Who leaves Atlantis off the maps? Who keeps the martians under wraps?

Image Comics has always been one of the edgier and unique comic publishing houses, and a lot of that could probably be attributed to the incredible depth that Todd McFarlane brings to the table. Obviously, that kind of environment can be very encouraging to other authors to really take a seemingly odd concept, and run with it. Mike Oeming and Bryan Glass are doing just that, by creating a new comic debuting in September called Mice Templar. “Tolkien's Lord of the Rings is an amazing example of a backstory that is actually far longer than the main story it supports. But it answers all the questions of who, what, where, when, why and how? Mice Templar is a fantasy that I felt needed a backstory large enough to justify all of the epic shenanigans we expected to put our heroes through. As a result, the backstory kept kicking the adventure into a higher and higher gear. So the history and the main story itself kept pace with each other in their mutual development, as each influenced the other.” Now, the Mice Templar are not to be confused with the singers of the song in the title, but you get the gist of the reference. Having mice being recast in a fantasy/mythological realm is certainly an intriguing possibility, and could lead to some fine storytelling. Now, if only we can get the Mice Templar/Secret of NIMH crossover well, that's gold Jerry, gold. Mice Templar (sorry for the oldish link)