Xombies (the "x" makes them different)

When you think of zombies, your first thought that comes to mind are probably those flesh-eating, intestine ripping creatures (sorry for the brutal wake-up visual) charmingly brought to life by George A. Romero (Land of the Dead). Well, not all creators envision zombies being that violent. Take Jame Farr for example. Farr envisioned a kinder, gentler zombie. One more keen on action and adventure, as opposed to bedlam and mayhem. His web comic, Xombies, takes place in Destiny City in the year 2042, where a reanimator's "curse" effectively turns everyone into zombies. This prompted the dead to rise up as Xombies, and the living just became Xombies (no rage involved here). The story is focused on Dirge, a Xombie leader who, (while maintaining a constant vigil on his close living friend Zoe) struggles to deal with the effects of being dead while at the same time trying to retain some morailty. If you're interested, you can head on over to the website, and poke around a bit. The web comics have been hugely successful (something to the tune of roughly 13 million downloads), giving Farr the opportunity to branch out into comic books and prose. If you're a fan of anything zombie, this may be the thing for you. Farr of the Dead