Silver Age...Golden Age...Digital Age

Clearly, we're in a new world these days. A world where just about everything is going digital. So why not comics? There have been a few attempts to digitize comic books into various forms, from ebooks to downloadable pdf files. According to Spong, one company, D2 (squared) Comics, will try and bring digital comics to in a slightly newer form to millions of new potential readers. These potential are readers also happen to be PSP owners. The idea is to create "digital print comics." The comics will "include original soundtracks, action directed by the comics' creators and DVD-style behind the scenes video and commentary." Personally, I'm a DS Lite kind of guy. But anything that furthers attention for comics is alright in my book. And the added features are definitely a nice touch. The company plans to start with The Cryptics and Strange Cases, both written by Steve Niles (of horror writing circles). If you have a PSP, you should check them it out. They'll probably be one of the more legal things on that homebrew concoction of yours. Comics on the PSP