Unknown Soldier gets a friend

In almost every form of media, there are often countless influences on the story by the geopolitical climate of the world at the time of creation (any season of 24 can tell you that). Comics are no exception, as the death of Captain America was so elegantly portrayed as the death of a dream; the American dream to be exact. Iron Man's Superhero Registration Act (or Patriot Act, take your pick) was so all-encompassing that it meant that the most basic civil liberties were being discarded. So its only fitting that, after his patriotic death, the Cap would get a proper burial. In the next issue of Fallen Son, Cap will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. His coffin, draped in an American flag, will be carried by Iron Man, Black Panther, Ben Grimm (Thing) and Ms. Marvel. Its really the only fitting burial for such a powerful character created in 1941 in the midst of World War 2, and an American icon that has come to embody the American ideals of patriotism and freedom. "Part of it grew out of the fact that we are a country that's at war, we are being perceived differently in the world," Loeb said. "He wears the flag and he is assassinated — it's impossible not to have it at least be a metaphor for the complications of present day." But Loeb says he was working with more personal material: the death of his 17-year-old son from cancer. "So many people have lost their sons and daughters over the years, for the greater good or to cancer or other horrible things," said Loeb, an executive producer for NBC's "Heroes." "I wanted this to be something people would identify with." Its events like these that really make you realize what kind of world we live in. Not to get on my soapbox here, but America is in a bad way, and it all has to do with the man at the top. Everyone is expressing their displeasure, and honestly, its the little symbolic things such as Cap's burial at Arlington that make you feel a little better. Or, at least feel that other people realize what's going on as well, and its not just you. Captain America buried at Arlington National Cemetery