World of Warcraft Comicked?

I had to make up the word "comicked," and it looked better with a "k," so bear with me here. Rumor has it that Jim Lee is making an appearance at the San Diego Comic Con (which happens to be next week if you didn't read here yesterday or live under a comic rock). Well why wouldn't Jim Lee make an appearance at the biggest comic convention of the year...he's Jim Freaking Lee. But the aspersions are cast when you see who he's appearing with. According to the release schedule, Lee will be appearing with Chris Metzen (Blizzard VP of Creative Development) and Mickey Nielsen (Blizzard Writer/Voice Director) at a press conference. 3:30-4:30pm PDT -- WOW! It’s World of Warcraft!—Are you ready? Comics, collectibles, and online gaming are about to collide! How does the world’s most popular online game, World of Warcraft, plan to crash the comics and collectibles world? Find out here! As a special incentive, a collectible comic will be distributed to fans at the panel. Join Jim Lee (editorial director, WildStorm), Chris Metzen (VP of creative development, Blizzard), Mickey Neilson (writer/voice director, Blizzard), Hank Kanalz (VP/general manager, WildStorm), and Georg Brewer (VP, design and DC Direct creative) to discover the results of these combined forces! Room 4 So get your rumor mongering in while you can, as the comic con is only a week away. It looks like Wildstorm comics might become a Blizzard. World of Warcraft comic