Wheelchairs can transform too

Sometimes, things don't always work out as planned. You have to roll with the punches, and make the best of the situation presented to you. In this case, a man in a motorized wheelchair (known as Mr. Stripey Hat) did the most logical, rational thing he could think to do with his wheelchair. He spent months modding it to look like Optimus Prime. Yes kids, there is an actual Optimus. Showcased at the Transformers Botcon 2007 trade show, Mr. Stripey Hat was present with his motorized wheelchair, Optimus Prime mask, and trailer behind him, just jamming. The trailer opens up to reveal Optimus Prime's gun, just in case kid's rolling along and Megatron shows up. In all honesty, I have the utmost respect for this kid. Now, if only he modeled his wheelchair after Starscream, he'd be flying all over the place. And (of course), Transformers: The Movie this week. Check it out. Wheelchairs roll out!