SDCC: Marvel

Whew. What a whirlwind weekend of news that turned out to be. With SDCC 2007 under the belt of the collective comic book world, we only have SDCC 2008 to look forward to (which hopefully I'll be attending). Throughout the day, I'll be giving brief recaps of all the major players at the table, and who came away winners. Marvel, as should be expected had a massive showing, wielding influence the way Thor wields his hammer. Here's a brief recap of Marvel events: -Artist Esad Ribic (Silver Surfer Requiem) is exclusive to Marvel -Marvel beat DC in the annual softball game 16-9 -A story combining Hulk, Punisher and Venom is in the works, as a tribute to artist Ariel Olivetti -Tons of news about Amazing Spider-Man and One More Day -Oh, and Sabretooth died last week So, take a look around the Marvel recap page, and website, and find some more tasty tidbits of news. You won't be disappointed, I promise. Marvel is marvelous at SDCC 2007