlight on Neil Gaiman, some characters from Lost (if you can find them), the whole cast of Heroes, and news on The Watchmen movie. All that, plus tons more of comic related goodness. And no, unfortunately, this blogger couldn't get the time to make it to the comic convention this year, but I definitely plan on being there next year to bring some good coverage to the fine readers of this here blog. I am going to try and go to the lesser known Baltimore Comic Convention in September, in the always sunny (har) inner harbor of Baltimore. San Diego Comic Convention