So, if you haven't heard by now, the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is this weekend. And in leading up to the big event, I plan on bringing daily previews of the events on tap for the big show. Read on to find what you'll be seeing, or will be missing, if you're lame and can't go. The good thing about having an Xbox 360 (when you actually have it and aren't waiting for Microsoft to send you your third console back after the red rings of death...I'm not bitter) is that the Marketplace is pretty nifty. Whenever there's a big conference, you can count on logging into the Marketplace, poking around a bit, and checking out trailers and demos, and its almost like you're actually there. So why should SDCC be any different? According to Gaming Today, from July 26 to August 7, Warner Brothers fans will be able to view demos, trailers, interviews and more through Xbox Live Marketplace. I won't point out the fact (well, I will but in a snarky way) that Warner Brothers is in the HD-DVD bed with Microsoft. Which might explain the fact that there's also going to be a special screening of 300 for 6,000 attendees, who will be entered to win 1 of 10 Special Edition 300 Xbox 360 consoles (I swear you don't need a calculator to figure that sentence out). So log in (if you're 360 works), have a look around, and wish you were there. And don't forget to pick up 300 on DVD Tuesday. Its definitely a nice addition to any collection. SDCC comes home